Best and Worst Sports Commercials

Here i would like to share two commercials of Sports players, one very successful and did very good business for Armani the king of men wearing and the other is the most worst commercial which cost too much but this commercial was decided the most worst. so watch these both and enjoy.

HEB Grocery Company Super Bowl Ad

really a bad commercial by Emmit Smith. That's what we call a "walking pause." how much worst this commercial i was i just show you few comments on it.
"i work at HEB and i swear to god they made me watch this video when i got hired not even kidding" vicralltlehead

"Make people in Texas seem arrogant. These HEB commercials are Stupid.
Like You can't spell Texas without HEB. You can if your not an idiot. I shop at HEB but this just is embarasing for Texas." CmeSusanB

"crazy lets go grocery shopping" richie0667
Emmit Smith you must know the script first before sign it .:)

Cristiano Ronaldo in NEW EMPORIO ARMANI AD Housekeeping HOT

WOW we Love Cristiano Ronaldo why? answer is this video the most successful commercial on sports celebrities ever he have really a great body and Armani use it very well.

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Enjoy further reading about sports athletes i am going for buy an Armani Jeans for myself ;)