National Lampoon Thursday Presents!!!!!! Cousin Eddie

Some of this language sounds like it came straight from Deh. Very disturbing. The comments and questionable word choices of Clark W. Griswold and Cousin Eddie do not necessarily reflect the thoughts of The Revolting Blog. Well maybe Deh.

The Monday Comedy Clip: A Pluckin Tribute!!!!!!


Ladies and Gentlemen: Asher Wyatt Bullock

Back on July 15, this 10 pound whopper of a Bullock came into this world. I have given Brian nearly 2 weeks to announce his arrival to the masses of Revolting readers, but he has not. So, I'm doing it for him. I know how busy life can be when you have a new arrival. I also know how much Brian wants to save the blog, so I'm confident we will have an update on this young sumo wrestler in training within the coming days. 10 pounds!!!!!! Crystal is a helluva woman. Actually she had a c-section and Brian says that baby and momma are both doing well. I still say she is a helluva woman. Congrats to the Bullock's, just one of many Ohio families told to "stick it" by King James.

Sometimes You Just Can't Win

We are coming ever so close to the end of an era. As I type this, we are 313 site hits away from closing this bad boy down. Back on June 4th, my sister Brooke's birthday(an irrelevant fact, but a fact nonetheless), I issued a challenge to the blog writers. Write one post between then and the site's 10,000th visitor. That has ended up giving them almost a full 2 months. So far we have had posts from Sizzlin Shane, Deh Beh, and myself. No Tom Vinson, no Jon Littlepage (not surprising), no Clint Ray, no Brian Bullock, no Faith, and the biggest surprise of them all, no Ho. I would have thought we would get at least one QOD. It doesn't even have to make sense. All these highly recruited writers have to do is make a post. It could be titled "hi", with a post of a smiley face or something. That's all it would take to keep the blog alive. Of course we would love to have great stuff like "Ask Cooper Ray", "I hate McDonalds double drive thru", "Nick Saban is my lover", or the aforementioned QOD. These guys have the ability. That's why they were brought on board. They don't, however, have the desire. That's what we've all lost. I've lost it too, and that's why I kinda hope that they don't post and the blog can just come to an end. I'm pretty confident that my wishes will come true. I'm fairly confident that half of the guys don't even visit the blog anymore. That's sad on many levels, but mainly by not visiting they are just prolonging the inevitable. Keep one thing in mind folks: Every time you visit this blog you are driving the knife just a little bit deeper. Thanks for coming. 10,000. I'm predicting a closing. Can the staff step up? You already know the answer.

Saturday Comedy Clip!!!!!! Some Classic Eddie Murphy, Raw!!!!!!

I Can't Help It. I Love Villains.

After all, I did create this blog and name it after one of the most notorious villains of all time.

Hell, one of my best friends is The Villain.

I loved the most vicious villains in the history of our sport, the nWo.

And those are just a few of the reasons that I'm now a big Miami Heat fan. I love villains. I can't help it. Just like Hollywood Hogan shocked the world back in 1996 with his unexpected heel turn, Lebron James told the fans of Cleveland to stick it, and he surprisingly joined forces with the evil "Big Sexy" Bosh and "The Bad Guy" "Razor" Wade. Actually that's not how it went down, but Lebron sure is getting credit for being the bad guy in all of this. Is it Lebron's fault that the Cavs never got him a star sidekick? He was there 7 years. They had time. So many people keep saying that the "great ones" don't switch teams, the "competitors" don't jump ship. That's a bunch of crap. The game has changed since Larry and Magic came in. Plus, look at what they came in to anyway. Magic was immediately on a great team. In Los Angeles, one of the biggest markets in the world. Larry was immediately on a great team. In Boston, one of the biggest markets in the world. They were both on storied teams with stars surrounding them. If the Cavs were as loaded as those Laker and Celtic teams, I feel pretty confident that Lebron would still be calling Cleveland his home. Michael was drafted by the Bulls. Chicago is one of the biggest markets in the world. He had some pretty darn good players around him, including one of the best in the world at the time, Mr. Pippen. Michael didn't have it as good as Larry and Magic from the beginning, but he had it pretty good after 5 or 6 years in the league and he could see that the Bulls were going places. Kobe went to the Lakers. WITH SHAQ!!!!!! Shaq was the most dominant force in the world at the time. Kobe now has Gasol, Artest, etc. Not to mention the fact that Kobe is the best player in the world today (sorry King James). Kobe has the luxury of his only team being a storied franchise in a major market with an organization which is willing to surround him with the necessary talent to win. Remember, just a few years ago Kobe was ready to leave the Lakers in a quest for more titles. Tim Duncan came into the league in a nearly perfect situation. He had David Robinson. Then he had Manu Ginobili, as well as several other star players, such as Keith Bogans and Nazr Mohammed. The point is this. Lebron is 25. The Cavs are pretty much as good as they are ever gonna be, and that ain't good enough to win it. They've had 7 years to convince Lebron that they were savvy enough to win it all. They couldn't convince him. Why is he such a bad guy for wanting to join his buddies and try to win it all? In a sports world today where we constantly criticize players for taking the money, now we decide to criticize the guys who took less money in a quest to win it all? Make up your minds people. Hate the Heat. Hate Lebron. Hate D Wade. Hate Big Sexy Bosh. I'm gonna go against the grain and announce my Miami Heat love right now. I've never been a big fan of a particular NBA team. I've always just kinda liked teams that have former Cats, and I always love the superstars. I loved the Bulls while they had Michael, but I've pretty much been bandwagon since then. Now I'm jumping on the Heat bandwagon, and apparently I'm the only person outside of Miami that wants a seat on that wagon. I like it that way. Go Lebron!! Go Heat!! Rant over.

Comedy Clip Of The Day!!!!!! Chris Rock on OJ Simpson

******As usual, some of this language could be disturbing******

Fun Game. Post Your Score In The Comments

This pic has nothing to do with this post, but I really like it.

I played this game and I am ashamed of my score. It is a game where you get put on the clock and have 7 minutes to guess every UK player during the 2000's. You only have to enter the last name and it gives you the credit for a correct guess and you can see the answers listed below where you enter the names. I'm gonna give you one answer that I somehow missed. It is hard to believe that I didn't get one of my all time favorite Cats, Jodie Meeks, but when you're on the clock and working the back sections of your brain trying to think of former walkons like Matt Scherbenske, you lose thought of some of the big timers. There, I gave you 2 answers. For the record, the player doesn't have to have ever scored a point or even played in a game. He just has to have been part of a roster. I got 50 of the possible 69 players. I will tell you later about some of the ones I missed, but I don't wanna give away any more answers right now. Good Luck!!!!!!

Click HERE to take the quiz

Dad Life (Father's Day Opening 2010)

I could see most of us dads in this video. I saw this on KSR thought I would share it. Also one guy is wearing a UK hat.

Friday's Comedy Sketch Of The Day -- Chappelle with some thoughts on Ja Rule

You have been warned.........Some of this language could be disturbing.