Maddie's Contribution To The Blog

Maddie and I downloaded a new app to my iphone called "FunMirror". It allows you to distort pictures and make people look like aliens and other funny things. Maddie went crazy with it last night and I have many, many quality pictures to post in the coming weeks. We will start with a series of Mike Spilla pics, starting with the original, which you will find above this text.

some of these pics could be disturbing to small children and gits.

Spilla, the Don King version

Do you smell what Mike Spilla is cookin?

I think it's great that Precision Strip will hire people with mental handicaps. Good company.

After this one Maddie said, "hey dad I made Cowboy's dad look like a strong man." I said, "baby he looks like a strong man every single day. That man is Mike Spilla." Enough said.

*******also please notice Bunch's pic on the side panel. Somehow Maddie took the Baby Afro Bunch pic and made into Super Deh Baby Afro Bunch. Amazing work by my 7 year old.