My Girls Are Growing Up Too Fast

The female blog readers always request some non sports stuff so here ya go. My 2 daughters are growing up way too fast for my liking. Aubrey has started crawling everywhere and pulling up to stuff and trying to walk. Maddie is in the first grade and thinks she's in the tenth. She has a secret crush on Cole "little bash" Vincent. Say anything about it to her and she gets really mad and defensive. Clay says Cole is the same way. It started out with Kam and Gav, which worried me enough. Now she's moved on to a Vincent. What's next?????

I'm Bringing Back The Top 10 Lists

Top 10 College Basketball Recruits For 2010 (in my opinion of course)

The final rankings for 2010 recruits have been released and the braided man above has dropped from the #1 spot to #6. Anybody that has talked to me about recruiting knows that I never considered Brandon Knight to be the best high school player in the country anyway, but it was nice for the Cats to have the #1 guy. Oh well. Kansas signee and former UK recruit Josh Selby has moved to the top of the rankings. UK's very large Enes (Kanter) enters the rankings as the top center and #3 overall. Now is the time to forget these silly rankings which were made by people who watch these kids many times and listen to the rankings of a balding, outta shape blogger sittin in a recliner in his underwear who has watched them in a couple of all star games and maybe a few YouTube videos. These are my top 10 guys to watch next year as they enter college basketball. These are my diaper dandies. Last year I thought Daniel Orton was underrated and Demarcus Cousins was overrated. I nailed that one, so you'll wanna pay attention here. I did think John Wall was the man. Last year's predictions weren't all bad. I didn't think Cousins was garbage. I just didn't think he was the 2nd best player in the class. I thought Georgia Tech's Derrick Favors looked like the best big man. The NBA might still think he is. Favors or Cousins will more than likely battle it out to be the first big man drafted next month. Here we go. The JV Top 10.

10. Cory Joseph - Texas - There are several really good point guards in this class. Joseph is definitely one of them. He will be great at Texas.

9. Perry Jones - Baylor - This guy is tall (6'11") and skilled. He reminds me of a little bit taller Tayshaun, with Tay being the better shooter and Jones the better inside player. The only bad thing about Jones is that he's going to Baylor and you'll never hear from him again.

8. Jared Sullinger - Ohio State - This is a big man that I love. He's got that wide body with the big butt that you love to see on a post player. He can also step out and hit jumpers. He was schooled repeatedly by big Enes at the Nike Hoop Summit game.

7. Terrance Jones - undecided - Jones will announce his college choice this afternoon and we all hope it's UK, don't we? He is a very skilled wf/pf, and at 6'9" he can dominate inside and out. It amazes me (based on my limited viewings) that he didn't crack the Rivals top 10. He's in mine, unless he goes to Washington, in which case he immediately sucks.

6. Brandon Knight - Kentucky - I love Brandon Knight. When I say I don't think he's the best point guard in the class it doesn't mean that I think he's no good. He's very good. It's just that the 2 I rate above him are also fabulous. Knight can shoot it, which is different from past UK point guards. He's the guy Coach Cal wanted in this class over everybody else. Cal knows a little about what to look for. His last #6 rated recruit was just named the NBA Rookie Of The Year.

5. Tobias Harris - Tennessee - Another player I love, and the big man I wanted the most at UK. He's going to UT though after hearing the Bruce Pearl charm. I'm glad he's going to the SEC, but I really really hate UT. I hope he's a one and done, and I think he will be. Very good player.

4. Josh Selby - Kansas - Electric point guard who could also play shooting guard. This guy is the closest thing to John Wall that you will find in this class. Very athletic and flashy. He won the McDonalds All American dunk contest. There are rumors of attitude problems and selfish play, but there were rumors of that with Boogie last year so wait and see for yourself. I wanted Selby at UK.

3. Enes Kanter - Kentucky - The big Turk dominated the Nike Hoop Summit and shot up the ranking like he'd been put into a cannon. Lets all hope he's as good as he looked that night. The Cats are gonna need use their Enes a whole lot this year to be successful. Lets just pray that we can get him some help down low. I don't know if this Enes can go all night or not. Sorry. I can't quit.

