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Bunch wrote that post but he couldn't get it to go on the blog correctly, so I fixed it and now it looks like I am the one who wrote it. Give the Deh Beh the credit he deserves. That's all.

Movie Reviews With The Blog CEO

Just what you've all been waiting for.
I am stuck at work. I've been here since Monday at about 8 pm. It's Wednesday now, 10:30 pm. I'm bored. I can't talk to any of my family. I miss my wife and daughter. Usually when it snows, I stay here at work instead of battling my way home on the curvy highway 431. However, usually cellphones are not out of service and I can at least talk to people back home. I don't know what kind of damage my house has. I don't know what kind of shape my pregnant wife is in, and I don't know how my daughter is doing. I'm sure they are all fine, but I would like to talk to them. I talked to Jordan for a few minutes last night and then the phones went out again. My phone has been back in business since this morning, and I have talked to Kendall all day long. As he said earlier, "your in a bad spot when your only link to the outside world is a washed up gelt". I also talked to Noal (my brother-in-law, and new father, not my father) this afternoon. He and Jamie (along with 5 day old Jessica) are staying in a Bowling Green hotel until the power is restored. I'm guessing that nobody in Muhlenberg County has phone service because I have called everybody in my cell phonebook. I even called Wal-Mart. I am in hopes that someone in my family happens to hook the computer up to the generator tonight and finds this post and replies. I replied to a post on, but I bet she only plugged her computer in for a few minutes. Anyway, on to the movie reviews, because watching movies is all I've had to do for a few days (when I'm not working).
Slumdog Millionaire - I watched this movie this morning before going to sleep in my hospital room. I thought it was one of the better movies I've watched over the past few months. It's basically the Indian version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and a kid gets to the next to last question and then gets arrested for cheating. He is questioned and during this interrogation he has flashbacks to his life and stories about how he knew the answer to each question. It may sound dumb, but you won't be dissappointed if you watch this. I got a bootleg dvd, it's still in theaters. If you're interested in movies on dvd that are in theaters, shoot me an email. I know a guy who knows a guy.
The Wrestler - Probably my second favorite, possibly even a tie with Slumdog. This is a movie about a washed up wrestler who is past his prime and struggling to make it. He gave up everything chasing the dream when he is younger and now has nothing, and nobody, to fall back on in his older years. He still wrestles small independent shows, and people still know who he is. He tries to mend the broken relationship with his daughter, which is a good part of the story. This is a movie my guy friends will like and my female friends will never even watch. I thought it was very good.
Gran Torino - Clint Eastwood. Clint is a Korean War veteran who lives in a neighborhood that is being taken over by Asians, and by that I mean Asians are living all around him. He is pretty much an old, badass racist. However, he befriends a young lady and her little brother and helps them get out of trouble when a gang member cousin of their's tries to recruit the young boy. I thought this movie was pretty good but maybe not as good as some folks built it up. It has many great quotes though, and I'll probably watch it again just for that. Just in case you've watched this movie, my favorite quote from Clint: "You know how sometimes you come across somebody you just shouldn't have f**ked with? That's me."
Juno - We got this movie because Jordan wanted to watch it. I reluctantly agreed to watch it with her but I wasn't excited about it. It's about teenage pregnancy. The young lady who played Juno was great. It also has Jennifer Garner in it, and I'm a big time fan of the show Alias, so that was a plus. As the movie went on, something ironic happened. I realized that Jordan wasn't that interested. I also realized that I was really liking it. Check it out if you haven't already. It's been out to rent for a long time.
