Who is Pamella Roland?

Who is Pamella Roland? The designing world knows her as Pamella De Vos.  DeVos is the President and Designer of Pamella Roland evening gowns and cocktail dressess, which are worn by the likes of Halle Berry, Carrie Underwood and Queen Latifah. The brand is carried by Saks, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.

De Vos was born in 1960. She did not launch Pamella Roland, her design business, until she was 43.

DeVos as made her business a family a fair who have included her children — 23-year-old Cassandra, 19-year-old Sydney and 13-year-old Cole. They have all walked the runway with Mom more than once.

Pamella, channels her artistic appreciation and creativity into all of her collections, finding inspiration throughout her life and the world at large. Pamella designs for a confident woman with exceptional taste - one who demands a versatile wardrobe in which she feels polished and impeccable without forsaking her sensuality and femininity. Pamella strives to create clothes that allow women to comfortably exude their strength and beauty, while projecting innate elegance.

Pamella's love for fashion began in her teens and early twenties when she worked for a women's retailer while attending school. Though she yearned to study fashion design, her father encouraged her to pursue a business degree instead. Nevertheless, she continued to study art history through college and thereafter to nurture her creativity and refine her aesthetic.

Pamella's gift for design evolved as she applied her passion for art to her initial professional endeavors. Armed with an innate drive and a degree in business from Michigan State University, Pamella built an extensive background in marketing and public relations, working nearly 10 years in both corporate and agency environments. While living in Japan promoting family business interests, she quickly put her expertise to work in support of the arts as a director of public relations efforts for the prestigious National Art Show of the College Women's Association of Japan. Upon returning to the U.S., she and her husband Dan DeVos continued to build and manage their investments, exploring new opportunities in both business and philanthropy, melding the two whenever possible.

Pamella entered into the latest chapter of her life with the 2002 launch of the PAMELLA ROLAND collection. She immediately approached this new venture with the same energy and entrepreneurial savvy for which she is known; establishing the overall business structure while taking the lead as the creative force behind the label.

PAMELLA ROLAND debuted its Fall 2002 collection to a warm reception from critics and buyers alike. That positive response has grown significantly to the present, making PAMELLA ROLAND a label of choice among retailers and A-list celebrities The collection also received the prestigious 2003 Gold Coast Award in just its second year of operation. In 2010 Pamella was inducted into the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).

Pamella plays a major role in every facet of the business, from the creation of each piece, with final say on every shape, fabric, and color, to directing sales, hiring staff, and managing all public relations and marketing efforts. "I make it a point to travel to as many points of distribution as possible to meet my customers...I wear these clothes and can relate to what my customers want from their wardrobes...This is valuable information that I truly channel into the design process.



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