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Was The Last Poll A Fluke? Vote To Let Us Know.

Was Kendall Smith's victory in the last poll for next friend profile legit? We here at The Revolting Blog have reason to believe "The Git" successfully fixed the poll. He has so many identities on this blog, he must have voted for himself multiple times. Therefore, we are going to run a quick poll from now until Monday afternoon to get the fans opinions on whether or not "The Git" was the real winner. At one time it looked as if the wildly popular Brian "Bob Gas" Bullock was going to run away with the poll victory. Then, in about half a day, Kendall racks up enough votes to take the lead. Like my good friend Dr. Conatser has been known to say, something smells fishy. Kendall Smith will not get the next friend profile without a victory in the poll at the bottom of the page now. Now get out there and vote.




I Miss The Concert

This time of year the folks of Central City have the opportunity to get together for what is called the Rock-n-Roll Cruise In. I'm glad those who have cars and trucks they wanna show off have the chance to do so, but I miss the Everly Brothers concert. I wish these guys could still come down and put on a show. They don't even have to play, although I do enjoy them. Their name recognition could make the show a success. Surely we could pull some decent artists to town. Sorry to bore you, but man I would love to hear John Prine singing Paradise just one more time in Muhlenberg County.

New Wildcat

Well after the early stories, we at the Revolting Blog have also been able to confirm that Donald Williams of Maryland is the newest Kentucky Wildcat. Donald is a 6′6″, slashing forward who was one of the late risers of the Class of 2008. Described to me by a guy who has seen him a few times as a “guy who can get to the basket, play defense but not shoot all that well”, he seems directly in the Gillispie mold of players such as Liggins, Galloway, Harris, etc...

It's all mine

Tayshaun has made us wildcats proud by winning gold in the Olympics. He has always been one of my favorite wildcats. But after I saw this photo he went to another level. If you look at the picture everyone else has given coach K their medal, but not Tay.He said no stinking duke gets my medal.

New Poll At Bottom Of Page

An ever important poll, just as they all are. Please join in the fun by casting your vote.


Glad to be here

After an intense three weeks of negotiations between Revolting Blog owner Jeremy Vinson and my agent, Scott Boras, I am excited to announce that I have joined the Blog as a senior writer. Unlike the Deh Beh, I was able to procure a super size order of french fries from McDonald's even though they do not offer it anymore. Jeremy has connections there although my attempt to ban the double drive-thru at all McDonald's nationwide failed. I'll post more on that topic at a later date as it is one of the worst decisions in fast food history.

I plan on posting as much material as possible. That material will include plenty Kendall "The Git" Smith bashing. He would have been banished from this blog if he had not registered under 974 different identities. It is truly a miracle I was even able to register.

Again, it is a great honor to join the Revolting Blog. I love being on a team, and this team of Jeremy, the Beh, and me is one great Mash Unit.

Tom V.

Shop For Blog Gear

For all your blogging gear needs, please click on the ad on the right side of the blog. The Deh Beh has started a new venture and we have designed some items for you to browse through. Have a nice day.


"The Git" Stays

Investigators are looking into the possibility that Kendall Smith somehow rigged the last poll. However, as it stands now, the people have spoken and "The Git" is apparently a loved member of The Revolting Blog. For now, he stays. That doesn't mean that I agree with the poll results, but we want the fans of the blog to have a say, and you have said to keep "The Git". You have to live with that decision. I'm guessing that everyone who voted to keep him around never reads the comment section. Just a guess.

What This Blog Needs Is More Cowbell!!!!!!

Classic video added to the blog at the request of Tom Vinson. I will do whatever I can to impress Tom as I continue negotiations with his agent, Scott Boras. They are tough to deal with but we hope to add Tom to our roster very soon.


8 Days Away From UK vs. UL

Just to get you ready for the big game here is a classic highlight, complete with a McDonalds ad. You are also lucky that I've posted the Tom Leach audio version.


New Poll: Very Important One

Please vote at the bottom of the page.


Happy Birthday To Tom and Jeremy Vinson

Tom is 31 today. I will be 32 tomorrow. Hopefully the day after that Tom will still be 31 and I'll still be 32. Right now we're both 31. On this day next year we'll both be 32. I could go on and on but then people would start hating my posts the way they hate Kendall's 87 identities on this blog. We can't be having that. Since I threw a picture up there with Boot in it, anyone who has a time machine go on back to June 29th and tell her happy birthday. She was 30 on the 29th day of June. On the 28th day of June she was 29. On the 28th day of June, 2007 she was 28. I could go on and on. Happy birthday Tom.

Bengals Sign Chris Henry

This week my Cincinnati Bengals found themselves up that classic creek. The one you don't wanna be up without a paddle. If they had only known that the creek has its own paddle store they wouldn't have had to sign that convict Chris Henry again. This guy has been arrested 5 times in the last 2 years and they gave him another chance because they have some injuries to the wide receiver corps. I also heard that Muhlenberg South was trying to get a waiver for Tony Rhodes to come back and play his senior year. Maybe Jerimy Lynch could suit up for North baseball next season. They need him. Chris Henry is lucky he wasn't on trial in Muhlenberg County because Deh and Boggess would have sent his butt to the big house.

