Cats Go Down

Pictured below: A cock we can't beat

Well that was certainly a surprise. I had thought of the South Carolina game as a potential loss earlier in the season, but when they dismissed their big guy and Archie went down with an injury I changed my mind. Devan Downey is officially the "Cat killer" now. Darrin Horn is now 3-0 against the Cats. I don't wanna jump on the bandwagon of Cat fans who dismiss the loss as a good thing. It can be a learning experience, no doubt. However, winning with clutch play late in the game could have been a good learning experience too. In the long term I do think this loss will turn out to be a good thing if they respond the right way, but man I wanna win em all. I'm still pleased with the way the Cats have played this season. Their 19-1 record is better than I thought it would be at this point. Below are some of my thoughts about the game.

-Patrick Patterson needs to immediately go through the process of changing his name to Waldo because I don't know where the heck he is. How in the world can you have a young team in a tight road game and your veteran first team all american takes 4 shots? Why has Patterson seemed to disappear the last few games? I think he's lost in the offense. He doesn't seem to be comfortable when it gets into a halfcourt game. He gets most of his points now off of jumpers and running the break, but I assume he is still pretty potent in the post if he wants to be. Is Cal just not wanting him down there demanding the ball or does Pat just not do it? I thinks it's probably a little bit of both. I don't mean that Cal doesn't want Pat to post up. I just think he's that confident in Cousins that he wants that to be the first post option. I also think that's a damn good option, but there's room for Pat to do a little "down low" work as well. This is Patterson's team. It's time someone told him to act like it.

-Still on the Patterson topic. When there was just under a minute left in the game Patterson got 2 big offensive rebounds. Why was he so hellbent on getting the ball out to Wall around the 3 point line? Take that ball and put it in the hoop big fella. He almost threw the second one away he was trying so hard to get rid of it. It was almost like he was in a panic. I also don't know why they were so dead set on getting a 3 up. It was a 4 point game and a 2 would have been fine. I would have thrown it to Boogie. He was pretty much unstoppable.

-I know you can look at any close game and point out a few plays that could have changed the game, but there were 2 plays in this one that pretty much let me know that this wasn't the Cat's night. Dodson's breakaway missed layup was the first one. Dunk the ball!!!!!! The second was that Downey "and 1" with 2 seconds on the shot clock. Did Liggins actually foul him on that play or was it a good acting job? The replay wasn't clear, but it didn't look like a foul to me.

-First let me put this in bold letters: I DO NOT think the refs cost UK the game. Now with that said, the refs in the SEC are horrible. They seem to get worse every year. Terribly inconsistent. They make as many bad calls in the Cats favor as they do against them. I repeat: I'm not trying to say that the refs cost us the game. I just wanted to voice my overall displeasure with their work. That offensive goaltending on Orton was especially bad. Why can they go to the monitors 15 times a game to see if somebody's foot is on the line on a 3, but they can't go look and see if the ball was on the rim on that play? That may not be the ref's fault. It's probably just a rule. I'm not really sure what's reviewable and what's not. Tom Eades, if you're reading this, let us know in the comments section. By the way, you suck too.

-These Cats have got to slow down some during the game. They are so addicted to turning every single rebound into a fast break that it leads to costly and unnecessary turnovers. If Wall or Bledsoe would just come to the ball sometimes instead of streaking down the court the Cats would commit at least 5 fewer turnovers per game. We make way too many risky outlet passes because our guards wanna get run outs. I love playing fast and I love our speed. I just wish they would not try for the long outlet so often.

-John Wall has got to start "bringing it" the entire game. I don't mean that he lacks effort. We've all witnessed it several times this season where he goes on a tear for a few minutes like he needs to remind us that he's the best player in the building. I wish he would start the game off with that "take over" attitude and keep it until the final buzzer. Hopefully these guys know now that they can't just turn it on when they want to and still win.

-I just typed something about Wall being the best player in the building. Is that even true anymore? Big Boogie is staking his claim to that title in my opinion. With all due respect to Matthew Pilgrim, Cousins is a beast. He makes plays that most centers just can't make. Plus he's keeping his composure lately and not getting into foul trouble as much. He also hustles more than anybody else on the team. It blows my mind that these mock drafts have him going in the teens. If a team picks Ed Davis or Cole Aldrich over Cousins, they should shoot their GM on the spot. I truly believe that Cousins and Wall should be the top 2 picks in the draft, and I'm starting to wonder which one will be #2.

