Did you know?

- Did you know that I have this awesome puppy to give away to good home?

- Did you know Eric Bledsoe set a new UK record for most 3's in a postseason game last night with 8?

- Did you know one of his coaches and former UK great Tony Delk previously held that record?

- Did you know we are trying to hire a new writer but he is having technical difficulties?

- Did you know that since our last butt chewing from the CEO of The Revolting Blog that posting has been off the charts?

- Did you know Jon Littlepage finally got his head out of his butt and posted something now if we could only get Tom to follow suit we would be in business?

- Did you know that Kevin Stallings won SEC Coach of the Year?

- More importantly do you know how? 'Cause I don't!

- Did you know that I have an unmatched talent for overstating the obvious?

- Did you know that while we were in Nashville Bunch put a hickey on Joe B.'s neck and that's why he was wearing that bandage?

- Did you know that I am bored waiting on my wife to get ready and decided to ramble on to kill a few minutes of my time and yours?

- Did you know that Daniel Orton dropped the "F" bomb on national TV last night?

- Did you know today Bruce Willis turns 55?

- Did you know she's finally ready and I gotta go?

Everyone have a Revolting Weekend!!!! GO CATS!!!