Maddie Is Sick

And yes, it is the dreaded pig flu. Her mom took her to the ER yesterday and they said it was strep, which is bad enough. However, they said with the shot of penicillin that she would begin to feel better really fast. I wondered why they didn't do a flu test. Where I work it seems like every patient that comes in for the past couple of weeks gets a flu test. It is really starting to spread in our area, as much as I can remember in my 11 years doing testing. So to not do the test on somebody with her symptoms puzzled me, but I'm pretty sure I know why she didn't get one. Anyway, she didn't get better. She went to Dr. Vincent today, who in a moment of pure genius thought it would be a good idea to do a flu test. She's got it. Now we all have a Tamiflu prescription. Please think about Maddie and say a prayer for her. She's had a rough 2009 battling several different sicknesses.

My Daugher Is Growing (and my wife is shrinking)

Just some pics to show everybody how much my youngest one has grown in her 8 weeks here on Earth. She has really changed. Also, Jordan has lost something like 40 lbs. but you can't convince her that she looks any better. She wants to look like Lionel Richie's daughter. I can't remember her name. I'm just joking. I can remember her name. It's Nicole. Also, Jordan is pleased with her progress. She just wishes she could lose weight faster. I just wish I could get on that 40 lbs. in 8 weeks program. I know you're with me on that Deh Beh. If you were here I would kick you in the nuts, only because you requested it. We have been going to the CCCC at least 5 days per week. We try for 6 but it's hard with an infant, plus a 6 year old who has soccer games and what not. I really enjoy the new facility. Jordan and I love going together because it keeps us from being lazy. She told me the other day that going with me has helped her so much because I'm so motivated (her words, not mine) that she doesn't want to let me down. She goes sometimes when she would otherwise stay home and convince herself she is too tired. What she doesn't realize is that I could say the same thing to her. I am somewhat motivated to get into better shape, but it really does help to have a partner to push you. I am glad that we are able to go together and motivate each other. Thanks to the Nanas for watching the kids so we can get our exercise on.

Just a day or 2 old in this one. The rest are from the past week or so.

Richard 'deh beh"Simmons

Today I went to the wellness center or better know as the CCCC and worked out. When I got there I went into the workout room and got on the scales and it said "fat ass get off". So I knew I needed to loose some weight. Jeremy, Ho And I have been talking about exercising for awhile and both of them and their families have been but not Deh. So I fingered I would start today and I did pretty good for my first time. But what I want is the Deh Beh nation to do is hold me ACCOUNTABLE to sticking with it. When you see me out say hey fat ass did you work out this week if I say No then push me down and kick me in the nuts, but I wont say no because I'm gonna stick to it.I would like to give a shout out to Chad and Delanna Moore and also Jared Barber they where at the CCCC today when I was their. If anyone is interested in playing basketball or racquetball just let me know. I would like to get a group to start playing basketball at the CCCC. I'm gonna try to go every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday or Sunday, so if I see you or you see me lets pat each other on the ass and say "Good Job". See you at CCCC.

Countdown...sponsored by Victor's Stereo

I was listening to Pandora the other day at work and I had it on a station that played 1990's rap/hip-hop. It made me remember the old was a good time....a time of late night spades and late night creeps,...ballin' at the park and ballin' at the KBA...a time of Triple C and the Get-Along-Gang...a time of partying at the point and partying at the DewDrop.. I thought I would compile some of the top rap albums that one might have over heard when cruising in the Saturn, Probe GT, Chevy Cavilier, or Buick Regal.
I have narrowed these down to the early/mid-90's, the peak 'cruising' album per 10
First....I have to give honorable mention to these:

Jay-Z : Reasonable Doubt (1996) I don't remember anyone having this back in the day. But I have heard it, and it is probably his best album. The first album I really remember from Jay-Z was Vol 2, which I always wondered why he named his first album that. He didn't...

Naz : Illmatic (1994) It rates on experts top rap album of the 90s. I had it...thought it was good, but never recall playing it that much.

Eminem: The Slim Shady LP (1999) Great album...great debut...about everyone had it...but too late of a release for this countdown

And now, here is 10 through 6

10. Bone Thug-n-Harmony : E 1999 Eternal (1993) The pioneers of 'speed' rap. Not every song was great, but included the overplayed greats of 'Crossroads' and '1st of tha Month'

9. Method Man : Tical (1994) Could have put Wu Tang Clan's first album or classic ODB at this spot. This album has great songs...especially the softer side of M-E-T-H-O-D Man w/ 'You're all I Need'

8. Scarface : The Dairy (1994) Classic from Geto Boys founder. Did any one else have this album or was it mine that kept circulating around? Come to think of it...I haven't seen this album in a while.

