Who is Bryan Lee Cranston?

Who is Bryan Lee Cranston? The entertainment and acting world knows Bryan Cranston as an American actor, voice actor, writer anddirector. He is perhaps best known for his role as Walter White in the AMC drama seriesBreaking Bad, for which he has won three consecutive Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Emmy Awards. He previously became internationally well known to audiences for his role as Hal, the father in the Fox situation comedy Malcolm in the Middle. Other notable roles includeDr. Tim Whatley on Seinfeld, Doug Heffernan's neighbor in The King of Queens, Astronaut Buzz Aldrin in From the Earth to the Moon, and Ted Mosby's boss on How I Met Your Mother.

  Cranston was born in Canoga Park, California, the son of Peggy Sell and actor Joe Cranston.[1]He grew up in the Los Angeles area, graduating from Canoga Park High School. Cranston studied police science in college.[2] Cranston is married to Robin Dearden, whom he met on the set of the show Airwolf (1984). He was playing the villain of the week, and she was his hostage (held at gunpoint). They have a daughter, Taylor Dearden Cranston (born February 12, 1993). Cranston was previously married to Mickey Middleton, a writer

Personal Life

Cranston is a collector of baseball memorabilia and an avid fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers. In accepting his third Emmy as best lead actor in a drama series, he thanked his wife and daughter and told them that he loves them "more than baseball."


He began his acting career after college in local and regional theatres, getting his start at the Granada Theatre in the San Fernando Valley. Cranston has worked regularly since the late 1980s, mostly in minor roles. His advertising work includes commercials for Lay's potato chips,Excedrin, Honda Accord, and Coffee-Mate. His voice acting includes English dubbing of Japanese anime, under the name "Lee Stone". He was an original cast member of the ABC soap opera Loving, where he played Douglas (Doug) Donovan from 1983 to 1985. Cranston also starred in the short-lived series Raising Miranda in 1988.

His largest role prior to Malcolm in the Middle was as astronaut Buzz Aldrin in the HBO series From the Earth to the Moon. Cranston has also played astronaut Gus Grissom in the film That Thing You Do!, and appeared as Nick Wrigley, the irresponsible uncle who steals Santa's sleigh to have a crazy ride to practically destroy Christmas in 'Twas the Night, a Disney Channel Original Movie that was released in the winter of 2001. He also appeared in Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan as a one-armed military officer.

His recurring role as Dr. Tim Whatley, Jerry's dentist on Seinfeld, earned him fans. Several episodes focused upon his relationship with Jerry and his paranoia about the dentist, in bizarre situations such as when he becomes obsessed with the notion that Tim and his female assistant were molesting him while he was unconscious during dental surgery, or when Whatley converts to Judaism and starts tellingJewish jokes while retaining the right to tell Catholic jokes as well (according to Jerry, Tim is attaining "total joke-telling immunity").

He has also had a recurring role on the CBS sitcom The King of Queens as Doug Heffernan's annoying neighbor, Tim Sacksky. He works in marketing then in a later episode as a water purifier salesman and recruits Doug to sell them as well.

Cranston directed several episodes of Malcolm in the Middle and received three Emmy nominations for his performance on the show. In a March 2009 interview on Anytime with Bob Kushell, Cranston discussed the episode "The Bots and The Bees" where he was covered in bees. Cranston stated that he was stung twice.[3] Cranston reprised his role in a cutaway gag in the Family Guy episode I Take Thee Quagmire, killing Lois with a refrigerator door because of her incessant babbling, thus "freeing" himself and the kids. Cranston also wrote and directed the 1999 movie Last Chance. He appeared in Little Miss Sunshine as a business colleague of Greg Kinnear. He also had a guest role in late 2006 on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, playing main character Ted's obnoxious co-worker and former boss Hammond Druthers. He recently had a role as Lucifer in the ABC Family miniseries, Fallen.

He has done voice acting for English dubbed anime series, including Royal Space Force - The Wings of Honneamise, Macross Plus, andArmitage III Polymatrix.

Cranston has guest-starred in many television series, including The Flash where he plays a white-collar criminal searching for his estranged wife and daughter; Sabrina the Teenage Witch in which he was a lawyer attempting to free Sabrina from a contract; the sixth season episode of The X-Files, "Drive", playing a bigoted man who is being driven insane by high-pitched sonar waves; and Babylon 5 as Ericsson, the captain of a White Star vessel ordered into a suicide mission to plant misinformation within the enemy ranks.

In September 2008, Cranston narrated a pre-teen adventure/fantasy audiobook called Adventures with Kazmir the Flying Camel.[4]

Currently, Cranston has the starring role on AMC's original series Breaking Bad in which he plays a high

school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. He teams up with a former student, played by Aaron Paul, to manufacture methamphetamine. For his work on the series, Cranston has won the Emmy award for lead actor in a drama three consecutive times - one for each season of the show.

Cranston co-starred in Love Ranch, alongside Academy Award winners Joe Pesci and Helen Mirren. He was also cast in George Lucas' Red Tails, a fictional story inspired by the historic and heroic exploits of America's first all black aerial combat unit.


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1999Last ChanceLanceAlso writer, director and producer
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Intellectual PropertyCSE Radio Host
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Parker Foreman
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19993rd Rock from the SunNeil DiamondimpersonatorEpisode 4.14: "Paranoid Dick"
The PretenderNeil RobertsEpisode 3.16: "PTB"
1999–2001The King of QueensTimAppeared in four episodes
2000–2001Clerks: The Animated SeriesAdditional voicesAppeared in three episodes
2000–2006Malcolm in the MiddleHalMain cast member; appeared in all 151 episodes
Also directed seven episodes
2001'Twas the NightNick WrigleyTV film
The Santa Claus BrothersSanta ClausTV film
2003National Lampoon's Thanksgiving Family ReunionWoodrow SniderTV film
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2006–2007How I Met Your MotherHammond DruthersEpisodes 2.6: "Aldrin Justice" and 2.13: "Columns"
The Light Bringer
TV mini-series
2008-Breaking BadWalter H. WhiteMain cast member, also directed episode 2.1: "Seven Thirty-Seven" and "No Mas" From Season 3 Ep1
2010Saturday Night LiveHimselfHost, November 27th, 2010

Award and Nominations

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