I would start a "Revolting Blog" league if we can get 10 dedicated managers. All interested parties leave a comment...then I will post a blog with a league link.
I can keep it simple...
no money involved (I know JV would put up a nice prize to the winner)
Roster - 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1K, and 1DEFENSE
Limit 2 transactions per week
Head-to-Head play
etc., etc., etc.
Long live Polk High Football!!!!!

Dear penis - Country Song - Hilarious (ADULT)

One of my favorite songs. Sorry if it offends anyone.

Maddie and Dawson (my nephew) Gettin Busy On The Dance Floor

I have decided to post a bunch of home videos on Youtube. Look them up if you are a part of my family or someone who might care anything about them. This is one of Maddie and Dawson dancing in our living room. Dawson is an accomplished dancer with a lot of rhythm. Maddie likes to jump. They both love to dance though, and we love to watch them. Good, cheap entertainment. Happy late anniversary to Scott and Jenny Bunch!!!!!! Deh Beh, these 2 dancers were much better than the ones we saw the night before your wedding. Much cleaner too, and they didn't even ask for money. That was a joke. We DID NOT see any dancers the night before the Deh Beh's wedding. I repeat, we DID NOT see any dancers the night before Deh Beh's wedding. We did however stop into an adult book store. I don't know why they call them that. It was the first (and only) time I've ever been in one. The classic story from that was when the clerk thought that Miller and I were a couple, and wanted to show us some of the more popular models as we were looking in amazement at the size of some of their best selling weenies. Miller called him some names and we left. Happy Monday!!!!!!!

Pickup Game Footage Of New Cats

Pickup games cannot be taken too seriously. I remember vividly the legendary pickup skills of Josh Carrier (best shooter in Cat history). Jules Camara reminded people of Kevin Garnett. Ramon Harris was dominant last year. You get the picture. By watching this video, I came to a few conclusions:

1. John Wall dunks a lot in pickup games.

2. Joe Crawford shoots a lot in pickup games.

3. John Hood has a very good looking shot. If he can shoot well in a real game, he could see some time this year.

4. Demarcus Cousins has some handles for a 6'9" center. He reminds me of Antoine, without the gambling debt.

5. If you took out John Hood and the random white guy in the yellow shirt, this would be the darkest pickup game I've ever watched.

6. The Cats are gonna be a lot better this year.

Deep Thoughts by Deh

Well I am sitting here at the computer drinking a Long Island tea. One two many well maybe three two many. But anyways on to my thoughts. I was wondering if it's just me or does everyone let bath tube and shower farts. Because let me tell you I do it and they are nice. I guess it's because your cheeks are wet. Mine are very loud sometimes Jenny screams in the bathroom "what the hell was that" and I just laugh. And to be honest if you don't do it you are a stick in the mud loosen up and let loose. But I guarantee everyone has done it and smelled there own and laughed about it. Well thats all got to go to bed.

Lebron Visits The Cats!!!!!!

Apparently Lebron just wanted to see the new gig for his boy John Calipari. I don't know why Cal and Lebron are boys, but it's gotta look good for the coach of our team to be hanging with the best player in the world (I can't argue if you say Kobe). You know the recruits are gonna hear all about Lebron just stopping by to hang for a while, plus they already saw first hand at the all american camp that Cal and Lebron like to hang together. Weird duo (Cal and LJ) but I like it. In other news, just 1 day after King James was spotted at the Joe Craft Center, UT and sweaty Bruce Newman lost their top commit as Josh Selby (#2 rated pg, class of 2010) reneged on his pledge to the Vols. Guess who is considered the leader for his services? A lot of people are saying he could go to Memphis though because he has 2 cousins who will play there. It's one to keep an eye on. Go Cats!!!!!!

The S.S. DEH

We got this close! Awesome day on the pontoon in St. Andrew's Bay!!
We could just go to the front of the boat and splash our hands in the water and the dolphins would come right up to us. They wanted us to feed them fish but you can't feed them. It's against the law.

The kids searching for hermit crabs. They probably found 100 that day and wanted to take them home as pets!

