T_O-P-S, Tops! Tops! Tops!

First, I would like to even thank the Cards for giving Western the opportunity to play them. At least some in state "big brother" will give them a chance. But to be able to stick it to "Slick Rick" is great. I really don't have anything against Louisville, just the fact that Pitino slid out of his obligation to play Western when he first came to the 'ville still burns most WKU fans.

In closing, I just want to say to Louisville to hang in there, and maybe one day you will be able to climb from that number 18 spot and surpass the mighty Tops as #14 on the all-time wins list in NCAA mens b-ball.

...and maybe UK will somehow find it in their heart to give a small in-state school the chance to play on the "big stage" once again.


I have been watching the Maui Invitational this week and it got me to thinking of 1993 and the classic Jeff Brassow tip-in at the buzzer to give the Cats the Maui title. I found this video, and even though it is poor quality, Cat fans will still love it. One of the more classic moments in the Bill Raftery broadcasting career in my opinion. If only he had created "onions" back then, the call could have been even greater. This was probably also one of the best games, if not THE best, that I ever watched with "The Git". He jumped into my arms at the buzzer like he was a small child. The funniest thing about the story is that he was that excited and screaming "overtime baby, overtime, Brassow tied it up"!!!!! It was at least 45 seconds before we could calm him down and tell him it was over, which just started a whole new celebration. Classic times!

I Gotta Lose Some Weight

2008 has brought me much happiness. I have a great wife, a great daughter, and it's been the best year I've had in a long time. The food has also been good I guess because I have ballooned to a near record weight. I can still wear the same pants I wore 30 lbs. ago, I just have a gut that hangs over the waistline now. I was looking through some old pictures and I found some to illustrate just how far I've fallen. These will also illustrate just how much weight my Dad has lost. People have asked me where all my Dad's weight went. The pics below show without any doubt that he passed it on to his son.

Jordan thinks my necklace is gay. I think I agree.
Thug hat.

This was on Father's day, I think, at El Bracero. I probably had 24 tacos and my Dad probably had half a taco and a couple of chips with salsa. I gotta do better. The diet started last week. Can I stick with it? That is the million dollar question. I'm going to get on the elliptical right now, after I wipe the dust off of it. Just kidding, it's not dusty because my wife actually uses it.

Some Jr. Pro Pics

Some pics from CCES Jr. Pro. Our team is the Lakers.

Leading scorer Gavin Huff asking God, "when will somebody else on the team put the ball in the bucket".

Maddie showing off those famous Vinson hops. I don't know why she is showing them off 20 feet from the basket.

The Lakers focused on the defensive end, as always.

They had to run 5 suicides for clowning around on the bench.

The Gavinator, also known as the blur.

One of the most feared coaching staffs ever.

Maddie calling out a play.

The fearsome backcourt of Boner Bunch and Gavin Huff.

Boner makes his way to the hoop as Maddie cures a crack attack and mini Kane prepares to rebound.

Assistant coaches working the ref, Big Bob Ralston (aka Robert Littlepage), as Head Coach Ho Huff instructs the team.

Saturday Was Birthdayfest 2008

Saturday was Maddie's birthday, as well as Tate Harper's (son of Muddy). We had a busy day with Jr. Pro and birthday partying.

Maddie opened her presents from us at the house. Jordan couldn't get the knot out of the bag. A knot which she tied.

Then it was on to Spinners for Maddie's birthday party. She wore me out trying to hold her up and chase her around the skating rink.

Marla and one of my beautiful nieces, Marly Hope. I hope I spelled the kid's name right.

Dawson fell and Papaw had to rescue him.

Abe wouldn't let go of his daddy.

Maddie and her cousins taking a break. Ashley, Maddie, and Zoie.

Another beautiful niece of mine. The one and only Baby Kate, as Maddie calls her.

The Family

Maddie getting her face painted at Tate's party. You'll notice Muddy in the background trying to talk that poor guy in the hat into a root canal. He'll do anything to make a buck.

