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The Blog would like to announce the engagement of Kendall(aka Git) and Julie Ann (aka JFA). We wish you two the best. And I know everyone has a few questions, so I will ask a few. First of all What the hell are you thinking JFA? Second have you ever seen the Git nude and not threw up(penis git). Third you know he is gay. Just ask Clint. Fourth are you insane? Fifth are you pregnant? And last but not least do you know the Git is our favorite guy in the blog to dis and we think you are Lucky gal. We love you both.

Charles Barkley Takes Chris Webbers Bread Challenge

I would like to challenge anyone to do this. If you can do it in 30 sec. you will win a roll in the next Gay Cop film. Just post your time in the comment section. godd luck to all.(The Blog is not responsible for any accidents.)

Who's First?

We will have this at the blog cookout this summer. You can sign up in the comment section.

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Backup Dancers!!!!!! Who's Better? First Team or the Backups?

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For Maholli and Sizzler

Nobody has posted anything for a few days, so I dug up a UK video for all the fans. Actually, I did post a Gay Cops episode at the top the other day. Does that count?

Live Action Shots Of My Famous Saucer Jump Over My Brother-In-Law Chad Guffy. He's Very Brave!!!!!!

You can tell I was nervous on the approach.


This is the shot that made me famous.

Painful landing.

My butt hadn't been that sore since that time Eric Stovall and I tried to go to that club in downtown Louisville that turned out to be the kind of club we didn't want to be in. Actually we never went in, but Eric did have words with a patron on the sidewalk who was trying to lead us to the dark side. Ironically, Eric was sledding with us that day, but did not make the front page. He's not close to the kind of eye candy that the famed Vinson/Guffy combo can bring to the Times-Argus readers. What a load.

More Calipari Stuff For Sizzler And Maholli

I think he left because he knew he would never be the real King of Memphis

Here he is explaining to Leno The Revolting Blog's obsession with his every move.

Before Barnhart would officially offer him the job, he told him he had to make Billy G tap out. Calipari did it.

Only minutes after Calipari mangled the legs of Billy G with the Memphis version of the Las Vegas Leg Lock, he raced Alan Cutler and won. This was the only way Lee and Mitch could be confident that he was the man for the job. The rest is history.
These great photos are courtesy of, which is a great site. If you haven't been there, go soon. Check out my starring role in the newest Deh Beh Films release, Unnecessary Force. It's my first role in an action movie. After winning the Blog Bracket Challenge, I approached the Deh Beh about a role starring me as a big time B.A. He said he had just finished the perfect script. The movie also stars Sizzler, Jordan, Tom, and the perfect couple. In a move of pure genius, the Deh Beh went out and got Hillary Clinton to star as the love interest of Spilla. You will see the happy couple in the trailer. Enjoy!!!!!! The Deh has done it again.

New on TV this Spring...

Adapted to TV...and keeping with the theme of "The Truman Show"...all UK fans will be able to stay up to date on the life of John Calipari. Over 5000 cameras have been set up throughout Lexington for a continuous 24 hour feed of the life and times of the new Wildcat basketball coach.

Blog Bracket Challenge Winner

The photo you see above is one of me jumping my brother-in-law Chad Guffy. We made a ramp out of snow at the Greenville park last year and caught the eye of the Times-Argus, who sent me this photo. This made the local paper and even made the 2008 year in review edition of the Argus. I'm showing you this because I want you to know that I was famous long before I became the Blog Bracket Challenge winner and won the right to star in the next Deh Beh Films production. It was close, but I pulled it out in the end and now I get to live my dream. I have had roles in past Deh Beh Films productions, and I have co-written many of them, but I have never been the star. I hope it's an action movie where I can be a real B.A. I guess that's up to the man though. Keep your eyes out for the new flick.