This is a star fish that Kris caught. Don't worry we put it back.

Captain Kris


It is hard to see this picture but its a dead cat for free. My kids cat has gone over to my neighbors yard under their deck and had kittens. I know what you are thinking just go get them, well here's the catch the bottom of the deck is enclosed and I can't get them . And my neighbor is getting pissed. What should I do? I want to shoot them or poison them. Please help!



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Mr. and Mrs. Git

We are at Margaritaville the night before the wedding and they made git some horns. He was horny for anything after that. We were not able to go to the wedding the next day because we had a boat rented. I will try to get some wedding photo's though. I will post some unreal pictures of our day at sea on Monday. It was one of the coolest things I have ever done. So come back and see some pics of jones and flipper tomorrow.
Is this marriage just a cover up? Because he really wanted that blue balloon.

The Gits opening up a wedding gift.

Look Who The Cat Coach Hangs With!!!!!!

I know Calipari doesn't need much help recruiting, but it can't hurt when you're at the "Lebron Skills Academy" with the top 50 or so high school players in attendance and you have the star of the camp sit with you while the games are going on. Apparently Lebron had a court side seat for most of the event, but spent 45 minutes or so in the bleachers, all with Calipari and assistant coaches Orlando "Tubby" Antigua and "Hot" Rod Strickland.

Is it me or does it look like Rod Strickland is smoking a fat one? Also, the dorky guy just above King James looks like he just farted, while Antigua and the other random black guy are laughingly accusing Lebron. Calipari is wondering whether Lebron actually did it, and the random white guy doesn't wanna get in on the conversation because he's just amazed that they are letting him sit in the "cool" section. Rod just wants to hit that fatty a few more times before they approach him about the no smoking policy at the King City Classic (I think that's what it was actually called). Also, I take no pride in the apparent fact that I can identify college basketball coaches based on a photo showing one eye, one ear, and the top of a head. However, I do believe that is Auburn coach Jeff Lebo slightly pictured at the bottom. Kendall will be able to tell me if I'm wrong. There is a big Eddie Ford AAU event in Louisville this week. Somebody get Maholli's cell number to Strickland ASAP in case he runs out of smoke.

Top 10 UK Dunks

Some classic stuff here. I had forgotten about the classic Heshimu dunk against the Hoosiers. Notice how many of this top 10 list happened in Freedom Hall. I don't understand why the Transformers chick is on the video, but the blog readers who like UK dunks probably like chicks too so I guess it's alright. By the time the list gets to #2 and you see D.A. humiliate Nate Johnson, you will wonder what in the heck is gonna be #1. I'll give you a hint, it's not Patrick Sparks.

McNair Memories

As many of you know, my past radio experience includes a stint with the Tennessee Titans Radio Network. I have several memories of the recently deceased Steve McNair to share.

The first thing I remember is hearing all the football analysts and writers talk about what an inaccurate thrower he was. I found that hard to believe that after seeing McNair throw at the first mini-camp session I went to. He hit the center bar of the goal post from 60 yards away. Now if that's not accurate, I would love to see a quarterback who is.

My other distinct memories of Steve McNair came from direct interactions with the former All-Pro. After the Super Bowl season, I was fortunate enough to accompany Titans officials on their annual Caravan. This is an event in which the team takes selected players out to various cities and towns in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, and Mississippi. We traveled by RV so that made getting to know the players on a somewhat personal level easier. During the trip, we started playing a card game called "99". It's an survival type game where you start out with three pennies (or higher amounts). One person loses a hand then loses a penny and once you're out the're eliminated. The last standing person takes the pot. Several players played the game with us, but McNair wouldn't at first. We had a lot of fun trash talking to each other during the game and after seeing how much fun we were having, he joined in. He had a blast and really showed that he was just a regular guy.