2. Kyrie Irving - Duke - It pains me greatly to put a Dukie this high but I love Irving. It was really a toss up when I tried to decide who to make my #1. Irving, in my opinion, is clearly the best pg prospect. I hope he fails miserably basketball wise at Duke. I hope he earns his degree and gets a good job though. He's special. He's also got mental issues. He signed with Duke.

1. Harrison Barnes - North Carolina - This guy is gonna be good. He can do it all and didn't get to show it as much in the all star games, although he did fare well in those too. He's a small forward prospect who could also probably play some shooting guard. Another guy who I wanted at UK, but we never really had a shot because the coach who initiated our talks with him was drunk (Billy G) and then the new coach who went to talk to him was probably drunk too (Strickland). Then the third coach who recruited him did it in Spanish (Antigua). We never had a chance. I made all that up about the coaches.

There you have it. The JV top 10. Watch college basketball next year and then come back to this post and tell me how right I was.

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Who is Jorge Flores?

Who is Jorge Flores? The Drag Queen world knows him as Nina Flowers. Flowers is a Puerto Rican drag queen, DJ, activist, professional make-up artist, and reality television personality who has been performing since 1993.[2][3]

Flowers was born February 22, 1974 in 1974 in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. She started her drag career at local San Juan gay venues such as Krash (also known as Eros) and Club Lazer. In 1999, she participated in and won both the Miss Puerto Rico Continental and Miss City Lights Continental pageants.[4]

Flowers won an on-line vote to become a cast member on Logo's popular reality series, RuPaul's Drag Race, which premiered on the network in February 2009. Finishing in second place, the publicity generated by her participation on the show has brought many new opportunities to perform at various national and international LGBT events including Denver Pride, San Juan Pride, Chicago Pride and Vancouver Pride.

Besides her participation on RuPaul's Drag Race, Flowers (along with season two contestant Jessica Wild) has performed on the popular Puerto Rican television program Objetivo Fama, which airs throughout the United States and Latin America.

In December 2009, Flowers (in collaboration with DJ Ranny) released her first dance single "Loca", which was available for purchase via iTunes and other commercial music sites. The single has been remixed by such notable remixers as William Umana, Joe Gauthreaux, and Manny Lehman. The single reached its highest spot (#15) on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play the week of 30 January 2010.[4]

Flowers and his partner, Antonio Purcell, presently reside in Denver, Colorado.[5]

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who is John Anthony Gillis?

Who is John Anthony Gillis? The music world knows him as Jack White and often credited as Jack White III. White is an American musician, record producer and occasional actor. He is best known as the guitarist, pianist, and lead vocalist of The White Stripes.

During the 1990s, White was a part-time musician in various underground bands in Detroit, while working by day as an upholsterer. White formed The White Stripes in 1997 with Meg White, his then wife. However, they claimed in interviews to be siblings. The band went on to have a string of critically acclaimed albums, with their third, White Blood Cells, catapulting them to international stardom. He was ranked #17 on Rolling Stone's list 0 Greatest Guof "The 10It Artists of All Time". White's popular and critical success with The White Stripes enabled him to collaborate as a solo artist with other renowned musicians, such as Beck, The Rolling Stones, Jeff Beck,Alicia Keys, Bob Dylan and Loretta Lynn, whose 2004 album Van Lear Rose he produced and performed on. In 2005, White became a founding member of the rock band The Raconteurs. In 2009, he became a founding member of his third group, The Dead Weather.

White was born July 9, 1975. White is of Canadian and Polish descent,White, the youngest of ten children (seven sons, three daughters), was born in Detroit, Michigan, the son of Teresa and Gorman Gillis. His father and mother worked for the Archdiocese of Detroit, as the maintenance man and the Cardinal's secretary, respectively. White eventually became an altar boy, which landed him an uncredited role in the 1987 movie The Rosary Murders, filmed mainly at Holy Redeemer parish in southwest Detroit. As a child he was a fan of classical music.

