The 20 year jinx is over..

Well Cat fans just another Billy G moment.. Its been since 1989 since LSU has won in Rupp and just like a lot of other things to fall since Billy G has arrived this was just another.. Even with the Cats ahead by 10 with 10 min to go and shooting 53% from the field UK still managed to hand this win to LSU.. With the loss UK's 18 straight NCAA tournament appearances might fall as well.. 

A Home Video: Jordan Will Be Mad I Showed It.

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League info

the yahoo bracket challenge info is....

Group ID#: 9161
Password: shoot it

Greatest Singing Performance of All time

Randy Jackson would be pumped. Even Simon can't deny the talent of this man.

Yahoo March Madness Challenge

Tournament challenge
Go to the following site (hope it works)
Click on Join a Group and the Join Group

Group Name - The Revolting Blog
Password - shoot it

All wagers placed in comment section...

Simply the best, the Big East.

With 5 teams ranked in the top 10, can anyone dispute that this isn't the best conference in America? UL will win the regular season title and hopefully get a 1 or 2 seed in the dance.. GO CARDS..

Its a block party for South Carolina as they rout UK.

Wow 20 blocked shots? 20 turnovers for UK? Looks like Billy G basketball, I thought the Git said the Cats were playing good ball. Sorry Cats fans, but with the blow out loss tonight at South Carolina who isn't even a ranked team puts UK on the bubble. Everyone knows that the committee looks at the last 10 games or so and with this loss UK has lost 5 out of its last 8.. UK will lose to LSU and that will make it 6 out of 9, then Georgia thats a easy win 6 out of 10.. UK should beat FLA which will make it 6 losses in there last 11 games, if they even beat FLA. None of the teams they lost to are very good or even ranked as well as the teams they have beaten aren't ranked or very good either.. UK's strength of schedule is 63 and their RPI before the South Carolina game was 62, they don't have 1 quality win and are 2 and 4 against teams in the top 50 and haven't beaten a team in the top 25... The horrible loss to VMI will hurt them as well as Ole Miss.. Its still possible UK gets in, its just their resume doesn't look good.. Tonights game was even spread and UK was dismantled.. Once again turnovers destroyed UK and lets be honest good teams will take advantage of this against UK if they do make it to the Dance.. 

The inspiration for the Revolting Blog

The man that inspired it all. Just click on the bold link.

My Niece Kate Edwards Turned 2, And We Bounced At B's To Celebrate

Some of these pics are blurry. I don't know what happened.

The birthday girl sliding. As you can tell, she hated it.

The honest one and Maddie sliding.


Happy Birthday to Kate

Kate and little "Cowboy Spilla", with original Spilla in there too.

Maddie acting silly with her friend Sarah. She is Brian Noffsinger's daughter in case you were wondering. Brian's wife, Christen, is Kate's babysitter. Maddie and Sarah played soccer together last season.

Thug night at Bouncin B's

These girls brought the aforementioned "thugs"

Everybody's favorite Godmother from the 1990's, still rockin the tye dye, Jackie McRoy.


Tonight Kamden and I will go to Nashville to the Sommet center to watch Raw live. So you can tune us in on the USA network at 8:00 pm. Look for "Tom is Kane" and the "Bethel is JBL" signs to find us. We will be next to the stage. I don't know who is more pumped, me or Kam.


