Well I have been thinking of a good topic that everyone on this blog would have an opinion on and I believe I have come up with one. I hope everyone will voice there opinion on the comment section. So how do you feel about the merger of north and south schools? I must admit I was not to crazy about it at first. But after a little bit of time. I am starting to change my mind. It may not be bad at all. If you think back 20 years ago(holy shit) yes 20 years when I was going to be a freshmen at the new MNHS I was not liking it but it was the best 4 years of my life. Some of my best friends were from other schools. As far as sports I don't like it that fewer kids will be able to participate, but we will be more competitive with the bigger schools now. But I still don't agree with the hiring process of Coach Warford. I don't blame him or have anything against him I blame Dale Todd and his puppet Jim"Hog Head"Price for the way it all went down. As for me I will support the Mustangs and be at the ballgames and what ever else I can do because our kids will be there before we know it. Although I will miss the Chant of MUHLENBERG NORTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

One Of My Favorite Comedians, Ron White, Apparently Had A Campaign For The Presidency. This Could Be Offensive To Some.

I will post more video from the campaign in the coming days. Enjoy!!!!!!

Did Somebody Die This Week?

As those close to me in the 1980's and early 1990's know, I was a huge Michael Jackson fan. It saddened me to hear of his passing. My mom was so concerned I would be tore up over it that she called me 3 times before I even left for work that night. Boot called too. Jordan couldn't figure out why everybody thought I would be so upset over the passing of what she calls a "child molester"(never convicted). I couldn't figure it out either. I hated to hear of Michael's passing, but we weren't really boys, no matter what "T" thought. I also have long wondered whether or not Michael was really fondling young boys or whether people were just trying to get money. I think Michael was definitely weird, and we know he admitted to having sleepovers with kids. This is not normal. However, to me (an admitted MJ fan) Michael always seemed genuine in his love for the kids. I think he liked kids because he never got to be one. The guys damn property was a theme park. All that said, as much as I loved his music and dancing, Maddie would never be allowed to go over to Michael's and play. Just in case.

Like him or not, Michael was one of the most influential and charismatic entertainers of our lifetime. Not since Elvis has the death of a musician caused such a stir (sorry Biggie, sorry Pac). You can say all you want how much you don't like Michael. You can say he was a freak. You can say he loved little boys. You can tell your jokes about the food poisoning. However, all of you haters will also all remember where you were when you heard Michael had passed on. It's just one of those things that people will always remember. Even if you hate him, call me in 30 years and I bet you'll still remember. Like him or not, he was a legendary performer who had a global impact. You could go to any corner of the Earth and people would know Michael Jackson. We've all saw the old concert footage of Michael in obscure countries who can't even understand the words to the songs, but they were going nuts. If you had to try to come up with the 5 most famous people in the world, I think Michael would have to be in the conversation. Now that the creature that Michael had become is dead, I'm gonna channel all my Michael memories to the 1980's. A time when Michael truly was the "King of Pop". Sorry to ramble on, but I loved me some Michael Jackson back in the day. I listened to Michael's music all night Thursday night and Friday morning at work. I have about 6 cd's I keep in my locker to pop in from time to time in the lab, and MJ was one of them. That's gotta be a testament to my "fanhood". Seacrest, out.

E-mail from co-worker

subject: leave it up to the Muhlenberg Stars or Suns or whatever you call yourselves...

I knew never to trust the folks in Muhlenberg County. UK has had to report a minor violation, thanks to the people of John Prine’s favorite place as they advertised Darius Miller as being part of a high school basketball camp at which he would be volunteering. There is nothing wrong with Darius participating and Muhlenberg was certainly glad to have him. BUT, they are not allowed to use him to promote the camp. Because they did, UK had to report a violation and Darius might have to miss one game next season…through no fault of his own.
Hard to know who to blame more here, the NCAA or the good people of Muhlenberg. However the one not to blame is the one who will be punished…Darius. How absurd.

Jason R. Berry
Kentucky State Police
Central Forensic Laboratory
Trace Analysis


Did these guys forget there passwords or the blog address. Because I haven't see or heard from them in a long time. If there not going to post anymore we could give it to muddy foot, ho or even double D.

09-10 Kentucky Wildcats: "Can't Be Stopped!"

Another good video. I love the "suck it" to Hubert Davis at the end.

Meet John Wall, New Cat PG!!!!!!

I will go on record and say we will see a few left handed dunks this coming season. Wall's a righty. I wonder why he likes to dunk with his left so much? Don't really matter to me. He gets so much praise for his handles and passing. You never hear much about his hops, but man he's got em.

Challenging New Poll. Please Vote!!!!!!!

Coach Calipari would like to give you this message and he really hopes you vote in the newest Revolting poll. Happy Father's Day!!!!!!

Happy Father's Day From Mike and Jeremy Vinson

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Bremen Games On Hold Until Fall

With the weather being brutally hot and guys having so much stuff to do in the summer, we have elected to suspend the Sunday afternoon Bremen battles until September. However, we did have our last game last Sunday. I had my buddy Nathan "Raise The Roof" Helm bring a team of his buddies to play all of us old guys. They ran us out in the first game, 100-73. In game 2, when I thought we would really be out of gas, we put it to them. It was a close game until late, when we put on a 3 point shooting display that had me in amazement. Everybody on our team was hitting, but nobody was as hot as The Revolting Blog's favorite Deh Beh, Scott "never too late for lunch" Bunch. He had that legendary Bremen stroke on full display and carried us to the victory. In honor of this legendary day, we have made the special edition black and gold Bremen edition "Witness" Shirts. Get yours today at the Revolting Shirt Shop at

A Couple Of Softball Video Clips

This is Kennedy Bunch, #42, with Coach Vinson in the background. Many wonder why he won't wear the red colors of his team to the games. Red sucks, that's why. I told them if I had a WKU shirt I would have worn it, but I don't have one anymore. I need to invest in a new one I guess.

This is a clip of Maddie playing 2B. I try to get the girls to not leave their hands on their knees while the other team is hitting. The parents think it's funny I guess.

Jodie To The NBA!

Good luck Jodie. He is one of my favorite cats ever and a great ambassador to Kentucky. We wish him the best in the draft. I think he will do very good in the nba just because of his violent cuts.

Kentucky Basketball: They're Baaaaaaccck!!

It's been a while since I posted any uk stuff so here you go. Thanks to Grant for telling me about this video. Also keep your fingers crossed Jodie makes his decision monday.

South Park Character

Create your own South Park character

My Boy Bret Michaels Goes Down Hard At Tony Awards

New Shirt Store With Many New Designs

We will be working on several new designs.

This is the Eric Bledsoe 2009 UK shirt.

And of course The Gay Cops shirt with the Deh Beh Films 2009 logo.

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This Weeks Award Winner!!!!!! Jordan Vinson

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Yard Sale Pictures

These kids can't believe it's the Deh at the Yard Sale!
Two UofL fans that wanted to buy a jumper at the yard sale.

Jenny and Misty sad because they wanted a pic with the Deh.

Cash from autographed pictures!

Come To The Deh's Yard Sale!

Come to the huge yard sale today and help send the Bunch family to Florida. It's at my home behind long John Slivers in Central City. Tell us you saw this ad on the blog and get a free picture with the Deh and for just $5 I will autograph it.

This Weeks Award Winner

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