Jack White began playing instruments (a drum) at the age of five.White grew up in a lower middle-class neighborhood in southwest Detroit. White, as a teenager, was already listening to the blues and 1960s rock that would influence him in The White Stripes, Son House and Blind Willie McTell being among his favorite blues musicians. He and his childhood friend, Dominic Suchyta, would listen to records in White's attic on weekends and began to record cover songs on an old 4-track reel to reel. At the time White was described as "a kid with short hair and braces". He has said in many interviews that Son House's "Grinnin In Your Face" to be his favorite song of all time.

In 2005 on 60 Minutes, White told Mike Wallace that his life could have turned out differently. "I'd got accepted to a seminary in Wisconsin, and I was gonna become a priest, but at the last second I thought, 'I’ll just go to public school... I had just gotten a new amplifier in my bedroom, and I didn’t think I was allowed to take it with me."

At 15, White began a three-year upholstery apprenticeship with a family friend, Brian Muldoon. White credits Muldoon with exposing him to punk music, and pushing him to play music together as a band: "He played drums...well I guess I'll play guitar then." The two recorded an album, Makers of High Grade Suites, as The Upholsterers. White later started a one-man business of his own, called Third Man Upholstery. The slogan of his business was "Your Furniture's Not Dead" and the color scheme was yellow and black — including a yellow van, a yellow and black uniform and a yellow clipboard. While Third Man Upholstery never lacked business, White claims that it was not profitable, due to his complacency about money and his business practices that were perceived as unprofessional, including making bills out in crayon and writing poetry inside the furniture.] Shortly thereafter, White landed his first professional gig as the drummer for the Detroit band Goober & the Peas. He also played in other local bands and did solo shows.

White formed The White Stripes along with Meg White in 1997. The band began its career as part of the Michigan garage rock underground music scene, playing with local bands such as Bantam Rooster, The Dirtbombs, The Paybacks, Rocket 455, and The Henchmen, among others. In 1998, The White Stripes were signed to Italy Records, a small and independent Detroit-based garage punk label, by Dave Buick. The band released its self-titled debut album in 1999, and a year later the album was followed up by the cult classic De Stijl. The album eventually peaked at #38 in Billboard Magazine's Independent Albums when the band had established their popularity.

In 2001 the band released White Blood Cells. The album's stripped-down garage rock sound drew critical acclaim in the UK and soon afterward in the US, making The White Stripes one of the more acclaimed bands of 2002. The album was followed up in 2003 by the commercially and critically successful Elephant. Allmusic wrote that the album "sounds even more pissed-off, paranoid and stunning than its predecessor ... darker and more difficult than White Blood Cells. " The album's first single, "Seven Nation Army, " is the band's most successful to date.

The band's fifth album, Get Behind Me Satan, was recorded in White's own home and marked a change in the band's musical direction, with piano-driven melodies and experimentation with marimba and a more rhythm based guitar playing by White. The band also released Aluminium, an avant-garde orchestral album containing past music written by White. The band's sixth album, Icky Thump, released in 2007, entered the UK Albums Chart at number one and debuted at number two on the Billboard 200. The album's sound also included more punk, garage and blues influences than its predecessor. In late 2007, the band announced the cancellation of 18 tour dates due to Meg White's acute anxiety problems.

White had revealed plans to release a seventh, as of yet untitled album in the summer of 2009. This didn't happen, though, as of yet The band also made their first live appearance since Meg's anxiety problems in September 2007 on the final episode of Late Night with Conan O'Brien on February 20, 2009.

A documentary,White Stripes: The Under Great White Northern Lights, about the band's 2007 tour, in which they played a gig in every Canadian province and territory, is expected to close the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival.

In July 2007, The White Stripes made history by playing the shortest concert ever by only playing one note, in St John's, Newfoundland. They played a full show later that night at the Mile One Centre in downtown St. John's.