Today at 3:00 pm at Bremen Gymnasium

Top 10 Rappers Of All Time

I watched a VH1 special about the legendary rap group NWA last week and it made me want to list my top 10 rappers of all time. You may hate rap music. If so, skip this post. Today, I hate rap too, but I once loved it, and so did my boys. Therefore, you aren't going to see Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, etc. on this list. What you will see are classics. Feel free to dis my selections in the comments section and show us your own list.
10. Bone Thugz n Harmony - These guys brought a unique and never before heard style to the rap game in the mid 90's. They flowed so fast that it was sometimes hard to keep up. They had many classic songs and I think they belong on the list.
9. LL Cool J - LL is an all time great. He even calls himself the GOAT. He is also an accomplished actor who has made many successful films. "I'm gonna knock you out, Momma said knock you out". Classic.
8. Ice Cube - Cube makes this list because he has my all time favorite rap song, "It Was A Good Day". He was a part of NWA and has gone on to become a popular movie star as well. He still puts out the occasional song, just to let us know he can still do it, but his early stuff is where you'll find the best music. "Today I didn't even have to use my AK. I gotta say it was a good day". In honor of Ice Cube, I am gonna mess around Sunday at Bremen and get a triple double.
7. Snoop - Snoop was big time when I was in high school. Fo shizzle my nizzle. He had many great songs and still remains popular today. You can catch him on his reality show, Snoop's Father Hood.
6. Dr. Dre - Another NWA product. Dre made the beats that put Death Row Records at the top of the game in the 1990's. He still makes albums and has one coming out soon. He discovered Snoop and Eminem, and he has produced and composed beats for many artists over the years. A true legend. "Dre Day every day". "Inglewood, Inglewood always up to no good".
5. Eazy E - NWA founder. Classic rapper who died of AIDS in 1995. What would Eazy be up to now if he hadn't passed on? I think he would still be putting out good stuff. If an Eazy E tribute album is ever done, I want the Slim and V-Dogg live, unedited, unrehearsed version of "Automobile" from Sausagefest '97 included. That was a classic recording.
4. Run DMC - These guys were the pioneers who took rap music to great heights. I loved how they fused rock and rap together, and their "Walk This Way" remake with Aerosmith is considered an all time classic. I was able to see Run in concert with Kid Rock and I loved every minute of it. Run and Kid were doing all the old classic Run DMC hits and I was rapping along with every word. Jordan and I went with one of her friends from nursing school and her husband. These 3 are all at least 8 years younger than me, so they were looking at me like I was an idiot for knowing all the words to the classic songs. To them, Run was just the dude from the MTV show Run's House. I told them he was once a superstar rapper. They didn't believe me. I told them, "It's Like That, And That's The Way It Is".
3. Eminem - The white boy who became a rap star. I don't know what else to say except that I think Eminem is great. He's controversial, but great. He's the only rapper out there today that when he puts an album out, I've gotta get it.
2. Too Short - Classic old school rapper. He has so many classics that you need to make about 3 cd's just to get all the classics together. He was one of my favorites in my high school and college days. He still puts out stuff on occasion, but nothing will ever touch his early work. "Short Dog ain't nothin but a dog".
Ok, I should have prepared more for this post because I have come down to the end and I have 2 rappers left with only one spot. I guess that's what you get when I make posts off the top of my head without preparation. So, Biggie Smalls is tied with Too Short for the #2 spot. Change this to the top 11 list.
2b. Notorious B.I.G. - Yet another all time great who is not with us anymore. Biggie is a legend of the rap game. He loved it when they called him "Big Poppa". I often wonder if I would still be a rap fan if Biggie and Pac hadn't been taken away. I bet if he were still alive, he'd still be "puttin 5 karats in his baby girl's ear", and "sippin on private stock". He had some of the best lyrics ever.
1. 2Pac - Tupac Shakur. In my opinion he is the greatest rapper of all time. You want proof of his greatness? 2Pac died in 1996. He still puts out a couple of good songs each year. 2Pac has sold more records dead than most rappers could in a lifetime. It was a tragedy when he went down, and the conspiracy theories about who done it and whether or not he's even dead are very interesting. 2Pac was also an actor. He didn't do many films before he was laid to rest but directors who worked with him have been quoted as saying he was one of the best young actors out there and was about to explode in the movie business. They claim he had a natural ability to become the character and filming was always easy with him and took very few takes. I wonder if he would even rap much if he was still around? I bet he would be kinda like Ice Cube and LL Cool J and do the occasional song for a soundtrack, but mostly just concentrate on movies. Oh well, we'll never know. Rest in peace Pac. You were the greatest.
Others who sit just outside the top 10: Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Outkast (the early stuff), Nelly (I know, but I like him), Master P, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer (you can't deny the popularity of Ice and Hammer in their heyday), Scarface, Geto Boys, Timbaland, Coolio (gotta love "Gangsta's Paradise), and Ludacris. Let me know of anybody I've left out.

Some Pics To Get You Ready For The UT Game

These pics of Bruce with young hotties were taken while he was still married. Maybe that contributed to the fact that he's not married anymore. His ex-wife has opened up a salon in Knoxville named "Alimony". That isn't a joke. They offer a discount (I think 15%) to any lady who receives alimony. Sorry Bruce. I pick on Bruce because he is an easy target, but I actually like him. I hate UT, but I can understand why young men would want to play for him. He took a lot of heat when he went to the UT ladies game shirtless with his chest painted, but I loved it. I love his enthusiasm, and you can't deny that he is a great marketing man. He has made UT men's basketball relevant in a state where women's basketball and football once dominated. They still dominate, but Bruce has elevated his squad to heights once thought to be unreachable. I still hate the Vols. This game means more to me than any game on the schedule other than Louisville.

