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The Most Famous Bum Of All

Aubrey Vinson

Here is a profile pic of my daughter Aubrey's 3-D ultrasound from a couple of weeks ago. There was some kind of malfunction with printing the 3-D pics at the time of our ultrasound, then they ran out of paper before she printed ours. Then guess what? They ordered the wrong paper, so it took a few days longer. Finally, about 17 days after the ultrasound, we got the picture. Maddie said she looks just like her.

A Visit From Abe

The Revolting Blog has many fans spanning many different age groups and many likes and dislikes. Lately, the blog has been caught up in the renewed fever of UK basketball. While the blog has many UK fans, and basketball fans in general, not everybody has enjoyed the wealth of UK postings. There has been an outcry for more funny stuff. There has been an outcry for more family stuff. In my opinion, that kind of stuff never left. There has been as much of that stuff as ever. There has just been more UK stuff than usual. Oh well, what I think doesn't matter anyway. Here is some stuff that went on at my house this past weekend. Also, the Gay Cops have been bugging the Deh Beh to put out a new video. Hopefully that can get done soon. Those homos are way more popular than we thought they would ever be.

Maddie got a new hop scotch sprinkler thing and Abe came over to play with her. There was a lot of laughing done at me by my sister and Jordan over my black socks. I will explain. I was doing some weed eating and mowing and I didn't want to ruin any of my white socks, so I wore the black ones. No big deal I thought. No less than four carloads of young, hot chicks drove by the house screaming and whistling at me while I was mowing. If I wasn't a white dork, and if I had been on a basketball court, nobody would have noticed.

They acted like they had never been in water before.

Action shot.

Wiping the honest eyes.


The dog was running so fast he became a blur.

After the sprinkler they had to do some 4 wheelin.

Then we had to have a weenie roast, even though it was 95 degrees (126 around the fire).

Abe likes to roast weenies, but doesn't like to eat them. This was the first time he ever ate one. Monumental occasion. That's why this post was made.


I refuse to wear the red like the rest of my team. I almost always wear a blue UK shirt to the games instead of my Hot Tamales red shirt. Does that make me a bad coach?

Super fan Abe Walker

Maddie looks to the camera as slugger Kennedy Bunch prepares on deck.

Maddie at the plate. This pic was used mainly to show the legendary first base coach.

Maddie likes to play catcher, however she won't catch the ball. She usually don't even put her glove anywhere near the ball. When it hits her in the leg, which is what almost always happens, she complains that it hurts a little. Thank God for the shin guards. No matter what I do, I can't get her to catch the ball. She will try to catch it in the field, but not when she's catcher. I don't know what to do. I guess don't let her play catcher anymore. The girls all want to be the catcher, mainly because they love wearing the gear. So, we let them take turns. Out of 9 girls on the team, my estimate is 3 of them actually try to catch the ball when it's their turn.

The 1995-96 University Of Kentucky Wildcats

Next years UK team has everyone excited. Check out this video of the 1996 Cats. This was a team that had it all. I can only hope that next years Cats are half as good as these guys. You will notice the classic Antione Walker dances, Tony Delk's greatness, and even see that Allen Edwards had a few highlights. You'll see classic dunks by Mercer and Anderson, and you'll realize that you forgot how much you loved Anthony Epps. Also, anytime you see Mark Pope in this video, remember that he dedicated that season to the Deh Beh. One last thing to look for in the video is our new coach. There are a few shots of Coach Cal from the Final Four highlights against UMASS, a game that never happened. Check the record books.

Blog Awards

Periodically, we will be giving award certificates to blog readers for going above and beyond the call of duty in helping The Revolting Blog in it's quest to reach the masses. Some awards will be for readers, others for employees. We would like to honor The Git with this award today. He is famous for his monstrous bowel movements. Just ask my mom. We had to call a plumber one time because The Git had to drop a duece and just couldn't make it to Harry and Twanda's house. Our first award winner, The Git. A man who, legend has it, once took one of his legendary dumps in Central City Wal Mart while introducing the starting five for the 1975 Lakers. He was doing this for the enjoyment of Clay. Only problem was Clay went in for a quick pee and left while The Git was introducing the first starter. Clay left because another man came in and he was embarrassed. He filled us in on what The Git was doing in the stall and how loud he was. The look on that poor man's face when he came out was priceless. The Git went through the entire starting lineup introductions without ever knowing Clay had left him to a new audience. If you see The Git anytime soon, congratulate him on this lofty award.

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Classic Pictures And The Stories Behind Them!!!!!!

