Guess What? TRB2 is alive!!!!!!

Click TRB2 to visit the new blog. Save it in your bookmarks. This blog will remain up just in case you ever wanna check out some classic stuff. Thanks.

The Day We Tried To Avoid.

Thanks to all who ever visited the blog. We are sorry to say that because of the thoughtless and cowardly actions of Tom Vinson, Brian Bullock, Jon Littlepage, Chris Faith, and Clint Ray, the blog can no longer continue. All we asked of these gentlemen was for 1 lousy post. They had nearly 2 months to do this. All that it would have taken to save The Revolting Blog was 1 silly post from each "writer". "Hi, my name is Tom (or whoever)". That would have counted as a post. These 5 guys proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that either a) they don't even read the blog they claim to write for, or b) they just don't give a damn. Wherever the truth lies, we may never know. I will tell you that if they are willing, I will start to generate ideas for a new blog with the other 3 writers who did have an interest in saving this thing. As for now, TRB is closing up shop. I am wiping out the writing priveleges for all writers except myself. I will post an update with a link to our "new and improved" blog whenever we decide what to call it and I can design it. That's the only reason I'm leaving my own priveleges up for the time being. Thanks for being a part of a great run. We will take out the trash and have a new blog up soon. Peace!!

******check back within the next 7-10 days for news on our new blog******

Could these guys be taking the blog over?

No Dis'

Due to time constraints there will be no "Daily Dis'" however I did find this photograph of Karen Sypher immediately after her encounter with Quick Rick. The look on her face says it all! Apparently Rick told Sypher the reason he failed in the NBA was the 24 second clock didn't allow him enough time to get up two shots in a possesion.

Daily Dis'!

Today's "Daily Dis'" is gonna be short and sweet. I would just briefly like to weigh in on one of my pet peeves and that is people that have no idea how to drive effeciently on a multi lane highway. It never fails when I am driving through the wide open spaces of this great land that there will be someone driving in the left lane going slower than the folks driving in the right. I just wish I were a Trooper so I could pull these people over and write them a ticket. There are signs all over the highway that say "Keep Right Except to Pass". So all you non-drivers out there consider yourself dissed!!!

Daily Dis'!

(TRB Staff Photo by Mark Stone)

I am no historian or statistician for stats I go to Boner Bunch. Having said that I would like to weigh in with the Daily Dis' which will be directed at the lowly writers of this blog.

I know you are thinking how does Ho have a right to call out the other bloggers when he hasn't posted anything in forever either but guess what I'm gonna do it anyway. First off I will give Black Bob a free pass as his wife has just birthed a child and we all know how tiring that can be. Deh Beh and JV have gone above and beyond the call (well as compared to the rest of us anyway) so they are off the hit list as well. Tom Vinson however must have fallen off the face of Sacramento cause the last time he posted something he chiselled it into stone and Moses read it on Mount Sinai. As I write I recall recruiting some of these deadbeats personally as a way to deter some of the attention away from myself but we see how that worked out.

Sizzlin' will also get a lighter sentence because he moved out of his home where his lovely wife resides to live on the mean streets of Graham in a cardboard box without internet. Chris Faith was once a legend back in our younger years when all the ladies attacked our entourage in effort to get an opportunity just to touch his hand which is said to have some sort of magical powers but now he is lazy and Andrea Garst has assumed all his duties for the rest of his life. TRB is in an intense negotiation with Garst to have her replace Faith but she is demanding a one night fling with Deh and he is refusing to bathe.

The last two writers I alone have credit for bringing to the staff and all I can say is I have always been and continue to be a poor judge of character. I have always surrounded myself with people of low moral standards and some things never change. And that TRB fans is your "Daily Dis'"!

Side note: I did not proofread or use spell check cause my wife is on my buttocks to do chores.

Late Monday Night Comedy Clip: Some More Chris Rock

Daily Dis'!

I am starting a new segment for the final days of TRB. You already know the name because it's in the title. So to elaborate just a little this is going to be a place where I vent some of my frustration. This column is meant to be of the daily variety but if you have ever stopped by here before you know that the only thing we writers do on a daily basis is sit on the pot.

So here goes the daily dis and the lucky subject of today's dis are the fans TRB. Yeah you got all you low down fans that have sucked the life out our staff's creativity for the past several months are gonna get slammed today. Our fans are the worst in history when we are writing daily and doing our thing then we never hear anything out of you not even a quick pat on the back to fuel our enormously large egos so that we keep pressing on. But let us go 6-8 months without posting something and there is a public outcry to have our heads severed from our torso. So for that you fans suck! Out of all of the millions of bags of fan mail I receive daily only one fan has taken the time to approach me personally and say "keep up the good work man and I will start posting comments". C. Red you are the TRB "Fan of the Decade"! The rest of you fans are so pitiful that you can't even visit often enough to get this damn thing shut down.

I guess we will all be covering the Sypher trial next week because that girl fellates everything in sight apparently!

TRB fans pretend like you are Karen Sypher one time and "S*ck It!"

Please stay tuned for more of the daily dis'!