UT headbands suck.

For those who don't know the story, UT point guard Bobby Maze famously said after he committed to UT (over the Cats), "Why would I go anywhere else. UT is like a Ferrari, UK is a Chevy". I know I'm a little of on that quote, but it went something like that. I know UT was the Ferrari, just not sure what car UK was. Anyways, when Jodie was lighting up the Vols, Maze was still talking trash even though they were getting hammered. UK players have said that when the soft spoken Meeks went to the line and sank a free throw for his 50th point he looked over at Maze and said, "Thats Fitty". Apparently it still didn't shut the Vols up. Rumor has it they talked trash until the buzzer sounded.

OOOOOOOOOHHHH Bruce Newman!!!!!!

As far as I know, Bobby Maze is not on parole. This is funny anyway.

UK's Fall From Grace

It doesn't seem like that long ago during the 2004-2005 season when UK got beat in the Elite 8 in double overtime to Michigan State. I guess too most UK fans this probably seems like forever ago. The good ole days seem to be over for UK and the stats show it. The Cats for the first time in 10 years now average more turnovers than assists.. UK is headed in the wrong direction. I guess UK will always have its past. The road back to the top isn't thru BG.

(23-10) overall
(12-4) sec
free throw-68%
2nd round loss to Syracuse in NCAA

free throws-65%
3rd round loss to Southern Cal in NCAA

free throws-67%
3rd round loss to Maryland in NCAA

free throws-70%
Elite 8 loss to Marquette

free throws-69%
2nd round loss in NCAA to UAB

free throws-66%
Elite 8 loss to MSU

free throws-67%
2nd round loss to UConn in NCAA

free throws-70%
2nd round loss to Kanas in NCAA

free throws-73%
1st rd loss to Marquette in NCAA

(2008-2009)thru today
free throws-77%

From KSR

Rick Pitino and Christian Laettner Team Up to Mock “The Shot”
by Matt Jones @ 1:15 pm. Filed under Blue Blooded Opinions
You want something to get your blood warmed up on a Friday afternoon? How about this piece of news from a KSR spy (we really are everywhere) that has me thinking somewhat evil thoughts. According to a KSR source, Vitamin Water is producing a new television ad featuring Christian Laettner and Rick Pitino which is likely to run throughout the NCAA Tournament. According to the source, the advertisement was shot yesterday in Louisville and will show Laettner following Pitino around his house making “the shot” over and over to torment him. The two principals to the event (neither of whom is exactly in good favor in Big Blue Nation) are the only ones involved in the shoot and the former Kentucky players are not part of the advertisement campaign.
There are pictures of the shoot below….so my question is this: How does the Big Blue Nation feel about the Vitamin Water campaign taking the most famous shot in college basketball history and the most painful loss in UK history and having the former coach (who now coaches the arch-rival) profiting off the misery? I am sure it will be funny and I dont mind the parody….but Rick isnt here any more….and thus it does rub me a little bit wrong. I mean Laettner can do whatever he wants, but Pitino is now the coach of the Cards and is making an ad that he KNOWS will infuriate (or at least bring up bad memories) his former Cat nation. Yet he still does it, makes whatever check he will make off the proceedings and marches on down the street. I could deal with this if Rick were still at UK, but with him at Louisville, it sort of ticks me off. Am I off base?
Here are some shots from the shoot….I gotta give credit to our spy here for showing that the Big Blue Nation truly is everywhere. This was supposed to be a surprise commercial….guess not now:


Thoughts from the Deh

First where the hell did Maholli come from with his views on the economy. This is a man with a a printing press in his closet , jobs don't matter to him. Well anyways just thought I would put some thoughts out here. First I have been laid off this week and have done nothing but hold the couch down and do laundry. I put my resume in for a pipe laying job but they said my resume was to short. Maybe I could sub for an English teacher at the west campus. I would like to touch on the A-Rod deal my thoughts are who gives a S*#t, move on and start testing everyone from here on out if you fail you sit. Stop worrying about the past and make it right now and for the future. And now let me git to my biggest Grip. Billy Gillispie whats up with his dog house. man you got to punish and then forget. And run some set plays for MEEKS. He always says if you practice bad you may not play the next game, well is he going to sit out the game Saturday, because he made some bad decisions the last game. Well that's all till next time.