The Accidental Husband - Another Jordan movie. Actually Jordan had never heard of it, but I got it because I thought it looked like one she would like. Uma Thurman is a radio host who talks about relationships with callers. One day she talks this lady into cancelling her wedding. The lady was going to marry the guy who plays Denny Duquette on Grey's Anatomy, if you watch that show. I can't remember his name in this movie, but he's perfect for the part. Anyway, Denny has a neighbor kid who is a computer whiz, and he has him hack into the cities records and put him in as married to Uma's character. Uma is on her way to get a marriage license and finds out she is already married, except she don't know the guy she's married to . In trying to get Denny Duquette to sign the anulment papers, she realizes that maybe he is the guy for her, and not her fiance. Typical romantic comedy, but worth the watch.
The following reviews will be quickies because I really am supposed to be working.
Forgetting Sarah Marshall - I loved it. Thought it was hilarious. Jordan thought it was silly and immature. She was right. Those were exactly the reasons I loved it. If you're one of those people who wonders why women are naked in movies but men never are, rent this. You WILL see penis.
21 - Kevin Spacey takes a group of mathematical geniuses from MIT and teaches them how to count cards. They take trips to Vegas and make millions. Very good flick.
L.A. Confidential - An older movie that Tom recommended to me. I thought it was very good. Russell Crowe in yet another role as a badass.
Step Brothers - Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly from Talladega Nights fame. The duo is back for another great movie. At least I thought it was great. See Forgetting Sarah Marshall review for how it went over at my house, minus the penis scenes.
88 Minutes - An Al Pacino movie which got terrible reviews and I liked it. He gets a phone call saying he is going to die in 88 minutes. It's a real time movie where he tries to figure out what is going on. Guess how many minutes he has to figure it out?
Untraceable - Diane Lane leads the investigation into a killer who tortures his victims and posts the tortures on a website. How quickly the victims are tortured and killed depends on how many hits the website gets. Sounds bad, but it's a very good movie.
Pineapple Express - Another immature movie. This one is about pot smokers who witness a murder. Pretty funny. Worth watching, but not a must see.
Hancock - Will Smith is a boozing super hero. I liked it.
Tropic Thunder - Star studded movie. I should have put this up there with the long reviews because it deserves it. However, I have talked to a few people who didn't like it. How somebody could dislike the classic performances of Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. baffles me. This movie is great. Also stars Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Nick Nolte, and Matthew McConaughey.
The Usual Suspects - Another older movie that I've always heard was good so I watched it. Also another Kevin Spacey movie. I thought it was very good.
Eagle Eye - Good action movie.
Wanted - Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. You know this was a good one. I'm actually not that big of an Angelina fan, but anything Morgan Freeman is in has a chance to be great.
My movie watching will probably slow down to a crawl now that 24 and Lost have cranked up their new seasons. 24, in my opinion, is the greatest show ever put on television. Lost isn't far behind. I'm also a big fan of Prison Break. Maybe someday I'll have more movie reviews for the blog world. Let me know in the comments if you have watched any good ones I haven't mentioned.
Edit: Jordan would be mad if I didn't also mention that I have an undying love for the VHI show Rock Of Love Bus. She thinks I have untapped homosexuality somewhere deep in my system and that I am in love with Bret Michaels and don't know it yet. What she needs to realize is that I never would have gotten hooked on the original Rock Of Love if she hadn't turned me on to it. Bret Michaels is the man, and you all know it.