-Devan Downey didn't do anything unexpected. He actually didn't even reach his SEC scoring average. He shot 9-29. The Cats got beat by giving up too many offensive rebounds and getting outhustled. That's just my opinion. I'm not trying to discredit Downey's performance. He's a great player. He's probably the best guard in the SEC this year. He's not gonna be the best long term, but this year he probably is. He made some BIG TIME plays in the game tonight. The fact that he's a midget makes it even more miraculous.

-I got on Facebook earlier and saw a few taunts from opposing fans. It's great to know we're back and have everybody's attention. Marnie Smith posted that "the Cats can't handle being #1". Some dude replied that "UL can't handle being #47, stay humble". Pretty classic. When the roles were reversed last year (Cats sucked, Cards didn't) I don't remember Cat fans taunting UL after they lost a game. I'm sure it happened in places. I just don't remember it being all over sites like Facebook. Kentucky is 19-1. That's an awesome record. They will still be a top 5 team. Calm down Card fans. We're still better than you.

-Be proud of the Cats. They started the year off great and were bound to stumble at some point. In Billy G's first season UK won 18 games. We've already passed that mark this year. In his second season we won 19 games during the regular season before winning one in the SEC tourney and 2 in the NIT. We've already tied that regular season mark this year. The program has come a long way in a very short time. Enjoy this team and don't get too down about 1 loss to a bunch of cocks.

-That's all. Please don't forget to read the blog in mid-June. We hope to have John Littlepage's first post by then. Have a nice day!!!!!!

I'm Tellin' It Like It Is Baby

Dr. D David Shultz talks about a recent trip to San Fran, and gives his thoughts on the trouble with Hulk and Linda's marriage. Great stuff.

Sizzler the Greek

First off, I want to say that the Blog does not endorse gambling. But I have been on such a hot streak this year (except for Fantasy Football) that I had to share my skills on picking games against the spread. Plus I am bored on a Thursday before my run of Community/Parks and Rec/The Office/30 Rock is on television tonight.

This year I am a cool 52-33 (61%) against the spread for NFL games...a collective 3-5 (38%) in the playoffs, but we won't talk anymore about that. For all IRS agents out there, that terrific record had just allowed me to break even for the year ;)

So here we go for this weekend's conference championship games...

Jets v. Colts - Things for certain...Jets will run, we will hear several times that no one prepares for a game better than Colts #18 and Broadway Joe will be drunk hitting on some hot sideline reporter. Feeling the pressure to keep up with the Colts, Sanchez will have to sling the ball around a little more than usual which will lead to a few more mistakes by The Green. But if the Jets can run the ball with upstart rookie Shonn Greene--- all next year fantasy managers take note on this future RB star--- they might be able to keep the Colts offense off the field. But it may not matter, since the Colts won many games while losing the time of possession. Even though the Colts were not stout against the run in the regular season, they did hold a very good Ravens rushing attack down.

There is no QB in the league better against the blitz than Manning, which doesn't bold well for the Jets defense. He will distribute the ball evenly to all receivers and backs...and slowly pick New York apart. The Colts offense will be one-sided, slightly pass happy...but it won't matter.

And for a fun drinking game, take a shot everytime you hear the phrase "Revis Island" or anytime you see the cameras scan to any Manning family member in the crowd.

Colts -7.5 v Jets and the under (o/u) 39
Colts 24 Jets 14

Vikings v. Saints - This will be the more entertaining game of Sunday. I really don't like Favre (ex-Packer) or the Vikings (rival NFC North w/ my Bears)...and I would like to see the Saints in the Bowl -- even though we would have to hear how Papa Manning played for the Saints and now Peyton is playing the Saints, blah blah blah.

The only teams that have beat up on the Vikings are those with a great pass rush, not a staple of Saints D. They are opportunistic...which may be good since Favre can turn at any time and hand out interceptions at will. I think you will see a retro-early season Vikings team that will rely heavily on AP....uh AD....Adrian Peterson.....really? His initials are AP, but his nickname is AD for All Day.....kinda confusing....but I digress. I also see a big game out of ex-Gator Percy Harvin - that is if his migraines don't act up, to which I know he has some of that medicinal marijuana around to ease the pain.

The way to beat the Saints...make them one dimensional. Don't let them run -- which seems crazy that you want Brees to throw the ball. But the games that the Saints lost this year, they were not able to have a balanced attack.

This is going to be a close game...and I don't know if the Vikings will actually win but I like the points, especially if they stay at +3.5.

