Alabama rolls into the Rose bowl and rolls out with their 13th national championship. I'll get right to it and address the question on everyone's mind. Would the game have turned out differently had Colt McCoy not been injured? The answer is yes. The most important question is would the result of the game be the same? The answer to that question is also yes. Alabama's game plan was for Colt McCoy, not Garrett Gilbert. It messed with Alabama as well. It was definitely an advantage but most experts say that Bama would have won either way. I'll remind all of you of the Nebraska game. Colt McCoy threw more interceptions and had no touchdowns. Gilbert out performed him in this game. The problem was that Bama went in at halftime thinking the game was in the bag. They thought wrong. They allowed Gilbert to get warmed up and comfortable and hit Jordan Shipley for 2 touchdowns and come within 3 points in the 4th quarter and had possession of the ball with the chance to tie or go ahead. Bama finally made a play and put the game away. Not only did Texas's coaching staff go conservative on offence, Bama's defense did too. Say what you want about Colt McCoy, Jordan Shipley is the most dangerous player on their team. McCoy could not have done what he did in his career without Shipley. That was made clear in the second half. I wish that McCoy could have finished game because I would rather have beat them strait up with no excuses so I did leave them game a bit disappointed. The bottom line is that Bama has been hitting like that all year and it was freak accident. It's a win and a national title and all games have things happen that change the course of the game and Bama came out top.

Ingram and Richardson both rushed for over 100 yards each and dominated the line of scrimmage. That was the deciding factor in the game. I had a text conversation with JV today in which he posed this question. "I know Bama has the best running back in the country, my question is do they have the second best as well?" My answer again was yes. Trent richardson was the most highly recruited running back out of high school last year. He and Ingram's running styles are almost exactly the same. They are both very physical and get most of their yards after contact. They are both returning next year which is bad news for the rest of the country. Greg McElroy is also returning which isn't such bad news for the rest of country but the boy does take care of the football which is all you have to do on Nick Saban's team. We run the ball. That what Bama does and that is who they are. The most memorable QB Bama has ever had is Joe Namath and they have 13 national championships. As long as the QB takes care of the ball, the backfield will take care of the rest.

In closing I would first like to say that I hope the best for Colt McCoy. He is great competitor and I hope that his injury does not effect his pro career. I have the same feelings about him as I do Tim Tebow. He's a great roll model and athlete and I wish him only the best for his future. Secondly, congratulations to Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide for their 13th title. Saban is a great leader and coach and I hope he finishes his career with Alabama. Just as a side note, Bama did not play as well as they could have and I take full responsibility for that. In the haste to get home after the death of my Gramps, I forgot to pack my Bama jersey. It was the first game this season that I did not wear one my 3 jerseys for a Bama game. This only confirms my superstitious ways and I will be sure it doesn't happen ever again. I will now purchase my first kentucky basketball jersey and get on with the remainder of the Wildcats basketball season, unless of course any of you think that may jinx the run their having so far. If you feel that way, leave it the comments and will take those under consideration before I make the purchase.