It was rumored that in 2003 White collaborated on Electric Six's song "Danger! High Voltage".] Both he and the Electric Six denied this, and the vocal work was credited officially to John S O'Leary. However, a recent radio interview with Tim Shaw on Kerrang! 105.2 in the UK had Electric Six lead singer Dick Valentine talking openly about White singing on this song as well as speculating on the amount of money he was paid ($60,000). Also, a Q magazine article stated that Jack White did in fact work with Electric Six on the song "Gay Bar".

White formed The Raconteurs in 2005 along with Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler. The origin of the band was the song 'Steady, As She Goes' which White wrote along with Benson. This inspired them to create a full band with the addition of Lawrence and Keeler. The band came together in Detroit during 2005 and, for the remainder of the year, recorded when time allowed. The band's debut album Broken Boy Soldiers was recorded at Benson's home in Detroit. The band set out on tour to support the album, including eight dates as the opening act for Bob Dylan. The band released its second album, Consolers of the Lonely and its first single "Salute Your Solution" simultaneously in 2008. The tour included shows at Lollapallooza at Grant Park in Chicago, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Bonnaroo Music Festival,[31] Austin City Limits Music Festival, T in the Park in Scotland, Oxegen festival in Ireland and The Open'er Festival in Poland. The album received a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Album.

In early 2009, Jack White formed a new group called The Dead Weather with The Kills frontwoman Alison Mosshart. White takes drum and vocal duties, while The Raconteurs bassist Jack Lawrence and Queens of the Stone Age keyboardist Dean Fertita round the four piece out.

The group debuted a handful of new tracks on March 11, 2009 in Nashville from their debut album "Horehound, " due July 13, 2009 in Europe and July 14, 2009 in North America, on White's Third Man Records label.

In 2008, White collaborated with Alicia Keys on the song "Another Way to Die", the theme song for the James Bond film Quantum of Solace.

In 2009 Jack White was featured in "It Might Get Loud", a film in which he, Jimmy Page, and The Edge come together to discuss the electric guitar and each artists' unique playing methods. White's first solo single, "Fly Farm Blues" was written and recorded in ten minutes during the filming of the movie, in August 2009. The single went on sale as a 7-inch vinyl record from Third Man Records and as a digital single available through iTunes on August 11. Jack White has also mentioned a plan for a solo album in the next six months,

Musical equipment and sound

Jack White uses numerous effects to create his live sound, most notably a Digitech Whammy WH-1 to create the rapid modulations in pitch he uses in his solo, he also uses a hybride guitar that incorporates two bass strings, (E, A)plus the guitar's standard six strings. The guitars he uses live are two 1965 JB Hutto Montgomery Airlines (one which he received from a fan), , a three pickup Airline Town & Country (Only used in the "Steady As She Goes" music video, a Harmony Rocket, a 1970s-era Crestwood Astral II, 1950s-era Kay Hollowbody, a Gretsch White Penguin(as seen in the music video for Icky Thump), and a custom Gretsch Rancher Falcon acoustic guitar. When playing with the Raconteurs, White usually plays two custom Gretsch-styled copies of the Duo Jet double-cutaway guitar, one of which, dubbed the Triple Jet, is his main guitar that is made of copper and features a Gretsch logo from 1912. For their first tour, Jack also played Gretsch Anniversary Jr. with a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece and three Filtertron pickups. He also uses a Gretsch Rancher acoustic guitar and he now uses a custom Gretsch Anniversary Jr. with two cutaways, a built-in retractable microphone, and a theremin next to the Bigsby. Jack has dubbed this one the "Triple Green Machine". Also, he plays occasionally with his Gretsch Rancher, a Gibson J-160E. Also, he plays a Gretsch Duo Jet in Cadillac Green. Recently, he has featured his latest Gretsch, a custom white Billy Gibbons/Bo Diddley signature Gretsch Jupiter Thunderbird in the music video for "Another Way to Die", this guitar is also used on his concerts with The Dead Weather. He has also been known to play a variety of Fender Telecasters, featuring one in the music video for Loretta Lynn's "Portland, Oregon."