Vikings +3.5 v Saints and the over (o/u) 52.5
Vikings 30 Saints 28

Quote of the Day...

The quote of today is actually a campaign slogan that I created when I was a Sophomore in high school. See back then I thought I was gonna be a politician so I decided to test the waters and run for Vice President of our Junior class. My opponent was a widely popular cheerleader and my chances appeared to be very bleak. So I decided to make some very strategic moves to help increase my odds. The first move I made was to hire a Campaign Manager. This decision was very a tough one but I went with the ever popular William Raymond Millay III. I think he actually threatened me and said I couldn't cheat in Spanish class anymore if I chose someone else. The next move was the most crucial and landed me right smack in second place (out of 2 candidates) was choosing a catchy campaign slogan. Which brings us to the quote of the day...

"Don't vote for a ho, vote for the Ho!". Me 1992

At least if I would have won Faith wouldn't have stained his oval office. If you know what I mean!

Quote of the Day...

"His dad has a huge unit!" T. Vinson 1992

Quote of the Day

First off I would like to explain that The Quote of the Day segment of this blog was never intended to be a daily event (obviously). Some of you may ask the question "then why is it called The Quote of the Day?". The answer is very simple and the reason is because it is the quote of that particular day. If the segment were named "A New Quote Everyday" then I could understand the confusion. When the quote of the day was created it was not the intent to change it on a daily basis. However if that is what the readers want then let your voice be heard!

Now for The Quote of the Day brought to you by RC brand cola everyone's favorite beverage to wash down a Moon Pie.

"Mr. Allen, I mooned the pep band bus." Anonymous 1992

They Fought the Wall

I love Ryan Parker songs! Here is another classic for your listening pleasure.

What the Hair!

Besides the cats winning the game this is what I remember most.This is Alex Tyus he plays for the Gators. He must not have any friends because a friend would tell him how ridicules he looks. I just can't get this image out of my head I even had a nightmare about it. I would love to here some classic commets about this four acre forehead.

Survey Says!

The title really doesn't have anything to do with this post but I used to love hearing the host of The Family Feud say "SURVEY SAYS" when I was younger so I thought it felt good to make that the title. However I would like to play a game and I challenge all the bloggers to participate and I think this will be good for a laugh especially considering the colorful personalities we have on staff here at The Revolting Blog. Here is the idea. I was thinking that we could play a little game where we list two things that appear to have no common bond and allow our faithful followers to try to guess what the two have in common in the comment section then later the author can reveal their answer.

The great thing (I think) will be to hear everyone else's answer before finally revealing our own. Should be pretty fun! I will start out with an easy one just to give everyone an example of how it should work.

What do these two have in common?

Jenny Young Bunch and The Pilsbury Company

Answer: Both own a Deh Beh. I told you the first one would be easy. Now on to the game.

The Revolting Blog and The Louisville Cardinals

Maddie's Contribution To The Blog

Maddie and I downloaded a new app to my iphone called "FunMirror". It allows you to distort pictures and make people look like aliens and other funny things. Maddie went crazy with it last night and I have many, many quality pictures to post in the coming weeks. We will start with a series of Mike Spilla pics, starting with the original, which you will find above this text.

some of these pics could be disturbing to small children and gits.

Spilla, the Don King version

Do you smell what Mike Spilla is cookin?

I think it's great that Precision Strip will hire people with mental handicaps. Good company.

After this one Maddie said, "hey dad I made Cowboy's dad look like a strong man." I said, "baby he looks like a strong man every single day. That man is Mike Spilla." Enough said.

*******also please notice Bunch's pic on the side panel. Somehow Maddie took the Baby Afro Bunch pic and made into Super Deh Baby Afro Bunch. Amazing work by my 7 year old.