Spilla, The Git, and Al Cook at a mid 1990's Midnight Madness. We used to go at least a day or two early and wait in line. This was back in the good ole days when you waited in line for 24-72 hours and then they just opened up the doors and you got whatever seat you got. I can tell from The Gits poncho that this was the year we sat through several storms and most of us came home sick. I wanna say it was 1996. The year of Mercer and Anderson, and also the year that Bunch took a marker and wrote Magloire 42 on the back of his poncho only to learn later that night that Magloire was in fact #42. Back then it was actually Midnight Madness. Now it's Big Blue Madness and you wait in line for a few hours a week before the event for your tickets and reserved seating. I think Madness lost a lot of luster when they moved it to Rupp and made it Big Blue Madness and began starting it at 8 or 9 or whenever it starts. It's still fun and it's awesome that we can pack 24,000 into Rupp for a practice, but I miss the old way. I'm getting old I guess.

Degenerates at Joe Vincent's house. We used to play ball at Joe's a few times per week. Sometimes we would impersonate wrestlers after the games. This was one of those times. Thank God we didn't take a camera every time. That's an impressive bulge on Spilla. He must have been very happy to have Captain A behind him. I'm not positive when this picture was taken, but it looks like it was when Spilla was using perfomance enhancing drugs. He will not be suspended from the Bremen league however, as this was before our testing policy went into effect.

Deh Beh and Ho on the couch at my old house. Take notice of the Patrick Ewing special edition McDonalds Dream Team cup in front of the Deh Beh. Ho is holding his crotch. He would have been better served to be using his hand to cover up that atrocious Mickey Mouse cap. Cap or no cap, he's one of the best Ho's I ever hung out with. At the very least he's top 5.

Deh Beh on the same couch eating his classic bologna and doritos sandwich. As The Git likes to say, "you can't spell bologna without the Beh".

Some of my best friends from high school posing for a graduation pic. Actually, some of these folks are still some of my best friends. Joe Oates is the only one I despise.

Just a bunch of cool kids on spring break. I don't know who is on Clay's shoulders. Somebody chime in with that info. Nice stogey Oates. I hate that guy.

Prom studs (also Joe Oates) posing with a living legend, Barry Vincent (aka B-arry). Notice that look on my face? That's me wondering why we let Oates in the picture.

More of the old crew, 1994 prom. When this picture was taken, my studliness was well established. My wife was 10. She's lucky I waited around for her to grow up. Now she just wishes I would grow up. Back then Jenny had no clue that she would fall under the spell of that cape wearing Captain A. Why did we like to put our hands on our chins? What was Faith saying? Why won't that low life Joe Oates look at the camera? These are questions which may never be answered.

More 1994 prom greatness. I had a habit of laying down for pictures I guess. I was doing the same thing in that cap and gown pic shown a few pics above this one. This, and a few of the others, I pulled off Double Dealson's Facebook page. I made the comment on there that best I can remember, all the girls were fighting over who would pose with me. So, I elected to end the dispute by declaring that nobody would be the winner and I would just lay in front of everybody. However, this decision gave us a numbers problem. Therefore we had to recruit the most non-photogenic guy at the prom to fill in. I know, you think I'm talking about The Git. Nope, I'm talking about that floppy haired douche bag Joe Oates. I hate that guy. Check out that studly Git and Newton Jehn. This prom was when The Git's parents, Larry and Wanda Smith, became Harry and Twanda. Being from Ohio County, The Git had no clue how a Muhlenberg North prom would be, so we lied to him. We told him when you arrived at the prom, they would introduce you to the crowd. We told him his date didn't know his family, so we filled out his paperwork for her. We had him convinced that when he got to the prom, they were going to announce him as Kendall Smith, son of Harry and Twanda Smith, of Rockport, Kentucky. He was furious. Not as furious as the time Clay painted gits on all his family portraits, but he was mad. He never knew it was a lie until he got to prom and nobody was doing introductions over any loudspeakers. One of the all time classic tricks pulled on the now famous Git.

****Disclaimer**** I do not really hate Joe Oates. I haven't laid eyes on him for years, but would love to talk to him and see where life has taken him. I just wanted to make a post dissing someone other than The Git. I'll be honest, dissing The Git is much more fun. We will get back to doing that ASAP. Have a nice day!!!!!!

ESPN's Andy Katz Weighs In On John Wall

Are The Cats Back? This Video Will Help You Decide!!!!!!


No decision expected soon for busy Meeks
May 18th, 2009 players
Kentucky guard Jodie Meeks does not figure to make a decision on his basketball future before June.
His father said Monday that Meeks has a busy workout schedule that figures to run well past the NBA’s Chicago Combine, which will be held on May 28-29.
College players have until June 15 to withdraw their names from consideration for the June 25 NBA Draft.
Meeks,who led Kentucky in scoring this past season, must decision whether to return for his senior season or remain in this year’s draft. He was among the nation’s top five scorers.
The Daily Oklahoman reported last week that Meeks was among six players working out for the Oklahoma City Thunder last weekend. The workout group included three other perimeter players: Dar Tucker of De Paul, Danny Green of North Carolina and Antonio Anderson of Memphis.
The Thunder also plan future workouts for such shooters as Robert Vaden of UAB and Josh Shipp of UCLA, the Oklahoma City daily newspaper said.