Cats Ranked #24

Cats move into the polls at #24. Gotta start somewhere. Glad to finally get ranked. Enjoy the pic of Darius Miller shooting a jumper over Scotty Hopson.

Top 10 Reasons Maholli Can't Make A Post

10. He's at Victor's having a new system put in.

9. He's on a fishing trip with Denny Crum.

8. He's on a date with a sweaty.

7. He's helping his mom train for the Olympics.

6. He's in Europe looking for a "morning after" pill.

5. Joe beat him up with a golf club.

4. He's helping look for his mom's stolen cooler. Stolen by Stew.

3. He's chillin at Emichael's.

2. He's high on potpourri.

1. He's busy putting a beat down on an ex-girlfriend.

Clay McCain and Amber Palin Want You To Vote

The new poll is very simple. Should Maholli be fired from the blog before he even makes his first post?

Mike Davis

Kendall called me after yesterday's game from some Hooters restaurant in Alabama. He claimed to be sitting at a table with Mike Davis. Davis is the former Indiana Hoosiers coach. He currently coaches the UAB Blazers. Thats University of Alabama Birmingham for those who don't know. He is best known around these parts for storming onto the court in the closing seconds of a close game between the Hoosiers and the Cats a few years back. He got a couple of technicals, got ejected, and the Cats put the game away easily. He is also famous for his press conference quotes stating how much he hated Kentucky basketball. He is now at UAB and had a commitment from one of the best high school basketball prospects in the nation, a kid named Demarcus Cousins. However, Cousins backed out of his commitment to Davis and the Blazers and is now visiting other schools. Kentucky is not one of those schools. That brings us to the good part of this story. I didn't believe "The Git" when he told me he was mingling with Davis, so "The Git" asked me what I would say to Davis if he would talk to me. Of course I didn't really want to talk to Davis but guess what? Kendall put him on the phone anyway. Before I could tell Kendall I didn't really care to speak to Davis on the phone, I had Davis practically screaming into "The Git's" phone, "Kentucky ain't never gonna get Demarcus Cousins". I was floored. This was definitely Mike Davis on the phone, or at least it sounded just like him. I know I'm a geek for being able to recognize the voices of random college basketball coaches, but it is a skill I have, as do many of my friends. Just in case you doubt me, "The Git" did send us a picture via cellphone to confirm all of this. If you want I can send it to you if Jordan shows me how. I went on to tell Davis that he was right, I didn't think Kentucky would get him either. I also told Davis that UAB wasn't getting him. We laughed and he said maybe he should just go to Kentucky and become an assistant coach so that we could get Cousins. I told him we wouldn't have him. He said fine, he'll just get John Wall (#1 rated high school player) and Cousins and win the whole damn thing. We really trash talked each other for about 45 seconds, but it was all in good fun and we both laughed. The funniest part was that I was in Wal-Mart during this conversation (did I mention that) and after he said that about Wall and Cousins, I replied "I hope you get em both and take over Conference USA and whip the hell out of Memphis". I was having to talk kind of loud because he was in a loud restaurant, so my comments caught the attention of a man in the aisle with me. He looked at me like I was an idiot. I thought to myself later, even if this man is enough of a basketball fan to know who Mike Davis is, he would have laughed in my face if I had told him, "sorry for yelling, I'm talking to Mike Davis and he's at Hooters and it's loud". Anyway, funny story that I thought I would share with the blog. I wish I knew how to post a picture on the blog from a cellphone so everybody would believe the story. Davis, in one 45 -65 second conversation, went from a guy I didn't really like to a guy I like a lot. He seemed cool. My kind of guy. A guy who can talk trash like he hates you and then laugh at the end of his sentence and you know it was in good fun. I wish I had our talk recorded. It was funny. The thought of me hollering at Mike Davis while walking the aisles at Central City Wal-Mart makes it even funnier.

Eventful Saturday

Friday night I got a new niece. Noal and Jamie Floyd (Jamie is Jordan's sister) welcomed Jessica Hope Floyd to the world. She weighed 8 lbs. and some amount of ounces. I know as much about her length as I do the ounces in her weight. However, I can say that she seems healthy and definitely has some length to her. My guess is at some point in the next year she will be at least a 2 footer. We were all excited to get to finally see her. She continues the tradition of girls in the family. Can we break that? Here are some pics from our visit yesterday. Notice the new glasses on Madeline. She is having a hard time getting used to them, but she is doing better.

Maddie with Jamie and Jessica

Future Mom

Me and Maddie acting silly. How did I place my mouth just perfect enough to make it look like I have one tooth? I loved this. Jordan said delete it and don't ever show anybody. So if you've already looked, please lie to her about it if she asks. Thanks.

Jessica close up

Maddie and Jessica

JV and Jessica

My family with the new baby

For those of you who tuned in to the UK vs. Alabama game yesterday, you may have noticed that there was a Git that flashed across your screen a couple of times during the game. The Revolting Blog's very own whipping boy, Kendall "The Git" Smith was in attendance and graced the Raycom Sports folks with his mug across their screen. I captured a few pics from my tv, taken with the digital camera. I'm not savvy enough to do it any other way. I also recorded a little video of "The Git's" best close up.

Harris Update

Herald-Leader Staff Report

Ramon Harris
External Links
Hear postgame comments from Billy Gillispie, Jodie Meeks and Perry Stevenson
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — University of Kentucky basketball player Ramon Harris, who collapsed during halftime of the Wildcats' game at Alabama on Saturday, has been released from the hospital and is heading back to Lexington with his teammates on UK's charter flight.
Harris, a 6-foot-7 junior from Anchorage, Alaska, started Saturday's game and played seven minutes in the first half, scoring one point. Alabama led 25-19 at the half. When UK returned to the floor for the second half, Harris and Coach Billy Gillispie were not with the team. UK media relations reported that Harris had collapsed on his way out of the locker room and was taken to DCH Medical Center in Tuscaloosa.
Hospital officials later said Harris was in the emergency room listed in stable and then fair condition.

Greatest High School Dunk Ever??????

I don't even know where this happened or who it was but it was definitely nasty. Filthy. Rotten. Stank. All kinds of ugly words. The guy looks too short to even dunk the ball. He got his knee on the defenders shoulder and used it as a trampoline is what it looks like to me. He can't be any taller than Maholli. Maholli used to dunk on people like this at the KBA.

