I am so tired of hearing all this negative talk about Big Cuz. Yes he is a emotional player. Yes he is very physical. Yes he is immature. Yes he is the BEST big man in college basketball! The monster Mash is my all time favorite cat of all time and Jamaal Magloire is a close second. But Boogie is right there with them. I love a big Physical player. I love a guy who will take your head off on a layup. I did think it was a cheap elbow he threw in the ul game, but lets take the whole picture into account. The trash talking in the tunnel and during the national anthem. The bump by the ul players before the game. The knee to the head during the scramble for the ball. I must admit I would have done the same thing. He might be immature but think of some of the things we did at 19 years of age. Cart bashing in the celeb. Stealing food from April Markwell's house while Clay talks to her family. Letting Tommy Rose jump the Sentra.Throwing Git threw the wall. Selling out of date condoms at school. Throwing trash cans in Hog heads yard out of the 007. Who could forget Captain A, and I could go on and on. I think Cal is letting him go because he has Orton on the bench and that's a pretty good back up. By the end of the year he will be the best big man of our time.
On a sad note Coach Brooks retired today. People just don't get how much he did for Kentucky football. He might not have won at Florida or Tennessee. But he sit this program up to compete for along time if Joker can keep the momentum going (worried). Kentucky will never win a SEC title because the top teams in the SEC Alabama,Florida,LSU ect. could compete with some NFL teams. In any other conference in football Kentucky is a top 4 team in that conference. So thanks Coach Brooks you are a GREAT Person and Coach!!!!