In concert with an MXR Micro-Amp and custom Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Distortion/Sustainer, White can produce a very distinctive sound. In 2005, for the single "Blue Orchid", White employed the use of a new Electro-Harmonix creation, the Polyphonic Octave Generator (POG). Similar to (but more versatile than) the Whammy IV, the POG lets the user mix in several octave effects into one along with the dry signal. He also has three Zvex Tremolo Probes, that are hand painted black. All of the pedals that he uses live have been professionally painted red to match his red/black/white color scheme (with the exception of his Whammy and the other pedals that are already red). He plugs this setup into a 1970s Fender Twin Reverb and two 100-Watt Sears Silvertone 6x10 combo amplifiers. With the Raconteurs, he has many more unusual pedals. And also, for the Raconteurs' 2008 tour, he had all of his pedals copper plated by Analogman.

White also produces a "fake" bass tone by playing the Kay Hollowbody and JB Hutto Montgomery Airline guitars through a Whammy IV set to one octave down for a very thick, low, rumbling sound, which he uses most notably on the songs "Seven Nation Army" and "The Hardest Button to Button" during live performances.

On occasion, White also plays other instruments, such as a Black Gibson F-4 mandolin ("Little Ghost"), piano (on most tracks from Get Behind Me Satan, and various others), an electric piano on such tracks as "The Air Near My Fingers" and "I'm Finding it Harder to be a Gentleman". White also plays percussion instruments such as the marimba (as on "The Nurse"), drums and tambourine. On Broken Boy Soldiers, he is credited as playing the album's synths and organ; however, bandmate Brendan Benson also received credit for these instruments and it is unclear who played on which song.

White plays power chords with a different technique than most musicians. Instead of using his ring finger to fret the higher notes, Jack uses his little finger. This is because of a car accident in which his left index finger was injured and also the fact that his brothers would never teach him the proper way to do so, which he explains in an appearance with the Raconteurs on the show In the Attic.

In the Dead Weather, Jack plays a Ludwig Classic Maple kit in Black Oyster Pearl. The sizes of his drums are the following: 16x26 kick, 5x16 snare (primary) 12x14 marching snare (secondary), 7x16 rack tom 14x16 floor tom, two 16x16 floor toms, Paiste 2002 24"crash, 24"ride and two 16" crashes as hi-hats. For the 2009 Full Flash Blank tour, Jack used a drum head with the Three Brides of Dracula on the front, but in 2010, Jack employs a new drum head, upon the release of Sea of Cowards, which has an image of The Third Man himself: Harry Lime attempting to escape certain capture in the sewers of Vienna.

In 2010, Jack White III added a acoustic guitar to his collection named Veronica Lake. It is a custom white Gretsch Rancher with a gold double pickguard and a picture of Veronica Lake on the back. He is currently playing it with his band The Dead Weather. It is the newest addition to "Jack's Girlfriends" which already include Claudette Colbert that he plays In the Raconteurs, and Rita Hayworth that he plays in the White Stripes.

Personal life

Drummer Meg White is Jack White's ex-wife.

White gives few interviews and reveals few details of his private life. He states that he does not consider it relevant to his art, saying "It's the same thing as asking Michelangelo, 'What kind of shoes do you wear?'...In the end, it doesn't really matter ... the only thing that's going to be left is our records and photos."

A topic of intrigue has been the actual relationship between Jack and Meg White. In early interviews, the pair presented themselves as siblings, two of ten. The Flaming Lips touch on this in their song "Thank You Jack White (for the Fiber-Optic Jesus That You Gave Me)" released on their 2003 EP Fight Test. However, the Detroit Free Press produced copies of both a marriage license and divorce certificate, confirming Jack and Meg's history as a married couple.Neither addresses the truth officially and over time, they have become less verbal about the origins of their relationship. Jack White has said, though, that siblings are "mated for life", and thus such relationships distract less from the music.

