SEC Tournament

Well the SEC bracket is set and the Cats play Friday at 12:00(those times are eastern). I think the Cats have the toughest possible road if the teams win that should. They should play South Carolina,Tenn. then Vandy if everyone can take care of business including the cats. The teams in the east sort of got screwed because the top 5 teams in the east are better the the top teams in the west, but the top 2 teams from each division get a bye.
The Ho's(Julie and Joel) and Jenny and I are going to the tourney and I can't wait. This is my first tourney and I am pumped. My goal is to get some classic pics for the blog. Ho is making some "I Read The Revolting Blog" and "I Love The Gay Cops" and my personal favorite "GIT SUCKS" signs. So look for us in the corner. GO CATS!!!!