Alabama rolls into the Rose bowl and rolls out with their 13th national championship. I'll get right to it and address the question on everyone's mind. Would the game have turned out differently had Colt McCoy not been injured? The answer is yes. The most important question is would the result of the game be the same? The answer to that question is also yes. Alabama's game plan was for Colt McCoy, not Garrett Gilbert. It messed with Alabama as well. It was definitely an advantage but most experts say that Bama would have won either way. I'll remind all of you of the Nebraska game. Colt McCoy threw more interceptions and had no touchdowns. Gilbert out performed him in this game. The problem was that Bama went in at halftime thinking the game was in the bag. They thought wrong. They allowed Gilbert to get warmed up and comfortable and hit Jordan Shipley for 2 touchdowns and come within 3 points in the 4th quarter and had possession of the ball with the chance to tie or go ahead. Bama finally made a play and put the game away. Not only did Texas's coaching staff go conservative on offence, Bama's defense did too. Say what you want about Colt McCoy, Jordan Shipley is the most dangerous player on their team. McCoy could not have done what he did in his career without Shipley. That was made clear in the second half. I wish that McCoy could have finished game because I would rather have beat them strait up with no excuses so I did leave them game a bit disappointed. The bottom line is that Bama has been hitting like that all year and it was freak accident. It's a win and a national title and all games have things happen that change the course of the game and Bama came out top.

Ingram and Richardson both rushed for over 100 yards each and dominated the line of scrimmage. That was the deciding factor in the game. I had a text conversation with JV today in which he posed this question. "I know Bama has the best running back in the country, my question is do they have the second best as well?" My answer again was yes. Trent richardson was the most highly recruited running back out of high school last year. He and Ingram's running styles are almost exactly the same. They are both very physical and get most of their yards after contact. They are both returning next year which is bad news for the rest of the country. Greg McElroy is also returning which isn't such bad news for the rest of country but the boy does take care of the football which is all you have to do on Nick Saban's team. We run the ball. That what Bama does and that is who they are. The most memorable QB Bama has ever had is Joe Namath and they have 13 national championships. As long as the QB takes care of the ball, the backfield will take care of the rest.

In closing I would first like to say that I hope the best for Colt McCoy. He is great competitor and I hope that his injury does not effect his pro career. I have the same feelings about him as I do Tim Tebow. He's a great roll model and athlete and I wish him only the best for his future. Secondly, congratulations to Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide for their 13th title. Saban is a great leader and coach and I hope he finishes his career with Alabama. Just as a side note, Bama did not play as well as they could have and I take full responsibility for that. In the haste to get home after the death of my Gramps, I forgot to pack my Bama jersey. It was the first game this season that I did not wear one my 3 jerseys for a Bama game. This only confirms my superstitious ways and I will be sure it doesn't happen ever again. I will now purchase my first kentucky basketball jersey and get on with the remainder of the Wildcats basketball season, unless of course any of you think that may jinx the run their having so far. If you feel that way, leave it the comments and will take those under consideration before I make the purchase.

Farewell to Gramps

You may remember in a previous post the mention of my Gramps. He passed away at home on the morning of January 5th after a long and eventful life at 91 years old. He truly was one of my hero's and he will be deeply missed. Gramps was not a man of many words. The things he did say were either hilarious or very serious. You always knew where he stood on any issue going on around him. He fought in WWII as a tank gunner and would never share any stories with his family except for the funny ones until his last stint in the hospital. My aunt, his youngest daughter, which many of you may know as Ms. Hayes from Longest Elementary, was staying with him in the hospital the week of Christmas and shared some of the horrible things he saw while fighting in the war. I will not share any of those stories with you but I would like to share one of the funny ones he shared with my Uncle Tom.

I believe it was 1941 in Germany. It was a cold and brutal day and Gramps was the gunner on a tank that headed through a town. The tank was having some type problems that didn't allow the tank to stop like it should. The Germans tried to keep their streets as clean as possible at all times, even through the destruction that was going on all around them. Since he was the gunner, his head was outside the top hatch manning the gun. The tank turned down a street and there was a woman sweeping the street right in their path. Gramps screamed and hollered with all he had to try and get the woman's attention. The Americans always stopped the tanks and allowed people in the streets to finish their business and move on once the path was clear but this tank did not want to stop. The woman heard the tank but could not hear Gramps over the noise of the tank. The tank came within about 5 feet of her when she finally turned around and was able to move out the way. The driver of the tank was desperately trying to get it stopped as soon a they saw her and finally did after nearly running over her. Gramps heard the woman screaming at them once the tank was stopped in German and no idea what she was saying. He bowed his head and closed his eyes and thanked God that they didn't run over her. During his prayer, he noticed that woman's voice seemed to be getting louder. He turned his head just in time to catch a broomstick across the face. The woman was so angry, she climbed onto the tank commenced to giving Gramps what he called the beating of his life. He did not fight back. He let her finish and told her he was sorry. He didn't know whether she understood him or not. He told my uncle that not only was in the worst beating he ever had, it was his favorite!!