Poll shows rising public stress about economy

I'm sure most of us are aware of the current turmoil and the economy, it seems more people are worried about losing jobs and having enough money to pay the bills. According to the latest Associated Press poll released today. Nearly half of those surveyed said they worry about becoming unemployed, a figure that's double last year's number. The poll also found that in the past month, public support has dipped for the $787 billion package of tax cuts and government spending that President Obama has signed into law this week on the promise that it will save or create 3.5 million jobs and re-ignite the troubled economy.

Nearly Half of those questioned. 47 percent, worry at least somewhat about losing a job, up from 28 percent in February 2008. Nearly 3/4, or 71 percent, say they know someone- a friend or relative who has lost a job in the past six months because of the economy. Fear of being thrown out of work is so widespread that equal percentages of higher and lower-income workers worry about losing their jobs. Nearly 2/3 of people are at least somewhat worried about paying their bills, up 46 percent from last year. Also 69 percent worry that the value of their stocks and retirement investments will drop, up 10 percent from last year. More than half aren't confident they'll have enough money to live comfortably in retirement. 

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday downgraded its projections for the country's economic performance this year, otherwise meaning that things will get tougher. The economy will actually shrink and unemployment will rise. The last time the economy registered a contraction or a shrinkage for a full year was 1991. If the Fed's predictions prove correct, it would mark the weakest showing since 1982. With unemployment-now at 7.6 percent, the highest in more than 16 years people need to have a plan on how to save money and control expenses.  Fed officials, however, predicted the economy would pick up speed in 2011, growing as much as 5 percent. Its times like this where family and friends mean the most.

Woman wields wedgie to subdue suspect

Not your average wedgie? I'm sure some of us can remember either giving someone a wedgie or receiving one, but who would of thought to use a wedgie to stop someone from breaking into your co-workers car? Well that's exactly what Yvonne Morris, a technician at the Brickyard Animal Hospital did. Reports say she chased a man who broke into her co-workers car, but he kept squirming away for her. The third time, Morris grabbed hold of the man's boxer shorts and pulled. Salt Lake City police said she then put a headlock on the man until help could arrive. The man was booked into the Salt Lake County jail on suspicion of vehicle burglary, possession of stolen property and outstanding warrants. The man also will need a new pair of underwear as well..

Player of the Year rankings.

I came across this on Fox Sports and wanted all the faithful blog supporters opinions. Whats your top 10 player of the years candidates and in what order? Here is Jeff Goodmans of Fox list, and to be honest I think Meeks should be closer to 1 than number 5. I would put Meeks right behind Stephen Curry. 

1.Blake Griffin, 6-10 250, F/C. Soph., Okla.
2.Stephen Curry, 6-2 185, G, Jr., Davidson.
3.James Harden, 6-5 218, SG, Soph., ASU.
4.Jerel McNeal, 6-3 200, G, Sr., Marquette.
5.Jodie Meeks, 6-4 210, SG/SF, JR., Kentucky.
6.DeJuan Blair, 6-7 265, PF/C, Soph., Pitt.
7.Hasheem Thabeet, 7-3 265, C, Jr., UConn
8.Tyler Hansrough, 6-9 250, PF/C, Sr., UNC.
9.Jordan Hill, 6-10 240, C, Jr., Arizona
10.Jeff Teague, 6-2 180, G, Soph., Wake Forest.

Cartoon seems to link Obama to dead chimp

Do you think this cartoon is racist? The New York Post is backing this cartoon that some have interpreted as comparing President Barack Obama to a violent chimp. I'm sure most of you all saw in the news about the violent chimp that mauled a friend of its owner. Civil rights activist have call the cartoon "troubling" and given the history of racist attacks on African-Americans by being compared to monkeys at times it makes you wonder. What do you think? The Post claims it "broadly mocks Washington's efforts to revive the economy". I just was wondering what everyone else thought? 

Cards close gap in Big East with win tonight.

With six players in double figures and a dominating defensive performance in the 2nd half. UL proved that someone is playing great basketball in the state of Ky. With the win the Cards put themselves in excellent position to win the regular season title in the Big East. 

Is Gillispie praying that UK is gonna make the dance?