Need Some Family Photos?

Are you wanting some family photos taken for the Holiday season? Need some Christmas cards and wanna look good on 'em? I have a cousin who can take care of all of your needs. Brandy Harper, wife of Dr. "Muddyfoot" Dustin Harper, can deliver you quality family pictures at excellent prices. She can't help you grow a beard that will look anywhere near as good as Camron Laycock's, but she'll make you look good. Here are a few samples of some of her recent work. I'm trying to get her to give out some specials for the holiday season. I was thinking she could work with her husband for some kind of "get a tooth pulled, get an 8x10 half off", or something like that. If interested, you can contact Brandy at muddyfoot@hotmail.com.

Hope this is ok for the first ever blog advertisement.


I don't know what else to say. This loss, in my opinion, is worse than Gardner-Webb. We were supposed to be past this. The Gardner-Webb loss at least had the excuses of new coach, Tubby left us crappy players, etc. Billy has almost completely overhauled the roster, although 4 starters are Tubby recruits. There is one thing I know for sure, and the Tubby haters will hate me saying it. Tubby put some bad teams out there his last few years, but he NEVER lost to the little schools like VMI, Gardner-Webb, and San Diego. I just can't understand why Billy doesn't sit these guys when they play that badly. That was the most pitiful defensive display I have ever witnessed. I truly believe that. I would like to think that 4th graders can grasp the concept of not giving up wide open shots. Why couldn't UK guard anybody last night? Wide open look after wide open look. It made me sick to watch it. The team should hide in their dorm rooms until they go to North Carolina for Tuesday night's game, which by the way could be a massacre. It's almost as if Billy likes to use early season losses to no name schools as a teaching tool. He doesn't even seem that upset about it. I would have went down with Landon Slone and Dwight Perry in the game. Even AJ Stewart will hustle. The defensive effort was sickening, have I already said that?
One bright spot was Jodie Meeks. I'm not just bragging on Jodie because he scored 39 points. He played with fire. He played with heart. He almost brought the team back. He was a warrior on a night the rest of the team decided to take off. You will look in the box score and see an impressive stat line for Perry Stevenson. You'll see a good line for Razor Ramon Harris. I don't think they played very good at all. How many layups did they combine to miss? How many free throws did they brick? Finally, Patrick Patterson. Where was he? He was the one guy that I never thought I would question. Total disappearing act. Patrick is better than that. If these guys can pull an upset of the Tar Heels I will forgive them. For now, I'm embarrassed to go out of the house today. What if I run into a UL fan? I have to wear UK gear today because of my dedication to the Football team. I always wear UK gear on gamedays, and there is a big game tonight. My fear is wearing my UK stuff is gonna make everybody want to mention VMI. Thank God Maholli is another time zone away.

These Pictures All Have One Word In Common

First female to figure out that word wins a date with Kendall Smith. First male gets an autographed photo of David Everly, Scotty Bethel, and the "Sparrow" Mike Allen.

Revolting Blog writers and their immediate family are not eligible for prizes. Unless Mindy wants a date with "The Git".

Just like Gore vs. Bush 2000...

...the popular vote does not consider the winner. Thankfully I was able to get the 54 electoral votes from Graham/Depoy, and was able to steal the 22 electoral votes from the Gaslight Park area (much to the dismay of Matthew "Maholli" Smith). I think the biggest boost came from the campaigning that I did at Ellison's Barber Shop, since everyone knows that is the political centerpiece of Muhlenberg County.
I really just wanted to drop a quick post and say that I am happy to be a part of The Blog. I will try to hold up my end by posting whenever I get a chance...

With my first order of business, i would like to submit some pics of Brian Bullock for his friend profile that never got posted. JV, feel free to use these to compile that profile that I know the whole blog nation was waiting for...
Until next time...

