Survey Says!

The title really doesn't have anything to do with this post but I used to love hearing the host of The Family Feud say "SURVEY SAYS" when I was younger so I thought it felt good to make that the title. However I would like to play a game and I challenge all the bloggers to participate and I think this will be good for a laugh especially considering the colorful personalities we have on staff here at The Revolting Blog. Here is the idea. I was thinking that we could play a little game where we list two things that appear to have no common bond and allow our faithful followers to try to guess what the two have in common in the comment section then later the author can reveal their answer.

The great thing (I think) will be to hear everyone else's answer before finally revealing our own. Should be pretty fun! I will start out with an easy one just to give everyone an example of how it should work.

What do these two have in common?

Jenny Young Bunch and The Pilsbury Company

Answer: Both own a Deh Beh. I told you the first one would be easy. Now on to the game.

The Revolting Blog and The Louisville Cardinals