Toy horse gets hit by truck

This is for Misty Double Dealson. She has been complaining about some of the posts on the blog lateley, so I thought we would do one just for her.

"This is Why Duke Sucks"

Well it's a boring night so i thought i would give you a I hate duke video. As some of you know we had some classic I hate duke tapes back in the day when the DEH Flew a plane.

Black and White People Furniture - Commercial

Deh Beh Films shot this commercial check it out. Its Classic!

More Blasts From The Past

A few months back I had the opportunity (via The Git's cellphone at a Birmingham Hooters) to speak with UAB coach Mike Davis. Davis is the former coach of the Indiana Hoosiers. He hates Kentucky. His first words when he took Kendall's phone were yelled at me in a loud, angry sounding voice. Those words were, "Kentucky ain't never gonna get Demarcus Cousins"!! Cousins, at the time, was a top ranked power forward being recruited by the Cats and UAB. Davis wasn't really angry and we had a good conversation talking smack to one another. It was confirmed through pictures taken by The Git that it really was Mike Davis. Revolting Blog voice recognition software also confirmed the Davis voice. I put this picture and his opening quote to me on the blog for one reason. Kentucky got Demarcus Cousins. Take that Davis. I wish I had his phone number.

This was one of the cartoons I put up the day after Obama became our first black POTUS. A very historical day in our nation's history, but also an easy one for jokes. For the record, I am an Obama fan, and that's who I voted for.

There was no doctoring of this picture. This was taken at our get-together at the Huff house when The Git made his first appearance in many years to Muhlenberg County. On a side note, the girls and The Git are standing on a deck that Bunch built.

We will end this post with a pic of the greatest coaching staff ever assembled. The Central City Lakers were in a rebuilding year but they have to be considered the favorite to bring home the title next year. A lot of it hinges on the decision of Gavin Huff. Will he take his game to the next level, or will he stay with his team and make a run at the title?

Blasts From The Past

In honor of the blog's recent birthday, we will revisit some classic pics and stories from the blog's first year over the next week or so. I will pick some old blog pics at random and post them along with a short writing to explain why they made the blog in the first place. You will get a few per day, or at least every other day. I never live up to my promise of the "daily" update. I'm a busy man. Here we go!
The Git is not 40. The Git is not a virgin, so he claims (Revolting Blog investigators still interviewing suspects). I got a copy of the photoshop program and went wild for a few weeks trying to create some good pics. I haven't messed with it for a while now. I need to. Thing is, it's a hard program to master. While I was nowhere near mastering it, I did get decent, and now I've forgotten everything I learned. My greatest photoshop creation, in my opinion, is the very next pic, Baby Afro Bunch.

This pic was loved by many. Baby Afro Bunch was created around the same time the Revolting T-shirt campaign began, and there were many requests for Baby Afro Bunch shirts. The Deh has never been one to ignore his many fans, so he set out to get the shirt made. The shirt people quickly denied the Revolting Blog request and put us on their "child porn watchlist". Baby Afro Bunch is still on the blog each day as Scott's pic on the right side showing the blog authors.

The female Revolting Blog readers have sent in countless requests over the past year wanting to see more sexy pics of the Deh Beh. Well they don't get much sexier than this. Remember this ladies, the Deh can look this hot while remodeling a bathroom. Imagine how you'll feel if he ever releases his bedroom pics.

This is the first ultrasound pic from my soon to be born daughter. We have decided to name her Aubrey. This pic was famous on the blog because of the arrow pointing to the fetal pole. That arrow prompted my famous question to the ultrasound tech, "Does that mean it's a boy?". I thought it was hilarious. Jordan thought it was embarrassing. We just got another ultrasound a few days ago. I will post new Aubrey pics soon. I had to move the computer. It was in Aubrey's room and I haven't got the scanner hooked up yet. Jordan is 27 weeks. The girl who does ultrasounds where I work lets us get a scan from time to time, and she's in the process of making us some cool 3D (3-Bunch) pics from the scan the other day. She has to cut and crop and do some work to them to make them just right and she was busy the other day when we took them. Hopefully when I go back to work Monday night they will be waiting for me.

Blog's First Birthday Tuesday May 5!! Wish Us A Happy Birthday In The Comments!!

One year ago I started this blog as a joke to poke fun at my sister (Boot) and Brandy (wife of Muddy), and now it has come to this. I don't know what this is, but it's something fun for me to come to and get a good laugh, and we hope that's what it is for you too. You can go back to the old posts from the blog's early days if you want to. I have been doing that this morning. There is some classic stuff on there. Happy Birthday to "The Blehg", as the Git would say. Now on to more of the craziness that defines The Revolting Blog, a place that, amazingly, attracts over 700 visits per month.

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