That was the kind of man Gramps was. I wish you all had the chance to meet him. He was one of kind. May he rest in peace.


Criminal Activity

The following picture has nothing to do with the content of the post, but it's a funny pic.

I received a text yesterday morning from Jason Whitmer that asked, "if you saw me in a police car, what would you think I got arrested for?". "Answer me, then forward. See how many crimes you get accused of." I sent Whitmer a reply of "assaulting a UL fan while intoxicated". Then I forwarded the message to many of you. The various replies were very interesting and I will list them here along with the name of the person who sent it, as well as my thoughts.

I wonder if these folks really think I would commit some of these crimes?

Michael Miller - "domestic disturbance". Maybe during my first marriage Spilla. I'm old and happy now.

Camron Laycock - "poppin off at the mouth". He then wrote, "not sure that is a legit charge". He's played ball with me enough to know that I sometimes "pop off at the mouth". I can live with this "charge", although I don't think I would be arrested for it.

Clay Vincent - "sodomy". I think Clay thought I was asking what he might be arrested for. He gets confused sometimes, but he sure can cut some hair.

Eric "the load" Stovall - "indecent exposure". I have had many nights out on the town with Mr. Stovall. Not once have I ever indecently exposed myself. I'm not sure what lead him to choose this crime. Maybe he thinks he could represent me and get me off the hook based on lack of evidence. I really think he just got my number confused with Kendall's when he got the text.

Blake Phillips - "dope". Blake's one word response, for some reason, was the funniest one I received. I guess because you have never and will never hear my name rightfully associated with "dope". I like to drink a beer, sometimes while with Blake, but I say nope to dope. I just made up that catchphrase. I still can't understand why it made me laugh. Is dope a funny word or is it just me?

Deh Beh - "flasher". I think this would be the same thing Stovall was accusing me of. I will tell you one thing. I didn't get a ton of responses, but only one crime was mentioned twice, and that is the "flasher/indecent exposure" accusation. These guys are very good friends of mine, and two of them think I'm gonna pull out the goods in public. Maybe I show tendencies towards being an exhibitionist and I just don't realize it. I guess you could say Miller's response could fall under this category as well. It would definitely be a disturbance if I committed these horrendous exposure acts.

Jordan Vinson - "stealing my heart". Now that's a crime I've committed, at least I hope so. I know she was trying to be silly, but I hope it's true too.

Brittany Mayes - "desecrating U of L's mascot". Most of you blog readers probably don't even know Brittany. She is one of Jordan's friends and also a coworker of Jordan's. We hang out with her from time to time. She probably knows less about me than anyone who responded. In fact, I'm sure she does. However, her suggested crime is probably the only one I would ever actually consider committing. I'm not including Jordan's suggestion since it's not actually a crime, even though Faith (the human bobblehead doll) will lead you to believe she's underage.

That's all for now. Be safe in the snow. Everybody remember Faith and his family in your prayers. His grandfather passed away this week.

My Bucket List

I am sure that by now most of you have seen the movie The Bucket List or at least have a good understanding of the concept of the movie. A brief rundown of the idea of the movie is to have a list of things you would like to accomplish before you "kick the bucket". Most of the items on the list are kind of extreme adventures that one would not have the opportunity to encounter on a daily basis for example sky diving, bungee jumping, or driving a stock car. Some of you faithful readers and bloggers may too have your very own Bucket List.

I know this will come as a complete surprise to most of you but I too have my very own Bucket List but the concept is very different from most other people's list. Here's the part where you ladies may want to type in the address bar or click on this neat link I just left for you as you may not want to read further into my twisted thoughts. If you are still reading this post then you can't say that I didn't warn you and I will now carry on with my warped view of the world. Oh by the way all complaints about the contents of the blog may be expressed by also visiting .

Anyway now that all the legal aspects have been addressed I'll get back to my list. As I was saying the concept for my Bucket List is a little different in the fact that it doesn't contain extreme adventures or vacations to far away places or even purchases of expensive adult toys. See I am a very simple man that takes great joy in the simple pleasures that life brings. So I have derived a Bucket List that contains only names. Now I am not going to name all the folks that are on my list for everyone to see cause it is a very private matter and I don't want to hurt someones feelings that I may have forgotten about (R.I.P. Anne Pruitt - for molding my creative writing skills at a very early age). A few of the names that are on my list include local celebrity personalities such as Kevin (don't call me Jason) Whitmer and his trusty sidekick Phillip Conway, Hoghead and all fence riding college sports fans.

