Who is Hocsman Rafael Bastos?

Who is Rafinha Bastos? The entertainment world and acting world knows him by his stage name of Hocsman Rafael Bastos is a comedian , television presenter and Brazilian reporter .


Rafinha Bastos Bastos was Born in Porto Alegre , on December 5 of 1976 into a family of Jewish , Rafinha Bastos graduated in Journalism by the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS). He began his career in televisionworking on networks like Network Headline (between 1997 and 1999 ), TVE Brazil (from1999 to 2001 ) and RBS TV (between 2001 and 2006 ).
Upon completion of college , he traveled to the United States with plans to invest in another career: a player of basketball , a sport he practiced professionally until the twenty-five years. In 1999 , Rafinha competed in the American League University(NCAA) by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln , where he had his first contact with theStand-up Comedy , the "clean-face humor." [1]
Being outside of Brazil, decided to create a page on the Internet to communicate with their Brazilian friends and making jokes. The site grew and eventually becoming thePage Rafinha and was subsequently incorporated into the humorous content of theEarth Portal . He has lampooned artists like Kelly Clarkson , Sandy and Junior ,Britney Spears and even classical groups of year 70 / 80 as Village People and ABBA .The productions are editing, direction and interpretation of Rafinha.
In 2002 , Rafinha moved to Sao Paulo , where she began to present programs onlineand on TV is open to the young audience.
In 2004 he worked in the advertising market, participating in campaigns for brands likeSocial Club , Volkswagen , Vivo , Nova Schin , among others.
The entry into this new market also marked her debut on stage. In 2004, he went on display, along with Marcelo Mansfield and Marcela Leal , with the show's stand-up comedy " Mondo Canne . In 2005 , with Márcio Ribeiro and Henry Pantarotto , opened the Comedy Club Stand Up , show the humor of.
In 2007 , Rafinha Bastos began to present a comedy show called erotic Privê 89 , next to the radio Taranha Dani , on Radio 89 FM Sao Paulo.
Rafinha also starred in the television series Mothern , exhibited by the channel GNT . I have also participated in the spectacle of humor "Unlikely", and also has a cameo in the series Displaced from MTV as an actor.
It's fanatical supporter Sport Club Internacional , and was chosen as one more cultural consul of the club during the final match of the 2009 Brazilian Championship .
He is currently a presenter of the program CQC 's Band and, since May 2010 , Rafinha Bastos integrates the program the League , displayed the same broadcaster. [2]
In 2010, alongside his fellow comedy Danilo Gentili Gusso Italo and his producer, opened on Rua Augusta in Sao Paulo, the first comedy club in Brazil, called Comedians . The site has such as the traditional American homes of the genre.
On March 24, 2011 was elected by the American newspaper New York Times the most influential personality of Twitter. [3]

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