Friend Profile #7: Chris Faith

This profile is of the legendary Chris Faith. He was the President of my senior class and couldn't have done a poorer job. He was also one of my best friends all through my school years. He was without a doubt, and I can say this with an unbelievable amount of certainty, the coolest JROTC member in the history of Muhlenberg County. One thing you can always say about Faith is that he truly did want to be all he could be. That was a free plug for the Army. You could always count on Faith rocking the dance floor at any school dance or prom. Damn that boy could dance. Sometimes when I'm at home alone I put on MC Hammer and pretend that I'm Faith. You could also write it down that he wasn't coming to the next dance with the same girl. Yes Mandi, your sweet little innocent looking husband was once a player, of somewhat epic proportions. That's just a joke, or is it? I wasn't there, but just think of how smooth he was when he got you. He didn't get that good after he moved to Alabama. The boy's a legend.

All joking aside, Chris has been one of my best friends for a very long time and I'm glad that we have been in touch recently and hope we can get together again soon. I guess I'll have to drive to Alabama one day. After a very successful stint with Logan's Roadhouse, where he ate a lot of steak and performed a lot of Patrick Swayze impressions (movie reference--Roadhouse), he now runs a big time body shop in Huntsville. How do I know it's big time? Because Faith runs it. He has a wife, Mandi, and two kids, Cole and Abby. I guess I should also mention that his dad is Billy Faith, a legend in his own right.

Something I made up about Faith: He once pulled all the muscles in his neck and shoulders from impersonating the movie Weekend At Bernie's 2.

Juror # 16

On Tuesday I had jury duty, and I was selected along with Scott Boggess.It was pretty neat to be a part of sending a person to prison for 20 years. But you will not believe how it ended. Let me start out at the beginning.The Defendant was charged with possession of rock cocaine and a pipe to smoke it. I thought it was a cut and dry case but it took 4 hours to convince all 12 members of the jury.But after the judge read the verdict we had to decide on how many years he would receive. It took another 2 hours to decide on the sentence of 20 years with possible parole after 12years. But this is where it gets good. When the judge read the sentence, the defendant jump up and ran at the jury. The bailiff tried to taser him but he missed. So me and Boggess jumped up and tackled him until the bailiff could taser him. The judge told Boggess and I we will receive a Medal of Honor from the Governor next week in Frankfort.I will take some pics and post them.

Heeerrrrrrrrrrres DEH

Well it's an honor to be a part of this blog. I would just like to say Jeremy drives a hard bargain. I wanted a #4 super size from McDonald's and Jeremy wouldn't throw in the super size, so after some sleepless nights and some hard praying, I decided to accept. So here is what you can expect from me. First off, I'm no Jeremy when it comes to writing. As a matter of fact, while we where in school he did most of my work. I would say 60% and Penny Basco did the rest. Some days I will write funny stories and sometimes I will just put some helpful tips on the blog.My goal is to make some videos for the blog. For those who remember, back in the day I was quite the actor. Well enough about that onto something a little fun. I need some help naming our newest family members. We have a cat named Rico and another named Callie. Callie just had some kittens, five to be exact, and I need help naming them, one is named Meow Ming so i need four more. And if anyone wants one I will deliver them to you in a thong.

Breaking News!!!!!! Blog Expansion!!!!!

After much hard work and anguish, I have come to terms with the agent for the Deh Beh. Sometime in the next few days the one and only Scott Bunch will be a contributing writer for the Revolting Blog. He will bring great knowledge and insight to our readers. Just look at the photo and then try to tell me that you're not excited about this. I assure everyone that we are still in contact daily with the agent for Tom Vinson, and we hope to have a contract agreement with his people any day now. However, this is about the Deh Beh. I would like to share with you a few reasons why the Deh Beh was chosen as the first Revolting Blog addition.
He is amazingly sexy. Various pictures of Bunch on this blog have greatly increased the number of visitors. I constantly get emails saying, "give us more Deh", or "why haven't you posted a pic of Bunch this week?". He has astounding amounts of charisma, charm, and the sweetest jumper I've ever laid eyes on. They don't call him lefty legend for nothing. This guy is so great. Word on the street is he jumped in a pool last week and didn't even get wet. Instead, the water got Scott Bunch. Heavy stuff.
Another of my favorite Bunch stories goes like this: One day the powers that be at Precision Strip called Bunch into the office and went on and on about the production he had been putting out on the job. It was amazing how much he outworked everyone. They had him pee in a cup and took a strand of hair from his armpit for performance enhancing drug tests. They called him back into the office a few days later with the news that his urine came up positive for steroids. Word is that Bunch just chuckled and said to his boss, "what did you think they made steroids out of anyway?"
He's coming soon!!!!!! I think you'll enjoy the Deh Beh!!!!!!

New Poll------Ends Sunday afternoon before the game

There is a new poll. I am at work so I don't have access to my pictures. I think this may be the first post ever without a pic. Sorry. Please cast your votes in the poll at the bottom of the page. Thanks.

