Friday Basketball Pics -- R.I.P. Edition

R.I.P. to these folks who have brought us many basketball memories over the years.

Blakes grandmother, Mrs. Perry. She would yell more than any of us kids when we used to gather in Blake's basement for big games. She was our Mrs. Wildcat. The Cat's lost a faithful fan when she passed away.

Danny Rumph, WKU point guard.

Marvin Stone, former Cat and Card. Not many can say that.

The guy in the middle is John Stewart. He was the UK recruit who died late in his final high school season. He was a 7 footer with a lot of potential. In probably the most moving moment in UK senior day history, John's family was invited by Tubby to take part in the festivities. They busted through the sign like all the seniors get to do. UK played a video to honor him, and Tubby presented his parents with a John Stewart UK jersey. He was honored with what would have been his senior basketball class. There were about 48,000 eyes getting teared up at Rupp that day. Although he never wore the uniform or stepped onto Rupp Arena's court, he was still a part of the team. Classy move by the Tubbster.

Cawood Ledford. Legendary UK basketball announcer (football too). Considered by many to be the GOAT (greatest of all time).

Now for a few pics of the legendary Mr. Wildcat, Bill Keightley. The first is Mr. Keightley with Coach Gillispie.

Mr. K with Anthony Epps

Mr. K, Cliff Hawkins, and Keith Bogans

And finally, Mr. Wildcat with some championship hardware.
Happy Halloween, Blue/White game tomorrow night.

New Writer

Hello Revolting Blog Nation:

I would like all the prospective new writers to give in the comments section of this post the reasons why they should be added to the blog. I think this will help the voters and me make the decision.

Thursday Basketball Pics -- UK, UL, and WKU Players In The NBA

Let me know if I left anyone out. This is what I could think of off the top of my head.
Chuck Hayes


Tayshaun Prince

Rajon Rondo

Nazr Mohammed

Randolph Morris

Jamaal Magloire

Courtney Lee

Kelenna Azubuikie

Francisco Garcia

Keith Bogans

I couldn't find pics of some of these guys on their current teams, so cut me some slack.

Cats recently retired or cut from NBA:
Joe Crawford
Scott Padgett
Tony Delk
Walter McCarty
Mark Pope
Erik Daniels
Gerald Fitch
Saul Smith (just kidding)

Wednesday Basketball Pics and Poll Closing

Probably the greatest mascot in sports, Big Red.
I'd certainly like to pour this jar on Maholli's Cards.

Pat shooting a tire while saying Mark Pogue sucks under his breath.

Pat playing with scissors, after a Sun Belt Championship.
This was before steroid testing, obviously.
In other news:

The poll will be closed. Nobody is getting fired. Not only will there not be a firing, there will be a hiring. Despite his substantial lead in the poll, Tom will be promoted to Executive Vice President of Blog Operations and his first job will be to hire a 4th blog writer. I bet nobody knew that blogs had such lofty titles. Well this one does. I am starting a new poll of what I believe to be worthy names for this new hire. The blog readers will have the opportunity to vote. However, the vote will only be one reference for Tom to use in making his final decision. As CEO of the blog I believe I have some pull here, and I'm giving my vote to the Sizzler. To show my support of the Sizzler, I have included Hilltopper pics in today's post. Have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday Basketball Pics...... and poll update

Tom Vinson's lead in the poll is growing by the day. Do the blog readers really want Tom gone that much? Are the Deh Beh and I just that great, or do the people really just hate Tom? I never thought of Tom as the bad guy of the blog. I guess I was wrong. I think the folks at McDonald's have rallied to get Tom fired after that pasting he gave them about the double drive thru, also known as the Bunch drive thru. Whatever happens in the poll (it has a few days left), I want the blogging career that comes to an end to go out in style, and I found the perfect casket. I think it was meant to hold a human, but for the story's sake we will say it is gonna hold a blogging career. Enjoy today's pics, and go to yesterday's pics comment section and give it to Maholli. He was talking trash about the Cats. Happy Tuesday!!!!!!

Monday Basketball Pics

Enjoy today's UK pics and please vote in the poll. I am trying to get in touch with Vince McMahon and Donald Trump to have one of these guys do the firing at the end of the week. Tom with an early lead in the poll in case you didn't know.


Kennedy and Kamden with their trophies.
Kennedy before her game.

Bonner with his trophy.

The Sunday "Get Ready For Basketball" Pics

First a fun pic mocking the latest Pitino foray into literature. I told you I would put up Pitino and UL stuff to tribute Maholli.

Who could forget the Monster Mash? The greatest Cat of my lifetime. He's pretty strong too!!

Billy Bass

Jenny Baiting a Minner
Deh "Bass Master" Beh

Kennedy waiting for a bite.

Kamden's first fish!!!

Keep Baby DEH!!!!!!!!

Well I must apologize to the Blog for not posting in such a long time. I have been very busy, we went camping last weekend. And now we are in the process of remolding our house, and I haven't been able to access our computer every night. I will post some pics of camping, soccer, and of the Demo Deh's home remodel.

I'm Getting Pumped Up For Basketball, And Now You Will Too!!!!!!