Some of you are probably getting a little confused by now and are wondering why in the heck would Ho have these people on his Bucket List and what do these people have in common. Well like I said my list is very different in the fact that it contains the names of those individuals that I would like to kick in the scrotum before I kick the bucket! Now the list is much, much longer than that and contains many names of current and former co-workers but like I said this a private matter but I just wanted to make everyone aware that you too can have your very own Bucket List with minimal effort.

Almost forgot Q.O.D time: If you currently are not on my Bucket List "Try Again!" B. Gardner 1989

Gorilla Monsoon Presents..........Did You Know?


-that this is a huge week for one of our newest bloggers. Think of how we would all feel if the
Cats were in the championship game at the Final Four. That's how Faith is feeling right now with his beloved Alabama Sabans gearing up to play for the title Thursday night against Texas.

-that, speaking of Saban, I watched The Blind Side last week. It's a great movie. Nick Saban is in it. He's not a main character, so feel free to watch it when you get the chance.

-that I hated to see Rich Brooks retire. There was just something about him that I liked. Even when he was a hated man his first few years, I liked him. I wouldn't have cared if they fired him at that point, but I liked him. He speaks his mind and he accomplished more in his 7 years than I thought was possible at UK. He still didn't beat the Vols or the Gators, but other than that I don't see how a UK football fan could not be pleased with the overall results of his tenure. Before he came I never thought we could go on the road and beat teams like Arkansas, Georgia, or Auburn. He gave us a product with hope. He took us from being the laughing stock of the league (along with Vandy) to being somewhere in the middle of the pack, which is good for UK. It's a big step up from where we were when he first came to town. That's what you want from a coach isn't it. You want him to leave the program in better shape than he inherited it in. I think Coach Brooks accomplished that and much more. Now I'm just praying we don't take a step back with that Heath Ledger/Jack Nicholson wannabe.

-that I just wanted to make a joke about Joker's name. I like him. I hope he can build on the success of Coach Brooks.

-that my daughter, Aubrey, has 2 teeth. She also has a third one that is wanting to come through. She just turned 5 months old. I don't remember Maddie getting teeth that early. How old were your kids when they started getting teeth? My mom claims that Tom was born with a tooth. Can you verify this Tom? Impressive if true. However it is not unexpected from a guy who once set himself on fire for losing a wrestling match.

-that my fantasy football squad, Porcinis After Hours, brought home the title in the first Revolting Fantasy Football league. I took down Alan Hale and his Redskins in the finals of the playoffs, which featured the top 2 teams from the regular season. I narrowly escaped Tom's Wookies in the semis. Congrats to Big Hale for having the top team during the regular season. You don't get a trophy for that.

-that our favorite dancer, John Wall, is on the most recent cover of Sports Illustrated. Here comes the jinx.

-that I have became a big fan of the podcasts. Woo is great on these things. If you're a Cat fan and haven't listened yet, do it soon. Woo hasn't been on the last 2 because of his schedule with the CBA team from Lexington, but the other guys are still great. I'm a big Drew Franklin fan. He's from Madisonville, so I'm sure he knows Fat. "Turkey Hunter" is another KSR great. I don't know where he's from, but he probably knows Fat too. The night before the Music City Bowl they were at Hooters in downtown Nashville. Download that one if you get the chance. The kid on there in the last couple of minutes was great. They are on itunes if you're wondering.

-that as great and memorable as Ho's "quote of the day" was, it's probably not even in the top 5 of what he can bring if he digs deep into his brain for classic quotes. I'm not gonna give any here because it would ruin his fabulous idea and steal some of his thunder for future "quotes of the day". I'm excited to see the next one. If he just made it "quote of the day from Wilma's retailing class" he could post for months. That was a classic crew in that class. We had it made back then. Bunch had the most classic definitions ever. Wilma always made us write definitions. That was usually our assignments, and she obviously didn't read them. She just gave a grade if you wrote anything at all. Bunch also created the top business venture in that year's retailing class. I'm not gonna name the restaurant because I think a flashback to that assignment would make a great blog post for the Deh Beh (hint). Look at the following word......Chewbacca......Now tell me how you would pronounce that.

-that I'm leaving the poll at the top of the page just to see which answer turns out to be right. Will it be next week at Florida?

-that I'm at work. Gotta go.