WOW Breaking News

Calipari is wearing boxers and a black suit with a blue tie. He is going to drive his bmw today and eat at The bell he will have a #8 and a large mt. dew. He will then do 3 interviews on espn and do some recruiting. He will give a homeless man some money and build a House for habitat for humanity. Then he will have supper at O'charlies with Carter they will have potato soup and he will ask him why he is still practicing. After all that he will go home and take care of the wife and go to sleep.

Andy Katz ESPN

DETROIT -- There were no fans. Just John Calipari, a reporter and two cameras in a downtown hotel Saturday afternoon. Yet the new Kentucky coach, likely the highest-paid college basketball coach in the country, was on stage.
He knows his audience, so Kentucky fans, listen up. Coach Cal wants you to know a number of things:

Douglas Jones/US PresswireCalipari has his share of detractors, but he also has won plenty of people over.
• Calipari cried when he made the decision to leave Memphis.
"I hate to say this for Kentucky fans, but your basketball coach cried," he said. "This was hard."
• Calipari was willing to take less money to coach Kentucky, even though it wasn't offered in that manner.
"I don't want you to tell Kentucky this, but I would have taken less money to go to Kentucky," Calipari said. "Because it's Kentucky. Don't tell them that, though."
He said he thought four or five private school coaches make more money, but he couldn't come up with a name. He said he and his wife will continue to be charitable in Memphis and now in Lexington.
"I don't need the job, because of what happened to me with my NBA experience," Calipari said of being paid millions when he coached the New Jersey Nets from 1996 to 1999. "I don't need the money. I could live a good life. I'm going to Kentucky to have fun. I want the players to have fun."
• Calipari, now 50, always dreamed of coaching at Kentucky.
"It came down to, could I live with myself three years from now, two years from now, if I didn't do this? Could I live with myself, or would I live to regret because maybe now I'm 58, and it opens again, and you know what they say? My dream job, [they would say] 'You're too old.' And I just said, 'You know what? I can't do it. I cannot live with that.'"
• Calipari wanted to leave only for a job that was considered the best in its league, meaning he wasn't really going to coach NC State or Arkansas after listening to both schools offering him positions in the past five years.
"I want to go to a league where the program I'm coaching is the best in that league," he said. "Now I walk into Kentucky, and it's the best program maybe in the country, not just the SEC."
• Calipari knows only that Kentucky athletic director Mitch Barnhart admitted he made a mistake when he told him why he didn't hire him two years ago instead of Billy Gillispie.
• Calipari has no idea why Barnhart insisted on mentioning Calipari's commitment to compliance so early during Tuesday's news conference in Lexington announcing the hire.
• Calipari needs to rebuild the Kentucky brand.
"At Kentucky, you can recruit the best of the best," he said.
• Calipari no longer has to beg television networks to set up nonconference games for him in January and February.
"We used to fight for TV, and now I don't have to fight for it anymore," he said. "I'm at Kentucky now. North Carolina, Kansas, Indiana, Louisville we can have on the schedule. Ben Howland of UCLA, let's play."
• Calipari won an NCAA-record 38 games and took Memphis to the NCAA tournament title game last season, recruited some of the best players in the country and coached a No. 1 tournament seed two of the past four seasons. So what can he accomplish at Kentucky that he didn't at Memphis?
"You're in a different stratosphere," Calipari said. "Not taking anything away from what we did at Memphis, because it was one of the top five programs in the country. But Kentucky's upside is even greater."
• Calipari would never do anything to damage former UK coach Rick Pitino's reputation.
• Calipari said Kentucky underclassmen Patrick Patterson and Jodie Meeks should declare for the NBA draft if they expect to be lottery picks or to be selected early in the first round. But if they expect to go off the board afterward, they should come back to play at Kentucky next season.
• All Memphis signees should honor their commitments and play for the Tigers, Calipari said, although he knows that may be unlikely. The committed players aren't under the same obligation, he said. That means DeMarcus Cousins is a free agent who could soon visit Kentucky, then choose to play for the Wildcats.
• Calipari may need three to four years to return Kentucky to the elite. Doing so took four years at UMass and four at Memphis. "Maybe at Kentucky, it will take only three," Calipari said.
• He's not ruling out attrition on the current Kentucky roster but would honor a player's request to stay if he has loved playing at Kentucky.
• Calipari practiced the team for two days last week. He taught the players the dribble-drive offense to see how they fit in that framework. He said they had run more high-low under Gillispie but wasn't disappointed with the potential for them to play his style.
"In two weeks, we'll figure out if everyone is a good fit and is absolutely going to play," Calipari said of the two sessions. "If you're not [able to], then I want to be honest and tell you, 'Maybe you won't play here.' I expect that some will … come to me and say, 'I wasn't recruited to play this way.'"
• Calipari said the Memphis program won't wilt without him. The program didn't die during various times of transition and won't now, either.
"This program is about the city of Memphis," Calipari said. "It means so much to the community that they won't let it go down."
But he knows he's not loved by all. "Right now I'm a scoundrel to a lot of people there," he said.
• Calipari won't be a stranger on campus. He said he won't stay in his office and avoid interacting with the other coaches or teams. He plans on attending football, baseball and women's basketball games as well as other sporting events.
"It's not going to change," Calipari said. "I'm going to be who I am. I'm just going to be me."
Andy Katz is a senior writer for

