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First of all I would like to clear the air about a few things that have been on my mind. The first of which is my so called refusals to join this blog. I have never directly refused an invite to join The Revolting Blog, ever. I did in fact win a poll that would have added me to the blog's roster but I never actually refused. Prior to that I cast my vote at the last minute for Sizzlin' which made him the winner of that poll due to the fact that I had forfeited all votes that I received to the aformentioned Mr. Hardison. This move was in a direct effort to block Maholi from joining the staff! I knew his presence would be bad for all involved.

The second thing that I would like to weigh in on is the recent deletion of some friends on Facebook. This started when UT beat Kentucky in a football game that the Cats should have won. That night I logged onto FB and noticed one person gloating about the UT victory and this ticked me off to no end. As I scrolled on down I noticed one more person with a similar post so at that time I posted a comment something to the effect of "All UT gloaters will be deleted ASAP". At that time one person replied to my comment so I deleted all three of those "friends". A few weeks later a "friend" posted a comment that posed the question "Can you be a UL fan and a UK fan?" and I replied "No that is not possible!" then she replied something that didn't sit too well with me so I deleted her! The next instance occurred when another "friend" said "I will have pity on you and not delete you" after a verbal battle over UK and UL alliances so guess what I saved him the trouble. The great thing is that I was not at home and I couldn't delete him on my phone so I called home and walked Gavin through the process and he actually deleted him for me!

Many things have helped shape my personality and the major events of my life but the things I call upon most often when I reflect on those early events of my childhood are the random quotes that I have logged in my memory bank. To some of you these quotes will be a total waste of your time but to others this will be a great blast from the past and still others will get confirmation of their suspicions of me and that I am just crazy. So to sign off of my first Revolting Blog post I would like to share one of those quotes: "Did someone light a match?'' W. Miller 1993