Great Story--You Won't Wanna Skip Over This Story And Video

I saw this story a month or so ago and meant to put it on here and forgot. You may have heard about it but in case you haven't, here it is. It happened at the Marshall County Hoopfest, one of the biggest high school basketball showcases in the country, and it takes place right up the road from us. I have never been, but I wish I could have made it this year to see this. There is always a who's who of college coaches in attendance because most of the top rated high school basketball teams and players are there. Michael Jordan has even been known to make the trip to the Kentucky Lake area for this event. Anyway, this story doesn't have anything to do with the many all american hoopsters who play in the games, it's about a contest held between games. I have taken what I've read in a few articles and made my own "article" for the Revolting Blog addicts.
Nick "Gameday" Burton is a young man with a gift. He can make halfcourt shots with amazing accuracy. He estimates he hits about 45% of them. He is even fairly accurate shooting them backwards. He was asked to put on a show during the Marshall County Hoopfest and he didn't disappoint the packed house. He hit several (8-18 to be exact). He even tossed one in underhanded with his back to the basket, just like he said he could. He got that one on his 5th try. The crowd was impressed with his left handed heaves. Wanna know what makes it even more impressive? "Gameday" can't use the right side of his body. He was born with cerebral palsy. He has practiced his halfcourt shots for years and has gotten very good, but he said he had never made one on the first try. This is where the story gets really good.
They have this contest where a person from the crowd is chosen to shoot for $1,ooo. They are required to make a layup, a freethrow, a 3-pointer, and a halfcourt shot. They have 30 seconds to do so. A young man in the crowd was fortunate enough to be selected for this contest. The young man's name is Brock Etheridge. He has spina bifida. He is in a wheelchair. He was allowed to select 2 people to help him in the contest. Guess who he picked for the halfcourt shot. "Gameday" Burton, of course. Brock could handle the layup, and he was fortunate to have former UK hero Jeff Sheppard in the crowd who was happy to take the freethrow and 3-pointer. They were talking before they went on the court for the contest and "Gameday" promised Brock that if they (Brock and Sheppard) made their shots and gave him the chance he would knock down his shot. He made Brock this promise knowing he had never made his first attempt and knowing that more than likely he would only have time for one try after the first shots were made. "Gameday" prayed that he would get the chance, and he prayed with Brock right before they went out on the court.
Brock rolled up in his wheelchair and easily sank the layup. Sheppard grabbed the ball and made a freethrow. Then Shep missed a 3. 15 seconds were on the clock. The rebounder immediately got the ball back to him and his second 3 bounced around and went in. The ball comes out of the net and is fired to mid-court where Nick "Gameday" Burton is awaiting. 4 seconds are on the clock. "Gameday" steps into the pass and lets his shot fly just like he's done so many times before. I think you know how the story ends.
The next post down has a link to a video of a news story about this. You'll wanna click that link and watch it for yourself. Pretty good stuff.

Time To Start The Outtakes

This was our favorite mess up during the "Git Bashing" the other night.

Big Night!!!!!!

Big Wednesday as the Cats take on the Auburn Barkleys and Maddie continues her verbal assault on "The Git".

"The Git" Remains In Jabroni Status (according to Maddie)

Maddie said to me Friday night, "Dad, when can we make some more videos for the computer?". I asked what she had in mind and when she said she wanted to say something to Git again I told her we could do it immediately. She said, "I wanna call him a jujoni again". So, I once again taught her the correct pronunciation of the word and we made a few videos. She also wanted to tribute the Deh Beh, which you will see in tomorrow's video. Later in the week I will post the outtakes, and there are plenty. It takes her a few tries to get a good take, but she's getting better. Dissing Kendall Smith comes naturally to any Vinson, she's just been hit with a lot of unfamiliar words to get the job done appropriately. Enjoy, and feel free to email me videos of your own that you may have saved of quality Git dissing. I'm sure my family isn't the only one that does it. I would love to post your's too!!!!!!

For Those Who Forgot Or Maybe Just Missed It

This was Maddie's first blog promo video from a few months ago. On her own she chose to diss "The Git". I, nor any other writer for The Revolting Blog, had no influence on her decision. Over this past weekend she cut a few more promos, and in keeping with tradition she included "The Git". This is her original. She has enough new ones to last us the rest of this week, so tune in tomorrow and every other day this week for a new video promo from my very talented daughter.

Where Is Maholli?

I sent an official invite to Maholli's email address which he provided. I have to assume he didn't get it. How many times have we read Maholli's comments on this very blog about how if only given the opportunity, he would post multiple blogs each day. After all, he manages a website and is online all day anyway. Maybe I sent it to the wrong place. Maybe Maholli don't like the blog anymore. Maybe he don't wanna come around because Jodie Meeks scored 54. Maybe it's Michael Porter's fault that Maholli has yet to post on the blog. I don't know. Please tell us where you are Maholli. I know I'm not the only one who has been anxiously awaiting your first post. Go Cats!!!!!! Coming soon to the blog------Maddie has made a new promo, this time dissing Amish Git and making a plea to be in the next Deh Beh Films production. The child is very ambitious. I'll try to get those videos posted today or tomorrow, and of course the bonus outtakes later in the week. Happy Saturday!!!!!