(left) Double B chillin' at the beach (right) Bullock hamming it up at the premiere for High School Musical 3

Submitted glamour shot

Veteran's Day

This photo is of my brother-in-law Noal Floyd. He is married to Jordan's sister, Jamie. He has done one tour in Iraq and could be headed back any day. He is in a 6-way tie to be Maddie's favorite uncle. I can understand her love for Camron Laycock, Chad Walker, Chad Guffy, Shawn Edwards, and Noal. For the life of me I can't comprehend her love for Grant Sharp. This is a man who mangled her father's face and Maddie still adores him. Ok, I got off topic. On this Veteran's day I wanted to honor Noal, my uncle Bennie Morris (Vietnam), and my grandfather J.W. Steele(Korea). I don't have a picture of my uncle or papaw handy so those of you that know them put them in your head now. These are all special men to me and I thank them for their service to our country. Actually, I thank all of those who have served.
One funny story about Veteran's day last year. Jamie, who is a state inspector of pre-school and daycare facilities, got the holiday off while her husband (Noal, an actual veteran) had the honor of reporting for duty to his job working construction. I'm sure this happens all over the country every Veteran's Day, but I never thought about it until then. I thought it was kind of ironic and definetely unfair. It makes me wonder just how many veterans are working today while countless folks enjoy the day off. It ain't right. Thank a soldier today if you get a chance. Until next time............. I'm out.
Edit: I forgot to mention and thank Jordan's grandfather, R.D. McRoy, WWII vet. I hope I haven't left anyone else out. If I have, I sincerely apologize. I have been up for 28 hours and I'm not thinking clearly.
Edit #2: Glennis Durall, my great uncle, WWII vet. Thanks Glennis.

New Writer Announcement

Hello Revolting Blog Nation:

I know everyone has been dying to find out who the new writer will be. The suspense has given the blog higher ratings than the episode of "Dallas" when everyone found out who shot J.R. Let me first start off by saying we had three exceptional candidates and Kendall. It was a tough decision. We heard from the voters. They could not decide it. The run-off will by decided by my electoral vote. So, after contract negotiations ended late last evening. We have a new writer.

Our new writer is a man with many talents and interests. His dreams are filled with Rumeal Robinson tearing up the Seton Hall defense in the 1989 NCAA National Championship game. His nightmares are of Chris Webber calling a timeout. His heroes include Wolverine from the X-Men, Bill Frieder, Tommy Amaker, and of course Steve Fisher, Lloyd Carr and Bo Schembechler. The walls of his home are covered in Fatheads of Glen Rice, Desmond Howard, Maceo Baston, and Ryan "Fatty" McNeely. In fact, he calls his home the "Big House". He is none other than Shane "Sizzlin Slim" Hardison.

It is tough not to elect this man to the post as his other two competitors actually endorsed him for the job. I know he's busy, but am sure his posts will bring joy to the Nation. Congratulations Sizzlin. Welcome to the Revolting Blog.

Jr. Pro Begins---And All I Have Are Halloween Pics

The CCES Jr. Pro basketball season kicked off yesterday for the kids. Despite a stellar coaching performance, the Lakers fell to the Spurs. The Lakers are coached by Joel Huff, Jeremy Vinson, and Scott Bunch. How can you expect a team to be great when they are led by a Ho, a goat man, and a Deh Beh? I have no pics from the game. I had to coach, Jordan was asleep from working all night, my mother had to work, and Lele (Bootie Walker) was at home with a sick Abe. My Dad had to work also, but Cathy (my stepmother) was able to make it and guess what? The battery to her camera was at home charging. She did have her video camera, so we do have footage from the first game. Next time we will get the team of David Everly and Blake Sparks. They are outstanding coaches and the Spurs were a very disciplined team. The way they run the ball, I bet Everly has a good shot at becoming the next North running backs coach. Make 'em dribble next game guys.