In the early 1990s, Meg White worked as a bartender at Memphis Smoke, a bar in downtown Royal Oak (a Detroit suburb), where she first met musician/songwriter John Anthony "Jack" Gillis. They were married on September 21, 1998 and were divorced on March 24, 2000.In his characteristically unorthodox fashion, Gillis took her last name.

White is often called eccentric. For instance, he has an obsession with the number three. On November 7, 2005, it was widely reported that White had changed his name to "Three Quid" (quid is British slang for pound sterling). However, most reports indicated that this would only last until the end of the tour.

On December 13, 2003, White was involved in an altercation with Jason Stollsteimer lead singer of The Von Bondies, at the Magic Stick, a Detroit club. White was charged with misdemeanor aggravated assault. He pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of assault and battery, and was fined $750 (including court costs), and was sentenced to take anger management classes.

In 2003, White made his acting debut in Mutant Swinger from Mars, and had a brief but highly publicized romantic relationship with actress Renée Zellweger, whom he met during the filming of Cold Mountain. That summer, the couple were in a car accident in which White broke his left index finger and was forced to reschedule much of the summer tour. He posted the footage of his finger surgery on the web for fans. White and Zellweger's breakup became public in December 2004.

White met British model Karen Elson (twin sister of Kate Elson) when she appeared in The White Stripes music video for "Blue Orchid". The video's director, Floria Sigismondi, noted "you sensed an energy between them". They married on June 1, 2005 in Manaus, Brazil. The wedding took place in a canoe on the Amazon River and was officiated by a shaman. A Roman Catholic priest later blessed the ceremony. Manager Ian Montone was the best man and Meg White was the maid of honor. Official wedding announcements stated that "it was the first marriage" for both. On May 2, 2006, the couple had a daughter, Scarlett Teresa White. Their second child, Henry Lee White, was born on August 7, 2007. In the announcement, White's publicist confirmed that the children's last name was White, not Gillis. The surname caused a minor stir among fans and in the media; considering the origin of the White name is Jack's first wife/ex-wife The White family all reside in Nashville, Tennessee. where Elson manages a vintage clothes store Venus & Mars.

In 2006, it was revealed in the Sunday Times Rich List that White and his British wife Elson had a joint fortune of at least £20 million (US$37 million). This ranked them at seventh place in the list of entertainers under age 30 who were born or live in the United Kingdom, ahead of the likes of Orlando Bloom and Kate Winslet.

The White Stripes dress only in red, white, and black.

Solo discography

As musician

As producer

[edit] Filmography

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Who is Morris Holt?

Who is Morris Holt? The Blues world knows him as Magic Slim, he is an American blues singer and guitarist. Magic Slim was forced to give up playing the piano when he lost his little finger in a cotton gin mishap. He moved first to nearby Grenada. He first came to Chicago in 1955 with his friend and mentor Magic Sam. The elder Magic (Sam) let the younger Magic (Slim) play bass with his band, and gave him his nickname.

At first Slim was not rated very highly by his peers. He returned to Mississippi to work and got his younger brother Nick interested in playing bass. By 1965 he was back in Chicago and in 1970 Nick joined him in his group, the Teardrops. They played in the dim, smoke-filled juke joints popular in Chicago in the 1970s on band stands barely large enough to hold the band.

Slim's was born , August 7, 1937, in Grenada, Mississippi recording career began with the 1966, with the song "Scufflin'", followed by a number of singles into the mid 1970s. He recorded his first album in 1977, Born Under A Bad Sign, for the French MCM label. During the 1980s, Slim released titles on Alligator, Rooster Blues and Wolf Records and won his first W.C. Handy Award. In 1980 he recorded his cover version of "Mustang Sally".

In 1982 the guitarist John Primer joined the Teardrops and stayed and played for him for 13 years.Releases include Spider in My Stew on Wolf Records, and a 1996 Blind Pig release called Scufflin' , which presented the post-Primer line-up with the new addition of the guitarist and singer, Jake Dawson.

In 1994 Slim moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, where the Zoo Bar had been booking him for years.