Why Did Meeks Score Only 54? Tell Us In The New Poll!!!!!!

Cathy Vinson (my stepmother) and Mr. Wildcat really want you to vote!!

WOW!!!!!! Meeks Sets New Record (and Cats whip Vols)

Other than National Championships, I can't think of any other time I have been more excited about a UK basketball game. That was a performance which we may never see the likes of again. Today is Jodie Meeks Day on the Revolting Blog. What was really great about it was the fact that it didn't seem like he was running around like a wild man jacking up shot after shot. He got 54 points within the scheme of the offense. I was pumped to hear ESPN announcer and former UK assistant coach Jimmy Dykes giving him props as a contender for National Player of the Year. Speaking of Dykes, does anyone else get bothered by his crazy sayings during the game? He used to really get on my nerves. Now I like to hear him because I listen to him like I listen to comedians. How many times did he give UK credit because their turnovers weren't occuring in the "unacceptable" part of the court? Somebody please call the Billy G. show and tell Coach that you're proud of the guys for turning the ball over in the "acceptable" part of the court. I would love to hear his response. I also loved the fact that Jodie Meeks didn't "defend himself". If he had defended himself, how many points would he have scored? My third and final Dykes saying from the night was his references to Meeks' "violent cuts". I really believe Jodie would not get open very often if his cuts weren't so violent. Big win for the Cats. It's always big to beat UT and that sweaty Bruce Newman (Pearl). Take that orange sport coat, turn that sumbitch sideways, and ........... nevermind.

Random Holiday Pics And Random Notes

Jordan and Kate at the McRoy house. I think this was actually on Thanksgiving, but I wanted to get a picture of Kate from the holidays on here. My camera was dead on Christmas so I don't have any pics from then. I have a few below taken with my mom's camera when she came over Christmas morning to watch Maddie open some stuff. Regretfully, I don't have any of Dawson, Abe, or Zeke (Isaiah) from Christmas. Maybe the parents of these hoodlums could email me some good ones. Shouldn't be a problem for Abe's mom, who will receive an award at the Governor's mansion later this year for officially spending more minutes on the internet than the government spent dollars on corporate buyouts. Congratulations Boot!!!!!!

Christmas morning after working all night and being sick and pregnant. Apparently that's my fault. I think she's pretty, especially for a sick, pregnant girl with no sleep. I don't think she was happy to have this picture taken though.

Maddie with her favorite Christmas present of 2008. She got many presents from many people, some pretty fancy stuff, and her favorite thing was her "sneakers". That's what she calls them. She always loves clothes and shoes. Who would have thought a $20 pair of Chuck Taylors would bring such happiness to a 6 year old girl?

A shot of the top of my negro son. Santa left Bubba a stocking too. Maddie was so excited that the dog got a stocking that she helped him open up all of his new bones and toys before she ever opened any of her own presents. She's such a good big sister. She wants Jordan to have a girl because she "already has a brother", or as I say, brotha.

Breaking News



Well it's been a while but I'm gonna try to get back into the swing of things. I have been remodeling the house as you can see from the above picture.(sorry Boot)I sit the computer up in the basement so I could get on the blog. I am not done with the house but we are closer. So in the coming days I will try to post some pics of the Deh doing some remodeling also I might have a hot new construction calender coming out soon for 2009. Also big news about the GIT he has gone Amish I will post a pic If I can find one. That's why he hasn't been down lately, you know that's along trip for a horse and buggy.

The New Blogger------Maholli

Which picture is Maholli, and which one is NFL great Joe Klecko?

Maholli, I need your email address. I guess I don't have it saved.

Introducing...the Blog-o-bots

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Big Game Deserves A Big Bet

With the big UK vs. UL matchup this Sunday, I have given in to repeated requests and decided to give Maholli a chance to become a Revolting Blog writer. I think his filthy Cards should have to earn it for him though. I propose a bet. If the Cards win, Maholli becomes the 5th writer. If the Cats win, Maholli must call in to the Billy Gillispie show and praise the Cats without a hint of sarcasm. He must also purchase a UK shirt (I don't care if its a cheapy) and take a picture for us to post on the blog. If someone has something better in mind for Maholli to do in case the Cats win, let us know in the comments section. Of course this whole scenario depends on 2 things: Maholli's acceptance of the bet, and President of blog operations Tom Vinson's approval on the hiring. I don't think it will come down to needing approval from Tom. I think the Cards are in trouble, although I would like for them to be coming off a win. They won't want to be beaten 2 in a row on their home court, and Rick always has them ready for the Cats.