First off I just wanted to weigh in on the recent events of the Tiger Woods scandal. I know Tiger is the greatest golfer of my time and probably of all time but my feelings about the affairs he had and the game he plays are pretty much the same, I don't care!

On to our next scandal which involves SEC ref Tony "And 1" Greene. I recently read on the web (from an unreliable source) that Tony Greene might be "on the take" since his recent debacle of UK games such as the terrible performance at the Tennessee game. Let me tell you something folks I know for sure Tony Greene is not "on the take" in spite of his recent missed calls and game changing performances. I have seen this guy call many games both on television and in person, he is terrible all the time and in all situations. He fits the mold for an SEC ref in the fact that he is horribly inconsistent and has a nack for changing the game with his whistle.

Disclaimer: I do not think that the refs cost UK ball games however I do feel the officiating of SEC basketball games is very inconsistent throughout the course of the game.

The last scandal I would like to touch on today is The Revolting Blog! I know there has been a lot of talk lately about the lack of posting by our staff and the blog's creator has done some damage control within our fan base to restore the people's confidence in our ability to make you laugh. Well here is my opinion people, we Bloggers are Glory Hounds! By that I mean when we write something we want to see feedback in the comments section. So if you want us to write you have to write something as well. Get off your lazy bum and drop us some praise every now and then! Better yet disagree with one of our opinions and see what happens. I guarantee when our fans cry out for us you will receive what you long for, new posts. Who knows we might even revive the "Daily Deh" or "The Quote of the Day" if you ask!

Today's Quote of the Day applies to all these scandals. If you don't get what you want out of life you should...

QOD... "Try again!!!!" R. Gardener 1989