In 2003 Magic Slim and the Teardrops won the W.C. Handy Award as 'Blues Band Of The Year' for the sixth time. Magic Slim and the Teardrops captured a live performance that was released on CD and DVD in August 2005, entitled Anything Can Happen.

"Magic Slim consistently offers no-frills houserockin’ blues. He and his band are a national treasure." - Living Blues Magazine


  • 1977 : Born Under a Bad Sign (MCM), reissue (Storyville)
  • 1978 : Highway is My Home (Black & Blue), reissue (Evidence)
  • 1978 : Let Me Love You (MCM)
  • 1978 : Living Chicago Blues, Vol. 2 (Alligator)
  • 1980 : Liv 'n Blue (Candy Apple CA)
  • 1980 : In the Heart of the Blues (Isabel)
  • 1980 : Doing Fine (Isabel)
  • 1982 : Raw Magic (Alligator)
  • 1982 : Essential Boogie (Rooster Blues)
  • 1982 : Grand Slam (Rooster Blues)
  • 1990 : Gravel Road (Blind Pig)
  • 1992 : 44 Blues (Wolf Records) with John Primer and Bonnie Lee
  • 1992 : Spider in My Stew (Wolf Records) with John Primer
  • 1992 : Blues Behind Closed Doors (Wolf Records) with John Primer and Billy Branch
  • 1993 : Magic Slim & The Teardrops (Wolf Records)
  • 1994 : Chicago Blues Session, Vol. 10 (Wolf Records)
  • 1994 : Don't Tell Me About Your Troubles (Wolf Records)
  • 1995 : Zoo Bar Collection, Vol. 3 (Wolf Records)
  • 1995 : Alone & Unplugged
  • 1995 : Born On A Bad Sign
  • 1996 : Scufflin' (Tone Zone Studios)
  • 1997 : Let Me Love You
  • 1998 : Zoo Bar Collection, Vol. 4: Spider in My Stew
  • 1998 : See What You're Doin' to Me (Wolf Records)
  • 1998 : Black Tornado (Blind Pig)
  • 2000 : Snakebite (Blind Pig)
  • 2000 : Chicago Blues Session, Vol. 18: Live on the Road (Wolf Records)
  • 2002 : Blue Magic (Blind Pig)
  • 2005 : Anything Can Happen (Blind Pig) (live album)
  • 2006 : Tin Pan Alley (Wolf Records) (compilation album)
  • 2006 : That Ain't Right (Delmark) Magic Slim & the Teardrops / Joe Carter with Sunnyland Slim - originally recorded in 1977
  • 2007 : The Essential Magic Slim (Blind Pig)
  • 2008 : Midnight Blues (Blind Pig) - produced by Nick Moss with special guests James Cotton, Elvin Bishop, Lil' Ed Williams, Lonnie Brooks, and Otis Clay
  • 2009 : Rough Dried Woman (Wolf Records) (compilation album - 1986-1992)

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Who is Langston Faizon Santisima?

Who is Langston Faizon Santisima? The acting world knows him as Faizon Love, he is an American actor and comedian.

Love was born June 14, 1968 in Santiago de Cuba and raised in San Diego, California and Newark, New Jersey because of his father's Navy career. Love got his start as a stand-up comedian and made his acting debut in an Off-Broadway at the age of nineteen. His first film Bebe's Kids had him providing the voice of Robin Harris. Harris died before production began and Love replaced him with an accurate impression. He then had a role in The Meteor Man starring Robert Townsend. Townsend then cast Love in a co-starring role on his sitcom The Parent 'Hood.

He followed up this role with a breakout performance as the drug dealer Big Worm in the 1995 film Friday. Follow-up films have included Elf, Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, Money Talks, Wonderland, The Fighting Temptations, and Idlewild. Love also guests on Ludacris' Freaky Thangs from the album Word of Mouf.

Love co-starred in the 2009 film Couples Retreat, a comedy chronicling four couples who partake in therapy sessions at a tropical island resort.

Many gamers may know Love on the role of Sean "Sweet" Johnson, simply known as Sweet, in the Rockstar North game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Love is a 'Desroy'.


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