After the beat down tonight by Vandy it begs the question. Is UK gonna make the dance? The SEC isn't the conference that it used to be and with UK losing 4 out of its last 6 it makes you wonder if its gonna be the NIT for UK. Yes Billy keep praying and your team might make it to the dance, but without Patterson 1 on 5 basketball just won't get it done.

Cats and Commodores Tonight

At Vandy the coach dances with guys. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that and I certainly don't want to offend any of the Revolting Blog's homosexual fan base. However, at UK the coach dances with only the finest WOMEN.

I hope the Cats are ready tonight. They should be pretty pumped up for this game, since Vandy whipped them 196-42 last year at Memorial Gym. Jeannine Edwards will be in the house for ESPN to once again try to win the heart of Billy Clyde. I can only hope that Jimmy Dykes is announcing the game. I know that Meeks cuts much more violently when Dykes is in the house. He is also less likely to defend himself. Dykes will also strike fear into any Vandy fans within earshot when he announces once again that Josh "Jorts" Harrelson is the only guy in the SEC to ever stick his arm down the throat of a catfish. This will only matter if Jorts is at the game. There's always the chance he is deer hunting. In other news, word out of Gainesville this morning was that Nick Calathes still had his game face on. Amazing. Bobby Knight is enroute to do impressions.

Meeks Does It Again

45 at Arkansas. Bud Walton Arena record. I'm gonna go on and say what we all want to say but then we think back to Mashburn, "Sky" Walker, Macy, Delk, etc. Jodie Meeks is the greatest UK player of my lifetime. He's not just a shooter who gets hot sometimes. He's not just a scorer. He's probably the best defender on the team as well. He works harder without the ball than any player I can EVER remember. He just gets it done in every facet of the game. Another great thing about Meeks is that you'll never hear him brag about anything. He just wants to win, and he's very humble. He doesn't hoot and holler after every dunk or three pointer. He's not covered in tats, and we all know people with tats suck. He scored 54 points at UT and broke the all-time UK record for points in a game. His first comment to the reporter was about how happy he was to get a win at Thompson-Boling Arena. He had never done that. Nevermind that nobody had ever scored 54 in a Kentucky uniform.

Saturday was the third game this season that Meeks topped the 40 point mark. He is only the second Cat to do that in a single season. (edit) He's only the second Cat to do that EVER, forget the single season stuff. Only Issel has ever accomplished that in a career. I believe the things he is doing this season are being taken for granted. I was talking to Brian Bullock shortly after the game yesterday and we were talking about Ramon Harris having a good game, Galloway not playing much, Porter hitting some shots, and other stuff. What we weren't talking about was Jodie Meeks dropping 45 points. I finally stepped up and mentioned it and Bullock said the 45 just wasn't as big of a surprise as the other things we were talking about. That's amazing. I can remember back to, well, every season I've ever watched actually, and it was a big deal if a guy scored over 30. It's a big deal if Meeks don't score at least 25. It's also amazing that he does this without another real perimeter threat. Jodie Meeks IS the Kentucky perimeter offense, and teams know this. Yet he still manages to get off plenty of open shots each game. I was under the perception that Meeks had been somewhat shut down the past few weeks. I guess that's because of the losses and stuff. In reality, what he has done is put up at least 20 points in 12 of the last 13 games. That's not shut down. That's me being a spoiled fan. Please appreciate what we are witnessing this season with Meeks. There is a chance we will never see anything like it again.

Is This An Actor On Drugs Or An Actor Giving The Performance Of A Lifetime?

Many people have speculated that this entire bizarre interview is an elaborate hoax. The entire story about Joaquin Phoenix quitting acting and becoming a rapper is possibly a hoax. Phoenix's brother-in-law Casey Affleck has been filming all of Joaquin's appearances, supposedly to make a documentary about the career change. Many speculate that he is actually filming a hilarious documentary about how the media will grab on to any story and run with it. You decide for yourself if this is real or not. It sure is an awesome acting job if that is indeed what it is. Dave was classic as well. Many great Letterman quotes to be found here. Please watch.

Can The Cats Get A Win Tonight?

Eddie Munster brings his Gators to Rupp tonight. This is a big game for UK. The Cats really need this win or the season could get very ugly. This could also be the first ever 3 game losing streak in Rupp Arena history. The Gators will be tough to beat, but of course I think the Cats can do it. Tune in to see if I'm right. Oh yeah, Nick Calathes is a douchebag. I also wish he was our point guard.