On a totally different topic, I have yet to put up any Halloween pics. We were invited to a Halloween party at the home of Shawn and Jill Edwards and were told we had to dress up. This didn't make me too happy, but I decided to participate anyway, although with little effort. Jordan was a witch, Maddie was Hannah Montana, and I was Mark Sloan (Dr. McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy). I told you I didn't give much effort. We arrived at the Edwards home and much to our surprise, we were the only ones dressed up. Apparently Jill forgot to send the message to the Vinson home to let us know the dress up idea had been scrapped. Jordan was able to shed her hat and then she was left with just some black clothes on. She looked fairly normal. I, however, remained McSteamy all night, prompting one party goer to ask Jill if I worked in a hospital or bought that costume. Others were overheard saying, "my gosh he is steamy". Has anyone else ever been to a Halloween party where you were supposed to dress up and then nobody else did and you were left as the only adult in costume? Luckily my costume wasn't anything I don't wear everyday, so I didn't feel too crazy. It was a very fun night. Also, I wore my lab coat from Muhlenberg Community Hospital, where I work every other Friday night. I had put a sticker over my name tag that read: Dr. Mark Sloan, McSteamy. I went to work Friday afternoon with my name still being McSteamy. Amazingly nobody noticed. After being there in the lab for about an hour, I found it myself and took it off. However, during the time with it on I had a meeting with my boss, went to the infection control office for a tb skin test, and drew blood from a patient in the emergency room. I'm guessing nobody noticed, but I'm hoping that everybody just agreed and said, "my gosh he is steamy".

Two of the non dressed up McRoy sisters.


Maddie and Kate

Maddie and Kate again.

We Still Talkin' Bout Practice

Pretty cool to see AI joke about his famous "practice" press conference. If you haven't seen it, it's from his presser with the Pistons after the trade the other day.

How Bout Some Midget Basketball?

Get That Git Outta Here!!!!!!

Terrible photoshop job, but it's the best I could do to show the blog supporters what happens when we play ball. We never have a camera on hand so I had to recreate an event that has happened countless times. Enjoy your Thursday.

Deh Beh Films

Coming soon from Deh Beh Films "LiL Clint"

Fourth Writer Update

The poll has closed with a tie for who the people think should join the blog as a new writer. All are very good candidates. Well...maybe not Kendall. But anyway, the new addition will be great for this institution known as the Revolting Blog. I've seen the results of the poll and heard the input the the candidates as well with the exception being from the Git. I guess he's too busy running IGA (International Git Association). So the announcement will be made by press conference in the coming days. The presser will be sponsored by the Deh Beh Nation. "The Deh Beh Nation...you grill the burgers...we'll eat em'."

Do You Smell What Barack Is Cookin'?

The Revolting Blog would like to tribute the next President, Mr. Barack Obama. These pics show a few reasons why he is cool.

Great sense of humor.
He hangs out with Luda.

He sells cool shirts.

He's smooth with the ladies.
Hope you all voted. Happy Wednesday!

Mr. Wildcat

Take a drink for Mr. Wildcat before the game tonight. Its the first game I have ever watched that he won't be on the bench. (in person)

A Football Legend Sighting

Hello Revolting Blog Nation:

As many of you may know, I have been calling play-by-play for Grayson County football this season. This past Friday, the Cougars whipped the Muhlenberg South Suns 40-13. I was not aware of the entire coaching staff for the Suns. But at halftime, I was off-air. When I looked up, I saw none other the Marc "Flanker" Oates. First time I have seen Flank in probably 10 years. Flank still looks exactly the same. Some on this blog refer to him as "Elts".

In other news, I have recently been contracted by WKU to broadcast two upcoming basketball games. I'll be doing play by play for the Tops regular season opener November 15 at Houston. The second game is December 6 at Tulane. That will be simulcast on the Hilltopper Sports Satellite Network and Fox College Sports Atlantic. In Muhlenberg, you can catch it on cable channel 12. Otherwise check your local listings. This will be my first broadcast tv game. I have posted a link for the affiliates.

Monday Basketball Pics - Game Tonight

First Game Tonight. Should be a battle.

Classic Tony and Walter

The man who will lead us to the promised land, the giant Jared Carter. Look at that face and just try to doubt him.