7. Ice Cube : The Predator (1992) Maybe not his best album, but it lands on here because of 'Wicked', 'Check Yo Self', and (of course) 'Today was a Good Day'. The classic Sausage Fest remix of '...Good Day' was probably a better cut...hopefully Cube will re-release this album with it as an extra track.

6. OutKast : ATLiens (1996) Almost released too late for this countdown...and I personally like Southernplayalistic a little better. But this album had the classic song 'Elevators' which made everyone go out a buy this album.

5 through 1 coming soon...

Cal's first of 2010

Stacey Poole made it official on ESPNU Thursday by making his college announcement.

“I made my decision and I’m playing for the University of Kentucky,” said the 6-foot-5, 190-pound Poole out of the Jacksonville (Fla.) Providence School. He also considered South Carolina.

“Coach [John] Calipari has history. He wins. He enjoys what he does and I just feel that he’s going to put me in the best situation as possible. If I go there and play anything can happen and I just have to go focus and just compete and I know Coach Cal will put me in the right situation.

“Where I want to go, I know that will be the perfect situation for me.”
Poole averaged 17.3 points last season at Jackson (Fla.) and will play small forward or shooting guard. He is the No. 4 small forward in the Rivals Class of 2010.

Poole hosted Calipari and assistant Orlando Antigua for an in-home visit on Sept. 13. He visited Kentucky for an official recruiting trip last weekend.

Update: This was announced on ESPNU on a football recruiting show and it was horrible way to announce.

Wednesday Thoughts

The bad thing about posting while I'm at work is that I have no picture to add to the post. The good thing about posting while I'm at work is very simple. If I'm on this blog I'm not doing a blood test, or a urine test, or the dreaded flu test. By the way, we aren't sending anymore positive flu tests to the state lab for swine flu confirmation. If you are positive for flu "A", then it is assumed that it is of the pig variety. There are 2 strains of flu, A and B. Swine falls into the A category. Now you are somewhat educated. Don't have relations with pigs if you can keep from it. You can have a "swine specific" test performed by the wonderful lab technicians at the state lab, but it will cost you a few hundred bucks. It's cheaper to just tell everybody you've got the swine flu. I've learned that if you want people to leave you alone, just tell them that anyway. Positive test or not. Now on to the thoughts. There are several stories of interest from the past few days and I'll give you my thoughts on them. You will probably disagree with me on most of these topics. If you do, I'll let you know in advance that you're wrong.

-Right off the bat I wanna touch on this Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift story. This one we will probably all agree on. Obviously Kanye was an ass to the poor young lady. I don't have to go on and on about how out of line he was. He has apologized and apparently Swift has accepted his apology. What else is she gonna do? I think it would be pretty cool if they could start a new east coast/west coast rivalry like we had with the rappers back in the 90's. The only way the rivalry could be good now is if it was coming from different genres. This is the perfect opportunity. The bad thing is that one of the parties is probably too much of a pu$$ to go through with it. Sorry Taylor, you could've made a lot of money off of this thing if little Kanye would have played along. Major props to Beyonce for bringing Taylor back up on stage later on in the show. Classy move by her. Beyonce is one of those artists where I can't for the life of me figure out why people like her songs, but I like HER. I don't even know why I like her. She's seems down to earth, like a "real" person. I guess that's why. Plus she's Jay Z's woman. Just think of the songs Taylor Swift and Jay Z could put together dissing Kanye West. Oh, what could have been.

-Serena Williams threw a fit at the U.S. Open and lost her match because of it. Actually, she was probably gonna lose anyway. She really showed herself. Not Kanye bad, but an embarrassment nonetheless. The difference being that Serena is a competitor that let her emotions get the best of her during a match. Kanye was just a dickhead for no apparent reason. I think this will stick with Kanye for a long time. Serena will win another major soon and make another 75 commercials and nobody will talk about her tantrum anymore. What I'm trying to say is Kanye West will be remembered for his foolishness. Serena Williams will be remembered as an all time tennis great.

-Did anybody see the way the Bengals lost Sunday? Possibly the biggest heartbreak of them all throughout the Bengal's history, and it's a history full of them. Even though I now consider the Titans to be my favorite team, I also still consider myself a Bengals fan and I pull for them every time they play someone other than the Titans. I actually would still claim the Bengals as my favorite team up until a few years ago. Working in Russellville, I get to listen to a lot of Nashville sports talk on the radio, which has given me a greater knowledge of the Titans. Over the years it has given me the feeling that the Titans are "my team", so to speak. That, coupled with my Titans interest being elevated while Tom worked for them, has vaulted them ahead of the Bengals. A few years ago when the teams squared off I found myself rooting for the Titans. I wanted to be for the Bengals, but my heart knew better than I did, and you can't lie to yourself. Since that day I have owned up to it. Titans #1, Bengals #2.