Movie Reviews With The CEO (part 2)

I have been lucky this week. The last few movies I've watched have all been top notch. Here are the reviews.

Is he a traitor? Who is he really working for? I am a big Don Cheadle fan and I was glad to see him finally be the star of a big movie. In this one he is a muslim who joins an extreme islamic terrorist group planning an attack on the USA. Cheadle is also undercover for the U.S. government. However, only his handler knows he exists. The FBI is hot on his trail. Has his muslim faith pushed him to the other side? Watch and find out. Pretty good, but I could definitely picture the females of the blog world hating it. You must be a person (like me) who really pays attention to movies or you will get lost easily in this one. I turned on the subtitles because I couldn't easily understand all the accents.

This is a movie about a former spy who's daughter is abducted while vacationing in Paris. He goes on a mission to find her. This is an excellent movie, especially if you're into the girls getting abducted by guys who sell the girls to the highest bidder except when their daddy is a former spy and comes and kills everybody kind of movies. This one is really good. You will have to catch it at the movies for now, or find a bootlegger. Or, you could just come by my house and I'll let you borrow mine.

Funny!!!!!! Bernie Mac's final movie. Bernie and Samuel are former famous r&b singers. They were in a group with another guy who ended up going on to even greater fame after ditching them and going solo. Well this guy dies and they are invited to sing at the funeral. They are making a cross country trip from L.A. to NYC and make some hilarious stops along the way. By the way, neither Bernie nor Samuel have sang for years, and they don't like each other. This is a very funny movie, but you have to look past about 6000 f-bombs. They love that "f" word in this movie. One guy during the movie even describes them as guys that "like to say f**k a lot".

I recommend all three, but I'll say Taken was the best.

Some Pics From The Wild Week

We'll start off with something positive, a little game of "name that belly". This could be a tough one considering this belly was flat just a month or so ago. Or, this could be really easy since you all know that my wife is pregnant. Who can be the first to answer? The winner gets an autographed picture of Kendall's mother, Twanda Smith. Congratulations in advance to the lucky winner (blog writers and their immediate family members not eligible for prize).

Some limbs beside the house.

Back yard pic

The other side of the back yard

Another back yard pic. We have (had) a huge tree that pretty much fell all over the property, and a little into the neighbors yard.

Another shot of many limbs on the deck. I have a pretty big deck. Bunch built it. When you talk about Bunch and you talk about a deck, you know you're talking about a pretty big deck.

Bubba hasn't made the blog in a while and he was mad. So, here he is. He has been happy that my mom can't get her power turned back on. He loves her because she lets him jump all over her. She has been staying at our house some, especially when Jordan and I are working all night. He doesn't have to get in his crate at night when she's there. I saw him slip a fitty to the KU man the other day and tell him to take his time getting my mom's apartment up and running. I also heard him say to the guy, "That crate's a bitch, dude."

The whole ice thing sucks. As you can tell, I'm frustrated. And bearded.

Another Basketball Rant - MSG Edition

I was arguing with a guy at work this morning about the recent shows put on in Madison Square Garden by Kobe and Lebron. If you are a basketball fan and you have power in your home, you know about these games. Kobe scored a MSG record 61 points, then Lebron came in the next game and scored 52. Lebron also messed around and got a triple double. It was the second most points ever while also achieving double figures in two other categories. Wilt done it with 53 points. Wilt also had like 34 rebounds and 14 assists that game, but he's a freak so we ain't talking anymore about Wilt. He was a beast in the bedroom though. Ok, that's enough. My buddy was saying that Kobe and Lebron were as good as Michael Jordan. Some of you might agree, but not this blogger. I wanna see one of these guys win 6 consecutive titles. I wanna see them hit countless game winners. Kobe is actually very good with the game on the line, Lebron is coming along. I love Kobe and Lebron. I think they are great. I just don't think they are "Michael" great. Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing, John Stockton. Those are a few I can think of off the top of my head who were alltime greats in the prime of their careers in the 90's. None of them ever won a NBA title, and it wasn't because they weren't good enough. It was because Michael wouldn't let them. Michael's the GOAT. Kendall's "The Git", but Michael's the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). Speaking of performances at MSG, I asked my buddy if he remembered Michael's 5th game back after retirement. He had struggled a little in his comeback and folks were whispering, wondering if he'd lost it. Then the Bulls went to MSG. Then Michael dropped the now famous "Double Nickel".