There will be a daily pic of something UK basketball related until the first game 1 week from Monday. I will also post some Rick Pitino or UL related pics for the blog's most faithful reader, Matthew "Maholli" Smith. I don't like the Cards but I love Maholli's enthusiasm for the blog and he will be rewarded. If anyone doesn't like it, you should comment more. Maholli is the only one to leave a comment this week, therefore I can only assume that he is the only one that has looked at the blog this week. The blog will probably shut down soon, or go to member's only, but then Maholli would be the only member, right? Blogs suck. The End.

A Funny Kendall Pic, A New Poll, And A Rant

The blog is slipping again. I openly admitted that I don't have time or desire to make daily blog updates. However, the people wanted just that. So I went out and hired some help. Well, the help (and me) sucks. At least that's what I'm hearing on the street. Please vote in the new poll, possibly the most important poll in blog history. Make no mistake, somebody's ass is getting fired next week, and the people get to decide who. I think we will also have a poll soon to decide who gets hired next. I can't say for sure, because I may not be a part of this blog anymore come next week. Happy blogging!

Soccer Season Ends

Maddie played some goalie, and my nephew Dawson Guffy showed off his athletic ability with his first career goal. He DID NOT get his athletic talents from his father. He did get a little bit of his stunning good looks from Chad, just not the athletic ability. It was also Boner Bunch's last soccer game of the season if his dad wants to post some pictures. I don't have any from the Huff kids either. I should have been more prepared. Sorry.

^Dawson's first goal^ Penalty kick style^

A Cool Video Of Coach Gillispie That You Probably Never Heard About

Last year after one of the Cats games, Coach G heard about a fundraiser someone was having to raise money for kids with cancer. This was some kind of 24 hour dance off or something to help the families of sick children. Apparently Coach G learned that there was still about an hour left on the fundraiser and raced over to it and gave a little speech and donation. I just thought it was cool. You can sense the genuine love and respect for the kids in his voice. I love it that our coach is a down to earth guy. There is a guy in Louisville that lead us to some great seasons, and I thank him for that, but he never seemed like a down to earth guy. He was a superstar. One thing I always loved about Tubby, and now Billy, is that they seem like one of us. You wouldn't be surprised to run into them at Kroger or Wal-Mart. You would only see Rick at a book signing, and then only if you bought his book. Anyway, cool video that is even cooler when you realize that Coach G didn't want us to even know about it, but someone happened to have a video camera and put it on youtube. Happy Monday!!!!!!

Outtakes From Maddie's First Promo

Brian Bullock Wins The Poll........Barely

This pic has nothing to do with the poll. It is on here only to show the influence that Vince McMahon and professional wrestling have on our youth. I do not know the young men in this photo and I never owned that white truck. Have a nice day!!!!!!

I need Brian Bullock to email me some pictures for the profile. When you read this, Mr. Bullock, please round some up and send them.

Great Sports Moments: 20 Years Ago Today

Dissin The Git Is So Much Fun, I Decided To Teach My Kid To Do It!!!!!!

To help out those who will undoubtedly be confused by this post, I will provide a definition.

Jabroni (juh-brone-e) - loser; jobber; punk; someone who exhibits the qualities and traits of a jabrone.

I told Maddie to find out where "The Git" lives. She came back with this picture and video.

She said she went straight down Know Your Role Blvd., hung that left on Jabroni Drive, and proceeded to layeth the smacketh down on Kendall Smith's candy a$$. Wrestling fans will enjoy reading that if they do so in their best "Rock" voice. Everyone who's not a wrestling fan will just think I'm an idiot. Enjoy Maddie's first career promo below!!!!!!!!!

Wow!! And People Think Kentuckians Are Dumb.

Reality shows and the Internet have not created a more ridiculous world, they have only promoted the outrageous things that are already going on. You're a dad in Tennessee who's had 15 brewskies and an unknown quantity of other liquor, your female company is under the influence of something and has a pocket full of pills, and you need to get home. Thankfully there are three kids in the group, and the 10-year-old is probably straight up enough to drive the van. But who knew the kid would think 90 mph was an appropriate cruising speed and then flip the van over? A few police later – after the woman has tried "to swallow as many pills as she could" – the adults got a much more relaxed ride to the pokey and the kids got a passport into state care. It's a good thing the proud papa was wearing his lucky beer T-shirt, or things really could have gone wrong.
Above comments courtesy of Autoblog, below is the official news story for Fox news.

BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. — A 10-year-old boy was driving up to 90 mph when he crashed a van carrying two adults who had been drinking and taking pills and two other children, Tennessee sheriff's deputies said.
Inside the crashed van, police said one of the passengers, 38-year-old Paula Elaine Evans, was trying to swallow as many pills as she could. A man, 43-year-old Randy Lewis, who was wearing a shirt that read "Buy This Dad a Beer," told police he had drank at least 15 beers, the Kingsport Times-News reported.
The sheriff's office said Lewis acknowledged drinking liquor besides the beers.
The young driver lost control Sunday of the speeding van, which rolled, coming to rest on its top. Everyone in the van was taken to a hospital with minor injuries.
The children were related to the adults, but authorities did not specify how.
Lewis was charged with seven violations, including third offense DUI and felony reckless endangerment. People can be charged with DUI in Tennessee if they own the vehicle, even if they are not driving. Evans faces charges that include aggravated child abuse or neglect.
The three children — the driver, another 10-year-old and a six-year-old — were placed in state care, the Times-News reported.