Calipari Has His First Practice

We Talkin Bout Practice?

Now that the man is signed, sealed, delivered, and ours, we can move on from the wonder and get to basketball. Coach Cal was on the Jim Rome show yesterday and said he was flying to Lexington to have his first practice. I tend to believe it will be more like a tryout. There are some players on the team who I think won't stick around. If the departures from the team are anything like the recruits, we will see several members of this past season's Cats move on to other destinations. I think some players will thrive in the new system with the freedoms it provides. Galloway, Miller, Liggins, and Meeks immediately pop into my head as Calipari kind of players. I know he recruited Galloway and Liggins pretty hard when he was at Memphis, so he must like them. From what I've heard, Matthew Pilgrim has the skills to excel in the new system as well. However, there are rumblings of academic problems with both Liggins and Pilgrim. I hope that's not true. We could have a very interesting couple of weeks here as Cat fans. Who will leave? Who will come in as new recruits? There's so much excitement now. Think of where we were 2 weeks ago. We were hoping we could get to the NIT finals and questioning every move our coach made. We were watching Rick and the filthy Cards get the #1 seed in the NCAA tourney. Now everything is different. Everything is positive. We have a coach who has united the entire fan base. For several years now, even back with Tubby, the fans were divided on whether they liked the coach or not. They were divided on whether or not the system could win. I'm sure they're out there, but I haven't spoken to one fan who isn't ecstatic that we have John Calipari leading the Cats now. People are confident. Confident in his system, his ability to recruit, his ability to represent the university and the state, and his ability to lead us back to the top by winning ballgames. Confident in pretty much every category that caused so much division for most of the last decade. Plus the Cards lost:) I really believe great days are ahead.

Update: I just went to a couple of websites to get some practice updates. The team practiced for an hour and a half. They went through several drills focused on ballhandling and layups. Calipari stressed that the offense was designed to get as many layups as possible. That makes hitting layups extremely important. Apparently the Cats missed several in this practice. By the way, I'm giving you this information from the official website. There was a blog written by a guy from UK media relations. Just didn't want you to think I'm quoting "joe blow" from catspause who could have made all this up. Anyway, the writer thinks Miller will flourish in Cal's system and said he looked good during the session. They will practice for a short time again tomorrow. Calipari said they must get much better at dribbling the ball. I could have told him that before practice. Could have told him about the layup missing thing too. I also saw where one guy posted on that Calipari seemed to be most impressed with Liggins, Meeks, and Pilgrim. This guy said Calipari praised Miller at one point and then seemed pretty upset with him later for not being aggressive. I always thought Miller was too passive. That's all I got for now. I heard a rumor that the gay cops were planning another video. Possibly to be released this weekend. What will they talk about next? Place some ideas in the comments and I'll make sure they get to the officers.