The other memory from that always comes to mind is a stop we had in Cleveland, Tennessee which is just outside Chattanooga and not too far from the Georgia line. I had the duty that morning of sitting beside McNair and being the autograph enforcer. That is to keep people from asking for multiple autographs. An old lady got to the front of the line. Now, she was either confused or had Alzeimer's because she smiled, looked directly at Steve and said, "Yall beat Tennessee next year, you hear." Steve politely smiled and answered, "I'll do my best." She walked on by and he leaned over to me, "Did she just say I hope yall beat Tennessee?" I said yeah and he just laughed. I thought that showed great character by McNair. He could have been mean about it and said something to the lady, but instead just signed her items and let her think what she wanted.

Even though McNair was engaged in an extra marital affair and I certainly don't approve of that, he was a good person. I may have thought otherwise had I not actually talked to interacted with him myself.

R.I.P. Steve McNair

Florida pics

Bone two thumbs up on the pool.
kennedy at golf.

Been here since I said "I DO".

I'm always happy at meal time.

A New Video

I got some new video editing software and made this while messing around yesterday. It's far from perfect, but it's enjoyable enough to waste a few Monday minutes on.

From All The Way In The Back Of Rupp Arena, Diggy Reldz and Bernadette Say, "Happy 4th Of July"!!!!!!

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Tragic News

My Chinese blogging friend has died. He was tragically killed by Bunch and also by my picture selection. I wanted to create a Chinese blogger in hopes of pissing off my real friends who didn't get invited to post on this wonderful literary device known as The Revolting Blog. In response to the surefire revolt, we would then hire new writers from our eager group of pissed off friends. My plan was to inspire a couple of friends into a desire to become a blog poster, all the while getting to write some very funny and offensive posts behind the mask of a Chinese douchebag. Thanks a lot Deh!!!!!!

Now I know you all have wondered to yourselves, why did JV choose to be a Chinese blogger? I don't have an answer. The funniest thing is, I went to Google images and typed in "Chinese guy" and took the first decent picture that showed up. Turns out it was Kobayashi, hot dog eating champion, who I'm pretty sure is Japanese. As you may already know, Asian people get offended if you call them something they're not (call Japs Chinese, Koreans Japs, you get it). So I offended myself as a Chinese blogger just by posting the pic of a damn Jap. I truly suck at being a foreigner. Because I suck so bad, I will immediately remove all Foreigner songs from my iphone and mp3 player. They will remain on the computer just in case I ever get to meet the band and they reinstate my rights. I love "Double Vision".

In other news, I don't know how many "YouTube Sports" fans we have on here, but I have invited host Kige Ramsey to be a guest poster on this blog. This story is actually true. He has yet to accept the invitation, but is "thinking about it". For those of you who don't know, Kige is a huge UK fan who does sports reports from his home in Logan County. Over the past year he has became an internet sensation and is very popular among sports fans. He has went on to write stuff for various UK sites and even co-hosted a popular nighttime sports show on Louisville TV. I would be an honor to have him post here. With his popularity increasing every day, he has branched out to report on various other topics as well. To introduce you to the phenomenon known as Kige Ramsey, I have included one of my favorite reports of his below. Take my advice, if you think you might have anorexic, go get tested now!!!!!!

Florida or Bust

Wow Look At That Pecker!

Well let me be the first to welcome the newest writer to the blog. The Deh Beh nation is behind you (captain A style). I got to take my hat off to you V this is a big time hire. I mean he is a world famous person. I have watched him on espn for many years and always wondered how he could eat some many hot dogs. Maybe that could be one of his first stories. Anyways welcome Cheh Beh. Well the family and I are headed to Panama City Beach for the week. And I am going to warn you I plan on posting some picks of some T and A so if you don't want to see them sorry.

New Poll

Legendary baseball historian, savvy banker, Kate chaser, and my sister-in-law, Jill Edwards, wanted me to tell everyone to be sure and vote in the new poll. The female blog readers are probably tired of the sports related polls, but they are here to stay. Jill really bragged about my photography skills the day this pic was taken, and she practically begged for it to end up on the blog. I don't normally go to such lengths to satisfy the blog fans, but I made an exception in this one case. Happy Wednesday!!!!!!

More From The White Campaign!!!!!!