The Smackdown

Google and the people at Blogspot (not a dog "Spot", or a liver spot) have layed the smack down on the Revolting Blog. Because of derogatory comments and obvious false representation of others by anonymous posters in the comments section, this has now become a members only blog. You must be registered to leave a comment. Also, welcome to the newest poster, Maholli. I know who you are. I just wonder if anybody else has figured it out. I still don't understand the name. Get registered and leave your comments. I suspect we will see the return of Svein any day now. I have sent an email out to the poll winner, Chris Faith. I will be doing his profile as soon as he sends me some good pictures to post along with it. That's all for now.

Bremen Blood Bath

This past Sunday's Bremen showdown ended just like a Kendall Smith sex tape, prematurely. As you can see in the photos, I was injured. The tragedy occured after my right eye collided with Grant Sharp's left knee. I only dive on the floor a couple of times per year, and I wasted one of those times for 2008 and came up a bloody mess. It was late in the game and with my team up 3 one of my teammates knocked the ball loose. In a scramble to the ball I decided to dive and somehow my dive was interrupted by Grant's knee. He was running, and on my way down I believe I caught his knee on it's way up. I'm really just taking a wild guess as to what happened because I was knocked quite silly from this shot to the face. I came to my knees with my eyes closed in pain and thinking in my head that I was gonna have a black eye when I heard someone say "he's bleeding". At that point I looked down at the gym floor and sure enough I had been "busted wide open" (classic wrestling announcer term) and was standing in a pool of my own blood. I was wearing the "crimson mask"(another wrestling term). The photos above show the cut before the stitches (I got 5) and after. The last photo is proof that my wife still loves me even though that beautiful thing I call my face has been forever damaged. Officials are reviewing the tapes as I write this to ensure that Stretch didn't act maliciously. I hope to return to action next Sunday (at 2pm to all players) to get my revenge. No blood, no foul is what Stretch always says. I guess I got fouled.

A New Poll

There is a new poll on the blog. I have put the poll at the bottom of the page now because I can make it bigger that way, and who here doesn't at least sometimes wish for a bigger poll? Cast those votes in this ever important battle for the next friend profile.

Friend Profile #6: Maddie Vinson

My lucky number is 6. It is the number I always chose on all the dust bowl teams, softball teams, etc. that I always played on. That is why I saved friend profile 6 for Maddie. If 6 is my lucky number she deserves it, because I'm lucky to have such a good kid. She just started school this week. If you are a blog reader you already knew that. She is in Mrs. Mitchell's class at Central City Elementary. She went to pre-school for 2 years at First Baptist in Central City and I am confident that she is starting ahead of the curve. She loves playing with friends and watching High School Musical or Hannah Montana most of the time. That makes her pretty normal I guess. She loves soccer and that makes her Uncle G very proud. She says that she doesn't really want to play basketball or softball, just soccer and cheerleading. I would love to have a little basketball player but I want her to make her own choices on that stuff. Maybe Jordan will supply me with another chance at a basketball player. With a mom named Jordan, my next kid is bound to wanna play. Maddie will be 6 in November. She is with us every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and all day Monday until I have to get ready and go back to work. I will miss having her on Mondays now. She will be in school most of the day. I am very proud of the young lady that she is growing up to be. She has been through a lot in her young life and I couldn't ask for a better daughter.
Something I made up about Maddie: She was a 2 year winner of the Coolest Dad Award at First Baptist pre-school. She is the only child to get the award twice. Her Dad must be pretty cool.

Thanks For The Pic Scotty

Scotty Bethel sent me this picture yesterday which will be oh so classic to a few people who read the blog and it'll make the rest of you feel like you wasted your time. The Hype was the name of our dust bowl team back in the day when we could all actually run for a whole game of basketball. This picture makes me think of the good ole days, back when we were a bunch of crazy kids. We're all still crazy, and our wives would say we're all still kids. That is an authentic Hype jersey in the picture. It is game worn and Scotty will be auctioning it off on ebay in hopes of getting enough money for his daughter to play 7 games at Chuck E. Cheese. That's a buck 75 folks. Good luck Scott, and thanks for the memories.

Maddie's First Day Of School

Maddie just went to her first day of "big" school. I am so proud of her. She didn't need her mom or me there at all. She went right in and found her seat and started talking to the kids at her table. I stayed while they went through the breakfast line and she got chocolate milk, an apple, and breakfast pizza. I always called it sausage pizza, and I eat it frequently for dinner. However, I will let the school slide and call it breakfast food if that's what they wanna do. I graduated at Longest. We didn't have that kind of confusion up there. Maddie sat with her friend Savannah, who you see pictured above. They went to pre-school together. She also has Kinley Deason and Kamden Bunch (Deh Jr.) in her class this year who she went to pre-school with. I hope she has a good day. I know she will. She's big now.

Panama City Beach Vacation

No recent blog updates because I have been on vacation. We went to PCB and had a great time. Since we've been home I have been working a lot and ignoring the blog, much to the chagrin of the blog's many fans. After much hate mail, I have decided to start posting again. Enjoy the pics. It was our first family vacation and everything was great.