My Thoughts On The UK/UL Matchup (JV)

This game got off to a very unique start. Minutes after tipoff I got a text message from former free agent blogger Ho that read "WTF is this crap?". I responded with "a battle, and I love it". This was quite possibly the ugliest game ever between the 2 rivals, at least as far as the game goes. Both offenses were pretty bad, but it could also be said that both defenses were pretty good. The refs were horribly inconsistent. It was obvious from the get go that the filthy Cards were going to make it a physical game and try to rattle the young Cats, and it worked. However, when one team is supremely talented, and the less talented team takes this approach, the talent usually wins out. That was the case last Saturday. I gotta give Rick credit though. His team didn't have a chance if they played their normal style, so he uglied it up. It almost worked for him. After the game Rick compared Wall to Jordan and Kobe with the way he stepped up. For most of the game the filthy Cards kept Wall in check. He was having a pretty bad game. Then UL took the lead and we saw what a star is supposed to do when his team needs him. Wall put in 6 straight points and the game was basically over. All that was left was for Patterson to throw home the exclamation point fast break jam. Oh wait, that didn't go so well did it?

In a nutshell these are my final thoughts on the game: I'm glad the Cats won. I thought it was ugly. Wall is a stud. Cousins is a stud. Patterson is a stud. Bledsoe wants to kick Reginald Delk's ass. Tony won't let him. I thought Cousins should not have been thrown out after hearing all that went on during warmups. I thought the Swopshire knee to the cheek was unintentional. I thought the Cousins forearm was intentional. I still think the refs handled that situation the right way. I thought Cal was definitely talking trash to Reginald Delk after the first foul of the game when Bledsoe was so hot. I became more worried that teams will try to rattle Cousins early and often each game from here on out. I became even more worried that Boogie won't be able to show restraint. I think the Cats would have won even if Boogie had been tossed. I know he had a huge game. A combination of Wall and Patterson would have made up for his points. A combination of Patterson, Orton, Stevenson, and Razor would have made up for his rebounds. I still don't like Edgar Sosa. Rick has aged a whole lot in the last few years. I think the Cards don't have a single future NBA player on their team and they will struggle to make the tournament this year. I do think they will do enough to get in. I just think it will come down to the wire. Samardo Samuels might have an outside shot to ride the pine in the league. I hope he does. He seems like a decent guy, but he doesn't appear to be as tall as listed (6'9") and he is a "below the rim" player with no face up game at all. He is their best player though. Rick has lost a lot of his mojo. Matt Smith sucks. Wall is a stud. Cousins is a stud. Patterson is a stud. Thanks for reading.

Some women like mules, some don't!

Quote of the day...

"I'm a mule!" D. Greene 1993

I really don't even know what prompted the above quote to be blurted out in the middle of class but anyway it was blurted out. Which sent Wilma into a blind rage that got all male members of the class sent to, you guessed it The Office. There was one exception to the males participating in the office visit (I think he was male) which was teachers favorite Elddie. Who coincidentally shared the same last name as the female instructor.

Along with the quote of the day I will also give you a tip of the day...

If you are a mule and you don't want to go the office (which by the way you don't need no hall pass to get there) then don't yell it out in the middle of Wilma's class!

My Thoughts on Cats v. Filthy Cards

I can relate to Rick Pitino. About a decade ago, I played in the Central City Dust Bowl. I don't remember everyone on my team, but I know there was Lovell, Mikey, myself, and maybe a couple of bloggers. We were athletically challenged to say the least. I think we managed to win the first round game on Saturday morning and were scheduled to face a Hopkinsville team that evening. Again, I don't remember all of their players, but I remember Isaiah Victor, who played at Tennessee at the time, was on the team. He wasn't even their best player. After their morning game they started drinking, which we thought could be our only hope for victory. We then decided the fact that the opposing players would be fall down drunk still wouldn't be enough for us to win...we were just outmatched. But we had a plan. We set out to make them hit us. Yeah, we wanted them to physically punch us in the face so they would be thrown out of the game, and we would have a chance. We pushed, held, took cheap shots, and talked trash. All this happened under the watchful, wandering eye of referee Roger Barnes. It shook them up, but eventually they caught on and just started laughing at us. We lost, and at the end of the game they congratulated us on a good game plan. But I knew better. We were a team who couldn't compete and were willing to do whatever it took to try for the win. That is certainly competition, but not necessarily basketball. Fast forward to last Saturday at Rupp Arena. Same story. Pitino was desperate and was willing to do whatever he could to try and steal the win. Apparently the trash talking and pushing started prior to tipoff. At that point, one would think the coach of the players initiating this type of activity would pull the players aside and tell them, for the good of the team, to stop. But Pitino didn't agree. "For the good of the team" was to try and get Kentucky freshmen so rattled that they would come unglued. He wanted to get rid of the problem so he didn't have to deal with it (insert Karen Sypher joke here!). Fortunately, the young Cats were able to compose themselves and carry on. That itself is no small feat. Boogie is taking some heat, but I thought he showed great composure. He caught a knee to the head during that scrum on the floor. I don't think the knee was intentional, but in that situation, everything is taken personally. He also could have lost it when he was pushed after getting back on his feet, but again, he showed restraint. We need Boogie's attitude. If Darius Miller had that kind of fire in his belly they could go ahead and hang an 8th banner. I didn't think Kentucky played very well offensively, but part of that was pretty good defense by Louisville. It's nice to see the Cats handle an adverse situation and still find a way to win, although we probably don't see that type of game again. I am convinced good things are on the way for this team. As for Louisville, I'm not sure where they end up...when is the Central City Dust Bowl?