Lewis and Evans were being held in the Sullivan County Jail after a judge increased their bonds on Tuesday to $50,000 each at an arraignment hearing.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

The Biggest Problem Facing America

Hello Revolting Blog Nation,

Our great country faces a number of great challenges today. Electing a new president, the war on terrorism and trying to deal with the stock market drop, which has fell even lower than Shane Hardison's expectations for his beloved Michigan Wolverine basketball team. Another great pain for Americans comes from McDonald's decision to make double drive-thrus.

My first experience with this travesty came in New Orleans. I was working there after Hurricane Katrina. There were no restaurants open within a 25 mile radius of where I was except for Mickey D's. When I first pulled in, I was shocked to see not just one lane but two. As disconcerting as this was, i pulled forward. Received my order. Wrong. Went back. Wrong again. A Vinson Fit was fast approaching.

I decided to avoid the place at all costs. When I returned home to Louisville, I thought I was in the clear. The McDonald's near my house was a traditional one. There was no way I would encounter another double drive-thru McDonald's. Then one day I was driving in another part of town and pulled into the Mickey D's only to find my new nemesis...the double drive-thru.

Upon my decision to move back to Muhlenberg County, one of my first thoughts was that there would be no way possible the McDonald's double drive-thru would be here. Wrong. Greenville has it. I was horrified. I talked with my aunt Teresa and she, as a manager there, is no ally of this great error in corporate America. She says you can tell the person who designed this great farce never worked at McDonald's.

I strongly advise anyone coming up on one of these is to go inside. I could drive to L.A. before getting my food at a McDonald's double drive-thru.

I would like to know if everyone else feels this way. Is there anyone who actually likes this? I'm guessing probably the Git and maybe Maholi. Those two seem to love every joint that has biscuits for some reason.

Big Blue Madness Is 1 Day Away

A picture that is at least 10-12 years old to get you ready to meet the Cats tomorrow night. Don't miss it. Spilla brought this pic to the house the other day for his friend profile but we decided to save it for a "get ready for madness" post. The guy on the left is Al Cook. He was a friend of ours from Tennessee that Kendall met after he moved down there. If there is anybody out there that knows the whereabouts of the man known simply as "Eh", please let me know. I would love to talk to that fella again. Also, it looks like Kendall is hiding an afro under that head gear. How does his head get that wide after starting out narrow? I bet he was storing names of all the former Cats he thought he saw while waiting in line and his brain started to swell. Go Cats!!!!!!!!!!

Baby Afro Bunch Says Vote In The New Poll

New poll at the bottom of the page. Since Spilla finally got me the photos for his spot, we can move on to the next.

Friend Profile #9: Michael Miller aka "Spilla"

After weeks of waiting on pictures to complete the friend profile, Michael Miller showed up on my doorstep last night with a handful of pics and a couple of memory cards. We found several pics to show off his family and I had to pick a final few for the final piece. I also took an opportunity to show off my putrid photoshop skills. Enjoy!!!!!! Spilla's body is really not much different than that of the model I superimposed his head onto.

Michael Miller has been a friend of mine for many years. I didn't go to elementary school with him, but I met him at Muhlenberg North High and we've been friends ever since. He also lived down the road from me. When he got his driver's license he used to have to take me to school. It was an obligation that I'm sure he truly enjoyed. We also worked at Save A Lot together for a long time. The Save A Lot gang was classic. Doss, Spilla, JV, Bunch, Luckett, Nakia, Casey, Jon Nelson, Hallroad Travis, Beau Bivin, and that guy that murdered Harrison Ford's wife in The Fugitive. I think his name was Donnie. I almost forgot Dan the man, and Cherie. Good times. Spilla is probably most famous for his time at Haggin Hall at UK. I think he went to at least 4 classes during his short time there. One thing is for sure, he always PULLED for the YANKEES during his time in Lexington. Famous words associated with the name Spilla: Lumina, Cowboy, Jellybean, Belly, Robert, Vivian, Fatty don't touch Bridgette, Shaker, Homecoming King, Fitting, and Employee #8. He is the only guy I've ever known to put his car on cruise on the Pennyrile Parkway and jump into the backseat and announce to everyone else in the car that they should consider driving. Truly one of a kind. Mike Spilla.

Michael Miller is married to Nikki (McRoy) Miller and they have a son, Colby. I hope I spelled the kid's name correctly. Michael works at Precision Strip and lives up the road from me on Cherry Street in Central City. Nikki and Mike are part of the reason I even live on Cherry Street. They hooked me up with my wife. You've heard that story before.

Something I made up about Spilla: He once donated 1000 cowboy hats and 800 jars of jellybeans to the Boys and Girls Club of Muhlenberg County. He was named Philanthropist of the year for the MNHS class of 1993 for the 6th consecutive time in 2006. Confusing stuff.