The Message From Our Recent Blog Employee Meeting

The blog meeting was actually only me sending a text message to encourage more posting, especially during my favorite time of the year, March Madness. The bloggers have agreed to step up and we have already witnessed Deh Beh living up to his word with the Hank Gathers stuff. That brought back some March Madness memories for sure. The Bo Kimble left handed free throws will always be one of the greatest NCAA moments for me. The Revolting Blog will be lucky this year as we will have 2 bloggers on location in downtown Nashville for the SEC tournament. Ho and Deh Beh will hopefully bring us many classic stories and pictures live from Nashvegas next weekend. Faith is busy running youth sports for the state of Alabama but promises to weigh in at some point. Tom and Bullock have the ability to post great stuff. Bullock probably will. Tom don't have time for no stinkin blog. Jon Littlepage will be fired at the end of the SEC tournament...........unless he steps it up..............we'll probably even keep him if he'll just create a post that says "hi"...............that's all it'll take Jon!!!!!! Don't forget to add the blog back to your "favorites" or bookmark us or whatever. It can only get better around here. Oh yeah, I'll try to do better too. Happy Friday!!!!!!