The John Calipari Era Has Begun, Or Began. I Don't Know, But It's Here!!!!!!!

Coach Cal was all smiles talking to reporters. I was all smiles at my house.

Coach Cal mentioned several players during the press conference, but my favorite quote was about Richie Farmer. "They tell me Richie Farmer is the Sec. of Agriculture here now. Wow! He was scoring baskets against us and now he's gonna be governor?"

Is the former Cat above gonna become an assistant coach? Many folks close to the program are promoting Mr. Padgett for a job. I have heard that Calipari had an awesome staff at Memphis that will likely come to UK with him, though. Nice to see Bobby Perry lurking in the background and Matt May asking the questions to Padgett. readers will recognize the name Matt May. He's one of their main writers. Maybe even a senior writer(that joke is for Tom).

I thought that Coach Calipari really won over the UK fans at the press conference. I know he won over this one. I had many conversations with Kendall during the last few weeks of the Gillispie era, and we kept saying the same thing every time. Billy G just don't "get it". I learned something very quickly during John Calipari's introductory press conference. John Calipari "gets it". Less than 30 seconds in he mentioned Mr. Wildcat, who has now been gone 1 year. I believe the anniversary of his death was either Monday or Tuesday. Coach invited Mr. Wildcat's wife and daughter. He wanted them there because Mr. Wildcat always treated him right. It's awesome to me how many people throughout college basketball have a Mr. Wildcat story. He was an equipment manager. A stinkin equipment manager!! It takes a pretty special guy to be an equipment manager and reach the level of fame and adoration that Bill Keightley reached. Sorry for getting off track. I wish I had kept count of how many names Calipari dropped during the press conference. I bet he mentioned more former players and coaches in 40 minutes than Gillispie did in 2 years. I think it was great that he called all the former coaches to get their take on the job, and I think it's great that they all had nothing but good to say about UK. He has also already been in contact with several former players as well. Everybody had to love the Alan Cutler exchange. Coach Cal said, "Did you chase that guy? Was that you?" It was great and had me laughing out loud. Apparently he knows Cutler from the past. It made me think back to 1998 when me and some of the guys went to Rupp for the NCAA title celebration. We had seats in the lower level and Cutler was walking down by press row. We were maybe 30 feet away, but amongst hundreds, if not thousands, of people. Without planning or mentioning anything to our crew, Blake stands up and screams, "Hey Cutler". We all immediately turn to look and see Cutler stare right up to Blake and say, "How ya doin?". Blake, without missing a beat, screams "You suck". Cutler chuckled and kept going, but our section laughed out loud and some even applauded. I guess most people think Cutler sucks. Getting back to the coach, I also loved how he talked about giving players a second chance, helping out in the community, and promoting the university. I also loved the story he told about 2 years ago when the UK job came open. He said he went home from work 6 days in a row and asked his wife, "did they call today?". He wanted it to be known how special this job is to him. He also mentioned that he would have made more money next year at Memphis. I love the media coverage we are getting. It has me excited. I feel like the Cats are on the way back to the top. The Final Four is this weekend and UK is all you see on the news. I think we got a good one folks. As Jim Rome said yesterday, "The question is not IF John Calipari will win a title at Kentucky. The question is how many." I normally think Rome is an idiot, but I can be a fan for a day can't I?

Revolting Fantasy Baseball League!!!!!!!!!!Join Now!!!!!!!!!!All Blog Baseball Fans Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope we can get a lot of people to join.
To Miller and/or Bunch: I sent Hop an email inviting him. Tell anybody at Precision that wants in to go ahead. I'm sure Merle will want in. I don't know if Big Hale likes baseball or not.
League ID #: 289952
Password: play
The password is all lower case letters.
There will be an automatic draft. Just join the league, log in, and rate the players in the order you want them. The computer will do the picking. Good luck. I will let everybody know what day the automatic draft will be by posting here on the blog. That way you will know a deadline to have your players rated. Peace out!! I'm so cool.