Gorilla Monsoon Presents..........Did You Know?


-that this is a huge week for one of our newest bloggers. Think of how we would all feel if the
Cats were in the championship game at the Final Four. That's how Faith is feeling right now with his beloved Alabama Sabans gearing up to play for the title Thursday night against Texas.

-that, speaking of Saban, I watched The Blind Side last week. It's a great movie. Nick Saban is in it. He's not a main character, so feel free to watch it when you get the chance.

-that I hated to see Rich Brooks retire. There was just something about him that I liked. Even when he was a hated man his first few years, I liked him. I wouldn't have cared if they fired him at that point, but I liked him. He speaks his mind and he accomplished more in his 7 years than I thought was possible at UK. He still didn't beat the Vols or the Gators, but other than that I don't see how a UK football fan could not be pleased with the overall results of his tenure. Before he came I never thought we could go on the road and beat teams like Arkansas, Georgia, or Auburn. He gave us a product with hope. He took us from being the laughing stock of the league (along with Vandy) to being somewhere in the middle of the pack, which is good for UK. It's a big step up from where we were when he first came to town. That's what you want from a coach isn't it. You want him to leave the program in better shape than he inherited it in. I think Coach Brooks accomplished that and much more. Now I'm just praying we don't take a step back with that Heath Ledger/Jack Nicholson wannabe.

-that I just wanted to make a joke about Joker's name. I like him. I hope he can build on the success of Coach Brooks.

-that my daughter, Aubrey, has 2 teeth. She also has a third one that is wanting to come through. She just turned 5 months old. I don't remember Maddie getting teeth that early. How old were your kids when they started getting teeth? My mom claims that Tom was born with a tooth. Can you verify this Tom? Impressive if true. However it is not unexpected from a guy who once set himself on fire for losing a wrestling match.

-that my fantasy football squad, Porcinis After Hours, brought home the title in the first Revolting Fantasy Football league. I took down Alan Hale and his Redskins in the finals of the playoffs, which featured the top 2 teams from the regular season. I narrowly escaped Tom's Wookies in the semis. Congrats to Big Hale for having the top team during the regular season. You don't get a trophy for that.

-that our favorite dancer, John Wall, is on the most recent cover of Sports Illustrated. Here comes the jinx.

-that I have became a big fan of the kentuckysportsradio.com podcasts. Woo is great on these things. If you're a Cat fan and haven't listened yet, do it soon. Woo hasn't been on the last 2 because of his schedule with the CBA team from Lexington, but the other guys are still great. I'm a big Drew Franklin fan. He's from Madisonville, so I'm sure he knows Fat. "Turkey Hunter" is another KSR great. I don't know where he's from, but he probably knows Fat too. The night before the Music City Bowl they were at Hooters in downtown Nashville. Download that one if you get the chance. The kid on there in the last couple of minutes was great. They are on itunes if you're wondering.

-that as great and memorable as Ho's "quote of the day" was, it's probably not even in the top 5 of what he can bring if he digs deep into his brain for classic quotes. I'm not gonna give any here because it would ruin his fabulous idea and steal some of his thunder for future "quotes of the day". I'm excited to see the next one. If he just made it "quote of the day from Wilma's retailing class" he could post for months. That was a classic crew in that class. We had it made back then. Bunch had the most classic definitions ever. Wilma always made us write definitions. That was usually our assignments, and she obviously didn't read them. She just gave a grade if you wrote anything at all. Bunch also created the top business venture in that year's retailing class. I'm not gonna name the restaurant because I think a flashback to that assignment would make a great blog post for the Deh Beh (hint). Look at the following word......Chewbacca......Now tell me how you would pronounce that.

-that I'm leaving the poll at the top of the page just to see which answer turns out to be right. Will it be next week at Florida?

-that I'm at work. Gotta go.