I am so tired of hearing all this negative talk about Big Cuz. Yes he is a emotional player. Yes he is very physical. Yes he is immature. Yes he is the BEST big man in college basketball! The monster Mash is my all time favorite cat of all time and Jamaal Magloire is a close second. But Boogie is right there with them. I love a big Physical player. I love a guy who will take your head off on a layup. I did think it was a cheap elbow he threw in the ul game, but lets take the whole picture into account. The trash talking in the tunnel and during the national anthem. The bump by the ul players before the game. The knee to the head during the scramble for the ball. I must admit I would have done the same thing. He might be immature but think of some of the things we did at 19 years of age. Cart bashing in the celeb. Stealing food from April Markwell's house while Clay talks to her family. Letting Tommy Rose jump the Sentra.Throwing Git threw the wall. Selling out of date condoms at school. Throwing trash cans in Hog heads yard out of the 007. Who could forget Captain A, and I could go on and on. I think Cal is letting him go because he has Orton on the bench and that's a pretty good back up. By the end of the year he will be the best big man of our time.
On a sad note Coach Brooks retired today. People just don't get how much he did for Kentucky football. He might not have won at Florida or Tennessee. But he sit this program up to compete for along time if Joker can keep the momentum going (worried). Kentucky will never win a SEC title because the top teams in the SEC Alabama,Florida,LSU ect. could compete with some NFL teams. In any other conference in football Kentucky is a top 4 team in that conference. So thanks Coach Brooks you are a GREAT Person and Coach!!!!


Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, Children of all ages The Revolting Blog proudly brings to you...

First of all I would like to clear the air about a few things that have been on my mind. The first of which is my so called refusals to join this blog. I have never directly refused an invite to join The Revolting Blog, ever. I did in fact win a poll that would have added me to the blog's roster but I never actually refused. Prior to that I cast my vote at the last minute for Sizzlin' which made him the winner of that poll due to the fact that I had forfeited all votes that I received to the aformentioned Mr. Hardison. This move was in a direct effort to block Maholi from joining the staff! I knew his presence would be bad for all involved.

The second thing that I would like to weigh in on is the recent deletion of some friends on Facebook. This started when UT beat Kentucky in a football game that the Cats should have won. That night I logged onto FB and noticed one person gloating about the UT victory and this ticked me off to no end. As I scrolled on down I noticed one more person with a similar post so at that time I posted a comment something to the effect of "All UT gloaters will be deleted ASAP". At that time one person replied to my comment so I deleted all three of those "friends". A few weeks later a "friend" posted a comment that posed the question "Can you be a UL fan and a UK fan?" and I replied "No that is not possible!" then she replied something that didn't sit too well with me so I deleted her! The next instance occurred when another "friend" said "I will have pity on you and not delete you" after a verbal battle over UK and UL alliances so guess what I saved him the trouble. The great thing is that I was not at home and I couldn't delete him on my phone so I called home and walked Gavin through the process and he actually deleted him for me!

Many things have helped shape my personality and the major events of my life but the things I call upon most often when I reflect on those early events of my childhood are the random quotes that I have logged in my memory bank. To some of you these quotes will be a total waste of your time but to others this will be a great blast from the past and still others will get confirmation of their suspicions of me and that I am just crazy. So to sign off of my first Revolting Blog post I would like to share one of those quotes: "Did someone light a match?'' W. Miller 1993