-Michael Jordan has taken a lot of heat for his Hall Of Fame induction speech. I don't get it. I realize you should be gracious when you're being honored like he was, but why should he not be himself. The media is acting like he didn't thank anybody for his success, which is not true. He didn't go the normal route and praise everybody who has ever had anything to do with his career. He brought up some rivalries and singled out a few folks. So what!! He's Michael Jordan. He's the best there ever was. He was a cold hearted guy on the court. Why not be a little bit of one during his HOF speech? He's known as one of the biggest trash talkers to ever play. So he still likes to talk a little trash. So what!! What I saw was the same Michael Jordan I've always known. Ruthless. Competitive. Confident. A winner. I loved his story about scoring 25 down the stretch and winning the game for the Bulls one night. I guess he was ballhogging a little and one of the coaches threw the old cliche "there's no I in team" at him. Jordan replied with, "I know, but there's an I in win". Classic.

-I would like some input in the comments section if anyone is against this move. The Revolting Blog is in intense negotiations with Kendall "The Git" Smith's agent. I have asked Kendall to become the blog's official UK basketball and football reporter. I want him to give his thoughts and recaps of the games this season. Even though everyone who has ever met him would love to give him a belldelg, you can't deny that he knows sports. You especially can't deny that he knows UK sports. I think "The Git" would be an assett to the blog. My gosh, we hired Maholli at one time for crying out loud. You all know "The Git" can do better than him.

-The last topic is of course Patrick Swayze. Hollywood lost a good one when Mr. Swayze passed on the other day. This is the topic where we will all disagree. Just last week I was watching Point Break, my favorite Swayze movie of all time. What is you're favorite Swayze flick? Being a straight guy, I was never a fan of Dirty Dancing, which I assume is considered his biggest movie. I can't deny that it was a huge success though. You may find this hard to believe, but I've never even watched Ghost. Just didn't care anything about it, and I'm a big Demi Moore fan. If I had known she liked younger guys and that Bruce was gonna be ok with it, Jordan might not have me today. I think I ended up with the better deal though. Sorry Ashton, no trades. Back on the Swayze stuff, like everyone else I loved Roadhouse. Never watched Too Wong Foo, but I know he got a lot of praise for his role in that. There was some Christmas movie that Maddie and I watched last year during the holidays that he was in. I can't remember the name of it for some reason. If you know it, put it in the comments, right after you cuss me for wanting to hire Kendall. The movie was mostly about his kids, but he was a co-star. The kids found a bag full of money and run around the mall spending it and running from the bumbling mobsters that want it back. The money turns out to be counterfeit. Wish I could remember the name of the movie. Good family flick, I just can't tell you what to look for to go rent it this holiday season. Outside of Point Break, my second favorite Swayze acting job wasn't even a movie. My second favorite was the SNL skit with Chris Farley. Probably has to be considered one of the top 10 SNL skits ever, if not top 5. Hard to believe both of those guys are gone. Also considered one of his best works was the North and South tv miniseries from the 80's. I was too young to want to watch it, but I can remember my mom being addicted to it and I know it was a huge hit. Next of Kin, The Outsiders, and Red Dawn are some of his other movies that I can remember were big hits. I'm sure I'm leaving something out. He was a beloved actor.

Happy Wednesday Revolting Readers!!!!!!

update: The Swayze Christmas movie is called Christmas In Wonderland. It's a really good and funny family Christmas movie that you can watch with your kids and everyone will like it. Check it out.

Who is Wesely Pipes?

Who is Wesely Pipes? Pipes is a popular African-American porn star who is known as a performer and director, he has performed in over 200 films.. Pipes is says that he love interracial sex roles with Caucasian women because they are willing to try anything.

His professional name is a reference to actor Wesley Snipes. Pipes is best known for performing the "dick dog" during his scenes in which he wraps his testicles and scrotum around his penis to resemble a hot dog which he "feeds" to his partners during oral sex.

He is also known for being very vocal in his performances, usually talking throughout all of his scenes. Pipes says that he loves getting a good piece of ass!
Years Active as Performer1998-2009 (Started around 29 years old)
Years Active as Director2004-2007

Wesely was born January 20, 1969 in Jackson Mississippi. Pipes started performing in the Adult entertainment world after he had served 10 years in prison for conspiracy to commit drug trafficking.

Pipes stated that he saw a couple of porn movies and said he could do that, and the rest is history.

Wesley Pipes Filmography

As Director

Actors Directed by Wesley Pipes

As Performer

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